Good Christian gone bad

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Claire, a good Christian girl finds herself in a situation she put herself in, will she stay and fuflfil her desires or choose to show restraint...

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1 - the meet up

Chapter 1


I closed my eyes doing as I was told by his thick french accent, just hearing his voice made my heart beat erratically. Laying on the warm green grass enveloping my legs and arms, he told me to slip my underwear off. I obediently followed his command and slowly reached for my red lacy panties underneath my little black dress, I could already feel the creamy wetness moistening the fabric. I could feel his eyes on me… “Do you like me watching you?” He asked in a tone that I could tell he was smirking at me as he watched, “yes” I replied hesitantly, feeling my flushed cheeks warming. “I can see you are blushing” he replied amused by my shyness. I could tell he liked that I’d never done anything like this before...


“Great” I mumbled to myself as I spilled the foamy, dirty water on myself as I furiously scrubbed the wheels of the tires. Now I’m gonna have to have a shower before I go back to writing up my 1000 word assignment that’s due tonight, I thought to myself. If only I hadn’t lost the bet with my brother, I wouldn’t have to be washing his stupid car.


Damn, I shouldn’t be watching her, i’m old enough to be her dad… good thing she hasn’t spotted me drooling over her yet. Her eyes were a deep brown, boring but somehow showed her innocence, full of expression from her soul. Her dark brown hair glistening in the sunlight, long and wavy, touching her boobs that were like sweet papayas I could imagine the taste from afar. As she scrubbed those dirty wheels and squeezed the sponge so that the water splashed onto her face and chest, I could feel my heart beating faster and my penis slightly rising in my pants. “Oh God, i’ve got to calm down” I thought to myself, my neighbour belonged to a christian family, there’s no way she’ll agree to have sex with me… Just then, an idea popped into my head and I nervously inched my way towards her.


“Damn, what is he doing here? Has he been watching me this whole time?”, she felt her cheeks flush. “Hi, i’m Marcus...” he declared while holding out his large palm as a friendly gesture. I felt my knees wobble at the sound of his sexy french accent.

I just moved in a couple of days ago, I met your parents but I haven’t met you yet, I thought I’d come and introduce myself.” His blue eyes glared, waiting for my response.. “How have I not noticed this hunk moving in just across the street, I guess i’ve been too caught up in my studies”. H-hi i’m Claire I stammered as I reached out for his hand, but then realised my hands were soaked from the foamy sponge. “Oh gosh, I.. I’m so sorry, I forgot my hands were…” “It’s okay” he interrupted softly with a smile. “Oh wow he has the most beautiful smile i’ve ever seen” my heart melted.


Her shy fumbling made her even more attractive than I initially anticipated. “It’s nice to meet you Claire”, her name matched her innocent eyes as I longingly gazed at her beautiful face, I briefly looked down at her breasts that were poking out of her wet white cotton t-shirt. “I know this might sound a bit strange coming from a stranger you just met but, i’m a writer and was looking for someone that could inspire me, that could be my muse…” my heart sunk as I saw her look desperately confused. “I’m offering a payment for just an hour of your time, it won’t involve much hard work really, just answering a few questions”. I saw her face start to light up as she answered “sure”.


“How did he know I was low on cash? Is it really that obvious? Maybe he knows I’m a student, and students are always low on money” I pondered. As soon as I agreed to his proposition I realised that I should have been more weary, what was I thinking, I had only just met this guy, this awesomely handsome, fit, muscular, charming…

“Great, $50 bucks okay?” he proposed. “Y-yeah” I stammered.

“Meet me in my backyard in 10 minutes” he demanded and walked away.

“What the hell have I gotten myself into?” I thought. “It’s okay, it’s only for an hour and i’m not far from my house, plus he’s met my parents” I reasoned as I walked into my room and searched for something comfortable but sexy to wear, wanting to impress this gorgeous man. I reached for my little black dress “can’t go wrong with this”, I changed into the dress and looked into the mirror, “gosh my hair is wild”, I ran my fingers through my tangled waves and applied chapstick and started anxiously walking out the door, approaching his house.

Making my way to the backyard, I saw his tidy groomed lawn with a baseball bat and glove in the corner and trees planted on the opposite end, “hi Marcus” I spoke as I spotted him sunbathing topless, exposing his six pack abs and muscular arms that made me quiver as he lay on his reclining sun lounger holding a beer in his hand. “Have a seat” he offered “thanks” I said as I walked towards him, “not there” he said, “there” he pointed to the grass near his feet, “that way I can get a better view of you”. “Is this a joke?” I thought, I obeyed hesitantly and swiftly walked onto the grass and tucked my feet under my bum kneeling onto the grass.

“What do you kids drink these days? Those overly sugared Cruisers? I’ll go and get you one, my daughter has some stocked in the fridge.”

“No thanks. I don’t drink, I abruptly responded”. He examined me searching up and down my body, I could feel his desire, his lust towards me, I started regretting my decision and knew this wasn’t the first time I was tempted... I can’t have sex before marriage, I thought to myself.

“I-I think maybe this wasn’t such a good idea” I squeaked in a tiny voice, he responded with a chuckle “I thought you might say that, which is why I called your mother to make sure it was okay with your parents and explained what we would be doing, she is completely okay with this Claire” he assured. “Besides, it’ll be totally up to you what you choose to say or not to say, and you can leave whenever you want, i’ll still pay you for offering to stay for a little while”.

I felt myself easing up a little “okay, what do you want to ask me?”

“Why did you agree to be my muse?”

“I uhh.. I just thought it might be interesting to be someone’s inspiration” I lied, knowing he wouldn’t figure that i’m doing this to get a few extra dollars on the side.

“Close your eyes” he demanded

“W-what? Why?”

“Just relax, don’t worry. Lie down and close your eyes”.

I closed my eyes doing as I was told by his thick french accent, just hearing his voice made my heart beat erratically…

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