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This is my 𝑠𝑒π‘₯𝑖𝑒𝑠𝑑 book so far and will be filled with many chapters that is just plain smut. This book is DDLG and my first as well, I'm very excited about this book and hope you enjoy. Not having any other choice to get money, Evelyn turns to porn. As uncomfortable as it was, she had to get enough to help her and her family. But she doesn't realize that her videos become a huge hit, and she begins getting many request for more. Blaine soon made an entrance in her life, changing her whole world and letting her witness pleasure that she didn't even knew existed. But everything changes when he figures out her dirty little secret. And then she becomes his dirty little secret. This story belongs to me (@Outsider_X) and is not to be copied, or even inspired to write another book about it without my consent, please and thank you. Sneak Peak: "Open wide, little girl." A blush blossomed over her cheeks, slowly opening her mouth wide as he jerked his dick a few times. "Tongue out." She shuddered at the tone of his voice. As if he was about to scold a small child. Her tongue pulled out over her pouty lower lip, where he slowly rubbed his tip over. He was holding back, and she silently wished he wouldn't, and that he would dominate her and show her whose whore she is.

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I bit down on my lip as I stood in front of one of the producers...is that what they're called in this situation? I don't even know, I'm too nervous to barely think at the moment.

"She would go perfectly in the little department. Don't you think Mary?" Another woman came over, looking me up and down as I tugged on the ends of my cardigan. It's just for the money, it's just for the money. My face was already flamming, my mouth dry and my hands shaking. Never in my life would I think I'd do something like this.

"Oh my god yes! She's perfect for that! She has the perfect height and figure for it." She smiled down at me. I just sent a small nervous one back while I shifted back and forth.

"She's already in the program and is scheduled to start today, but we should probably start off by asking a few personal questions okay?" I nodded and sat down in the seat they both offered me. Kale, the producer guy, held a clipboard in his hand while Mary just stared at me with a smile.

"Okay, so, when performing, would you rather us show your face or keep it hidden?"

"Um..well I'm in college and I could get kicked out if they found out so I'd rather keep it hidden." He nodded, quickly jotting something down.

"Do you have any tattoos?"

"Yes, I have one of a butterfly on my left hip."

"Alright, that's fine. When recording, would you rather us have cameramen in the room to record everything, you record with a camera, or tripod?"

"I-I'd rather be alone..so I guess tripod." I began fidgeting with my fingers, wondering if I should turn back now. If it gets out that I'm now in making porn, I'll be ruined. I only have one friend of mine who knows about me doing this, and he was really supportive. He's always telling me to put myself out there.

"Okay, how many times have you had sex?"

"I-...Only once...but it wasn't that good.." He gave me a sad look but nodded.

"Have you ever experimented with toys or foreplay?" I shook my head.

"No...to be honest I'm not that intimate of a person. This is all still new to me."

"Well good! Doing these videos will give you a chance. That's all the questions I have, for now, so let's show you your dressing room!" Mary pulled me up and then walked out the door with both of us following behind her. We passed a few cubicles, and then some dressing rooms with peoples, or group names on the doors.

"Evelyn, this is your dressing room. Everything you'll need to do your performances is in this room. Your clothes, socks, shoes, toys, anything you'll need. You will be performing as a little in the DDLG community. So all your clothes are pastel and things that a little would wear to please their Daddy or Mommy. Your filming schedule is on your vanity, which is I guess your work schedule. It's the same every week unless you wish to change." Kale explained.

"You are in control of what you do in your filming so you can be comfortable. Our employers will look over your video and then publish it. Your pay will be based on the number of views and likes the video gets. Now, you should go ahead and get ready since you have a show in fifteen minutes. Your film room is right through that door, and when you're ready, press play on the camera then count to 3." Mary pointed to a door that connects to the dressing room, a few steps away from the vanity.

"O-Okay...so what exactly am I supposed to do?"

"You can use the toys and all you're doing is playing with yourself, elaborate on your pleasure. So you're pretty much just showing how much pleasure you're experiencing." I muttered a soft oh.

They both nodded and then left, leaving me alone in the spacious room. I can't believe I'm really about to do this.

I took a deep breath and looked around the room. The walls were painted with what I call 'blossom pink', everything else was either a lighter shade or white. Including the vanity. The soft chair in front of the vanity was rose gold, the fairy lights that were inserted into fake white roses made them glow a light shade of pink.

I ran a hand through my blonde hair, going over to the clothes racks and beginning to look through them. I found a white crop top that said Daddy's, Little Kitten. So I slipped it on after taking off my bra, and then found some satin black underwear with Daddy's Little Slut written in pink on the front. I couldn't help but blush as I looked at myself. Should I wear shorts? A skirt? Or just thigh highs?

From the porn I have seen on DDLG, most of the girls just wear thigh highs and a crop top...so I guess just the socks are fine.

I went into the sock drawer, pulling out a pair of pink and white striped thigh highs and pulling them on. My eyes scanned myself in the full body mirror, biting down on my lip as I looked at a new, different side of me. My cheeks lit with pink as I stuck my thumbs in my waistband, snapping them back onto my hips. God, this is so embarrassing.

But, at least no one would see my face.

I walked into the film room with a small vibrator in my hand. The room was mostly dim beside the numerous fairy lights around the room and the lights that hung above the bed in the middle of the room. Over the headboard was a tripod that pointed towards the middle of the bed. I found myself taking a deep breath before striding over to the bed, laying myself down on it, and setting the vibrator beside my thigh. Reaching up, I flipped the on switch.




I ran my hands over my stomach, stroking lightly over my soft skin to give myself and viewers a small tease. I had one hand tracing over my waistband will the other lifted my crop top by only the slightest bit.

Before I knew it, I was slowly pulling down the Satin material, showing my shaven mound that was already beginning to get wet. I took the vibrator beside me, turning it on and feeling it vibrate on my hands, causing them to shake slightly. I rubbed the vibrator over the top, right above my clit, and then going down to circle my folds. As the vibrations skimmed over my clit, I shuddered and I couldn't help but become more aroused.


I felt utterly embarrassed as I layed there, panting from my recent orgasm. My crop top was pulled up, showing part of my nipple while my panties were at my knees.

I finally let out a sigh, pulling off the underwear and crop top, walking back into my dressing room. Finding my clothes, I quickly slipped them on, feeling more comfortable in my skinny jeans and sweater.

After giving my video to the producer, I began my walk back to my apartment. By now, it was nearing midnight so not many cabs were out, at least that I could see, which made me wary about walking home alone.

The crisp night air nipped at my pale skin, sending a shiver throughout me. The only thing I had to cover was my cardigan, and that didn't do much in this situation. I couldn't help but begin to nibble my lip as I let my thoughts overcome me. If anyone was to find out, I'll be ruined. I wouldn't have any chance of getting into any college, not to mention I'd be kicked out of the one I'm at now. I know no one could see my face, but what if someone recognizes my tattoo? But...it is a common tattoo in a commonplace, maybe no one will notice?

Let's hope so.


And this ends the first chapter. What are your thoughts?

Finished: 5-12-2020

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