Exposed Trust

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Book 3 in the Rockstar Romance series. Falling in love shouldn't be this hard. The Rockstar lifestyle isn't made for everyone and soon Brandt and Chelsea have to make decisions. Can they make it through the hardships of fame and tragedy? Will life on the road make them closer or drive a wedge between them? This is Book 3 of the Rockstar Romance Series. Please start the series with Book One - Cautious Trust and let me know what you think.

Erotica / Romance
Cedonia Maison
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It was coming up on the weekend, and it made me a little anxious how much time Brandt spent with me compared to his friends. At least he didn’t do the house parties anymore, but I felt he should have some time socializing outside our nights together, otherwise, he would resent it or more likely resent me. When I brought it up to him, he shrugged and said they were never his friends anyway, but I couldn’t see him content with movie night and bowling all the time. He did it for me, and I loved him for it, but I needed to do things for him too.

One of the most accomplished hard-driving musicians I knew, Brandt had taken his teenage dream of becoming a rockstar all the way to California to form his band Social Offender. His childhood friend and drummer of the band, Ryder, had helped to expand the group to include JJ the lead guitarist, and Quade the bass guitarist. They finished their first tour as an opening act and would headline soon after the release of their next album.

Brandt and I met while ending his previous tour in Wisconsin. Gun shy about relationships, I didn’t care for his pushy, obstinate, pig-headed approach but thank God he didn’t give up. Without him pursuing me relentlessly, we wouldn’t have fallen in love, and I wouldn’t have traveled with him all the way to California.

The road to love proved bumpy and full of detours, but we were making it. There had been so many obstacles in our way it scared me, but I believed in our love. I believed he loved me as much as I loved him. We were trudging through the hardest part of any relationship; getting to know one another, still only a couple of months into meeting and falling in love.

Brandt was so patient with me being inexperienced as he had seen it all and done it all, although I slowly came out of my shell with Brandt guiding my way, sexually and otherwise. We were committed to making this work. Marriage? We haven’t even discussed it as our time currently focused on his career. He needed to get out his next record and start his first headlining tour. We disagreed on me going with him on the road. I loved him and supported him but knew it wouldn’t be the best if I accompanied him.

Being the lead singer, Brandt’s audience viewed him as a sex symbol, an attainable sex symbol, and if I went on tour, I would be sequestered to the tour bus and out of the way. It would drive me nuts to live like that. Going from town to town in a cramped tour bus with four other guys would grind on my nerves, and in the end, I would take it out on him. He didn’t see it as exasperating as I did. Touring over the country was always his dream. His, not mine.

Brandt won an award for his band and his music, and I couldn’t think of anyone who deserved it more. Being honored for his work amid his music idols the cherry on top. Riding high after his award, I hoped to keep him in his good mood.

We didn’t go out together much where paparazzi could spot us, trying to keep our relationship out of the media for the sake of his popularity. It was hard. I would rather scream to the heavens he was my boyfriend, but I promised when I followed him to California I wouldn’t do anything to hurt his career. He had come too far to have me ruin it.

The awards show went well as another compromise for us to go out together but I still refused any more house parties. The last one we went to, I almost died. It was my fault. I took a pill I thought would relax me. Instead, I hallucinated and walked out a two-story window onto a dormer. If Brandt hadn’t been there to pull me off the roof, I would have fallen and I don’t even want to think of the ramifications of my irresponsible actions. I never want to go back to a house party, but maybe another compromise could be made?

Hailey gave me an idea, and I called to reserve Louis. She was the only true friend I made out here in California. Her husband drummed for the band Diversion, and she knew how to deal with the media. Her circumstance was different with her being famous in her own right as an actress on a television drama show.

I followed her to a commercial shoot one day and fell into the trade. Mine was different. Instead of lead or supporting roles, I did extra work behind the scenes. Lately, I had been moving toward modeling clothing for a local retail outlet. Nothing big. A photoshoot for a local department store turned into a regular gig. I modeled their clothing, most times without my face even being pictured. Not that I cared to be recognized, I just wanted the chance to make my own money. I still got the occasional job as an extra in the movies and even though they were B listed movies, they were interesting as well. Brandt was busy also and planned to close the end of their second record soon. They even set a starting date for the tour as September eighth, right around the corner.

Hailey promised to help me with my latest idea, and as Brandt came home, I asked him about it.

“Clubbing?” I smiled and looked hopeful.

"Hailey is going with some friends to the Club 901.”

He looked at me quizzically, “I know Club 901. I’ve been there plenty of times before. You really want to go?”

“It couldn’t be as bad as the house parties.”

Staring at me, thinking it over in his head, he said, “Okay.” I jumped up and down and gave him a hug.

“Good. I already have Louis coming.”

“Louis? Why? I can drive.”

“Brandt, I don’t like you driving if you’ve been drinking. Besides, he will help me get in.”

His brows quirked up, “Help you get in?”

“I can’t go to the club with you, and I don’t want to wait outside by myself.”

Looking remorseful, he knew we needed to watch ourselves closely, so we didn’t raise suspicion and I wanted to show him I could make something like this work.

“Of course, I would like to come in on your arm, but we already had the paparazzi take pictures of us last weekend at the award show. It would be rather suspicious being seen together again.” He shook his head disappointed, not understanding why I was so adamant about protecting his livelihood.

Saturday night Brandt washed up in the shower while I got ready, placing smoky gray on my eyes to enhance the blue color as well as a small amount of glitter on my shoulders to make them shimmer in the lights of the club, I couldn’t help but get excited. Since having a professional beautician do my hair and makeup on photo shoots, I had a lot of tips and wanted to look great for him tonight. Waiting to put on my dress until I had my hair done, I purposely left it down the way Brandt liked it.

Stepping out of the shower, Brandt dried off showcasing glistening muscles, and I stopped to stare at his naked body. Over six feet in height, his broad shoulders were muscular from hours of working out. His chest was defined and formed an arrow down his sculpted stomach muscles. Strong, thick legs moved as he dried himself, and my heart fluttered in my chest. I couldn’t believe I had been living with him now for the past two months, and he was mine.

Catching me staring, he smirked. “We have time before Louis gets here.”

I laughed, “Not that much time and I don’t want to make him wait.” We seemed to never get enough of each other. We had backed off to a reasonable pace of only four to five times a week. Our lives turned busy with me doing occasional work now. The work started out slow but had been steadier than anticipated.

Finishing my hair, I went to the closet while Brandt dressed and waited for me downstairs. Oh, how I envied how quickly guys could get ready. I dressed in a backless halter style outfit covering my neck, the color of burnt sienna, and coming down to mid-thigh. Paired with heels, it was sure to turn Brandt on but not expose too much. The back was open, and I wouldn’t be wearing a bra, so I felt a little naughty wearing it.

Brandt yelled Louis’ arrival while I threw on my shoes and took one last look. Uncertainty shook my consciousness as I wanted tonight to work for Brandt’s sake. Hurrying down the stairs, Brandt looked up at me with a look of lust on his face making me blush. Smiling, I thought if he liked the dress so much he could help take it off later.

Brandt didn’t look bad himself. His tight jeans and short-sleeve button-down shirt showed off amazing pec muscles. The color being a deeper red, it highlighted his blue eyes and longer dark blond hair.

Louis was in the doorway talking to Brandt when he noticed me coming down the stairs, “Miss Chelsea, you are looking lovely tonight.”

I loved his southern charm and went up to give him a hug. “Thanks, Louis. How is business?”

“Doing well after the awards show last week. We are interviewing for more staff which will let me take over the business end.”

I was excited for him. “Louis that’s great news.”

He smiled and nodded, “Couldn’t have done it without the two of you. That is for sure.” Brandt worked his connections to get him the business making me proud of both of them.

“How are the wife and kids?” Shaking off the compliment, Brandt asked the question. Louis talked about how his wife was looking for a house for them now their business seemed stable, and his son would train the new employees. We walked to the car having Louis open the door for us, and I felt it would always be a little strange having someone closer to a friend than a hired hand opening a door for me as well as drive me around.

On the route to the club, we discussed how tonight should be played out. Brandt would be let out first as Louis and myself would drive to the area the limos park. Once there, a bouncer would let me in a back entrance to meet up with Hailey. I hoped to hell she was there on time. I didn’t want to be sitting by myself. Brandt and I would be in the same building but wouldn’t be spending much time together to throw off the paparazzi.
When the limo pulled up to the club, I noticed a line of people snaked outside waiting to get in the doors. The bouncer opened the door to let Brandt out and it reminded me of the awards show as I heard squeals from the women in line and swallowed down my apprehension. Women would be here tonight throwing themselves at him making it uncomfortable to watch the spectacle, but I needed to show we could make this work.

Brandt looked back at me one last time and gave me a wink before getting out. I smiled at him, and he was gone. The door closed, and I rode to the designated parking area. Louis being ex-military, made me feel secure as he walked me to the club’s side entrance. His business was more than a limo service and with his background, his presence gave me a sense of relief if we were to pull off tonight. When the bouncer noticed Louis, he let us in the back door.

The club may be bigger than I had seen in Wisconsin, but the music was just as loud and the same sex hungry people were trying to find a partner for the night. Unable to locate Brandt or Hailey, I offered Louis a drink, but he turned it down. Grabbing a soda from the bar area, I garnered a look of disapproval from the bartender although I didn’t care. It was too early in the night, and I was too nervous to drink. At least Brandt had been here before. He said he knew the owner and had a tab set up for us, so I wouldn’t have to worry about exchanging money and carrying a purse.

Looking around, I noticed a large dance floor laden with people. There were at least three separate bar areas on the massive first floor and a balcony to overlook the dance floor. Scanning the balcony, I spotted Brandt talking to another guy and looking down at me. I smiled when he motioned me to come up, and Louis paved the way.

On the way to the staircase, I couldn’t help but stare at the people. Men hanging on women and some women with barely anything on. I remembered Brandt talking about how confidence was sexy, but I think these women may not need as much fortitude. They looked sexier than my cocktail dress I bought off the bargain rack. Not a hair out of place and their makeup perfect. Great, and I brought Brandt here, the sheep to the wolves.

Permitted to the VIP area by another bouncer, I saw Hailey and Dex over by a table. The lounge was larger than I thought and tables with people were scattered everywhere. When Hailey saw me she screamed over the music, “Chelsea over here.” Louis accompanied me to their table flanked with cushioned chairs and couches, guiding me to a seat while standing off to the side observing everything.

Hailey pounced, “Chelsea this will be fun.”

Dex was seated next to her talking to a guy on his other side as I sat down by Hailey. “I’m glad to see you are here.”

“I love going clubbing. It’s a good way to let off steam.” The way she said it made me think she and Dex were fighting again. Maybe she would finally talk to me about it. She had been a good friend and I knew things had been hard between the two of them, but she was tight-lipped about it.

We yelled over the loud music and I knew it would make my throat raw tomorrow. People came and went talking to Dex and the other guy indicating his importance as well with the occasional picture and autograph requests. Hailey had her own fans too and beamed when they came and talked to her. Brandt wasn’t in our area but the whole purpose of the night was to get him out and about without having to babysit me. I knew we would not be spending much time together, so I hoped he had mingled with others and let off his own steam.

Hailey ordered us shots and I gave her a disapproving look. I tried to tell her no, but refusing Hailey wasn’t permissible. The shots went down and the drink she ordered me went virtually untouched as I didn’t want to chance getting drunk. I needed my wits tonight to show Brandt this could work.

We talked for a little while before Austin came to join us. Austin was the lead singer and bandmate to Dex. Brandt knew them before their fame and fortune hit and even had a falling out with Austin regarding his ex-girlfriend Cami. I hoped it was all behind them now.

Austin sat down in the only chair available on my left. “Hey ladies, is this guy ignoring you?” He pointed to Dex.

“Austin, are you coming and sitting over here to make yourself look good?” Dex and Austin exchanged the banter making us laugh.

“Well I would say I’m slumming it with you here, but the women make it seem like the TajMahal.”

Dex smirked, “Suck up.”

Austin turned in my direction. “I saw Brandt in back. Are you trying to play keep away?”

I leaned into him to prevent screaming over the music, “Just a nice quiet night out avoiding the paparazzi. Is he talking to people?”

Tonight wouldn’t work if he kept to himself. Austin nodded, “Yeah, didn’t he tell you this was a hangout of his before he left on tour? He knows the owner. Actually, he was at the house party a couple of weeks ago.” With the mention of the house party, my face fell. Did I meet him? Did I embarrass Brandt in front of him? Maybe I didn’t want to know. Austin frowned at my dismay although I shrugged it off.

Another round of drinks made the table. Hailey wasn’t a drinker, telling me one time she couldn’t afford the calories, so I wondered why now the interest? Maybe I should pull her aside and find out if there was trouble between her and Dex? As I turned back to Austin, a fan took a picture of him, asking for an autograph. Excusing myself for the bathroom, I left with Hailey trailing behind when I asked. Louis blended into the background, but I knew he watched over us making me feel better in the process.

Once in the bathroom, I turned to Hailey, “How is everything going?”

She blew me off, “Great. This is one of my favorite places. We need to go on the dance floor and soon.”

She skirted the issue, “No, I mean with you and Dex.” I didn’t want to pry, but she kept everything in and would blow if she didn’t have a sounding board.

She looked as though I hit a nerve, “Fine. He likes it here too. Did you see the attention he is getting? I told you it would be fun.” Still avoiding my intent, I let her go not wanting to ruin her night.

“Well if you needed to talk I’m here for you.” Her eyes watered a little as she mumbled a ‘thank you’ and went into a stall evading any further questions. At least the VIP bathroom was big enough to afford us some privacy in the back half. If it wasn’t the VIP section, the line out the door would be immense.

We went back to the table, but Hailey didn’t sit down, “Let’s go dance.”

“I’m not much of a dancer.” She made like she didn’t hear me and took my hand pulling me along with her toward the stairs. We worked our way to the dance floor. With her being an actress, the area parted when people recognized her. Louis had moved to a spot against a wall just off the dance floor. People understood what he was and assumed he was there for Hailey. My identity still unknown, why would I need protection?

We danced through three songs in a row leaving my legs tired within high heels. Not being much of a dancer, I tried to mimic Hailey’s moves. She laughed and had fun and I didn’t want to deny her the reprieve although my feet ached already. The occasional guy would come up and dance by her, and she let them, encouraging the interaction. When guys danced up to me, I gave them the look. The look that said unavailable. They were smart enough to get it. I didn’t care if I pissed anyone off as I could afford to be bold with Louis here to back me up.

After the third song ended, I pulled Hailey off the dance floor. She laughed at some guy and waggled her fingers as we walked away making me think the liquor kicked in. When I motioned to go back upstairs, she shook her head and dragged me over to the bar area. It bothered me knowing it was harder for Louis to protect us down here. When I looked up to where we were sitting, Dex and Austin were surrounded by a plethora of girls. Hailey must have seen them too.

Searching further down the balcony Brandt had his back to me. He too had several girls around him making me understand what unnerved Hailey. One leaned in and whispered into his ear pressing her chest up against him. The move was familiar and made me nervous, but I needed to trust him. Women fall all over him but it didn’t mean he would return the attention.

Hailey ordered another shot for us on a mission of her own. I told her to slow down, but she ignored me, “Loosen up. Our men are in their glory with all the women. Why shouldn’t we have fun too?”

Before I could answer, two men came up and offered to buy us another shot. She excepted them before I could turn them down. When I declined my shot after protests from the guys, Hailey grabbed it from me and tossed it back. Crap, Hailey slow down. I should get her back by Dex. A sometimes drinker didn’t do well with shots.

Talking to the guys, Hailey enjoyed the attention they gave her, especially the guy who was the taller of the two. Turning to his friend I spoke in his ear, “Please no more shots for her. She had enough.”

He leaned in to talk over the clamor of the bar area, “I will try to tell my brother.” Mouthing a ‘Thanks’ over the uproar I noticed his woodsy cologne when he leaned in again, “Where are you from? You have an accent.”

I gave him a confused look. “Why do people think I have an accent? I am from Wisconsin.”

He laughed at me and told me he grew up in upper Michigan. “A Yooper? You don’t have an accent.”

“I’ve been away for several years now, and the accent only comes out when I return home for hunting season.” We laughed and gave in to a conversation about places we knew from back home. Talking to someone from the area was nice. I didn’t want to tell Brandt, but I was getting homesick again, thinking of the late summer at my grandmother’s house by the river.

We talked about the change in the season with the colors in the large forests they had and the enormous amount of snow. Jim was a hunter and we discussed the upcoming bow season my father also enjoyed. He and his brother moved here after they transferred him from a company in Michigan, and his brother tagged along and had been here ever since.

Hailey talked about another drink when I glared at Jim. He leaned into this brother and told him he would buy. Without Hailey hearing, he ordered a round of drinks for them and a soda for the women. I couldn’t help but give him a look of thanks, and he shrugged.

Hailey openly flirted with Jim’s brother, and when I looked up to see Dex, he had his arm around another woman. Brandt was nowhere to be found making me wonder if he had his arm around another girl too. I hoped Dex and Hailey would have had a good, strong relationship to help me think Brandt and I could work. I needed to know this could be long-term before I could go any further with a commitment, but so far, I seemed to be grasping at straws.

A new song started, and Hailey screamed, “We have to dance!” She grabbed my arm with one hand and Jim’s brother’s arm with the other. I broke free, and she ignored my cold shoulder to turn her attention to her other dance partner.

Jim put his hand on my lower back and motioned to the floor, “Well c’mon. Let’s show them how they do it in the Midwest.”

I hesitated and blurted out, “I have a boyfriend.”

It was the touch to the low back that made me feel guilty about the situation. Brandt led me with that same touch, and with an open back, the feeling of his palm on my skin made me nervous about letting him touch me in the same familiar way.

He didn’t look put off, “It’s just a dance. You can keep an eye on your friend.” He was right. Maybe I could ward off any trouble if I kept close by.

Conceding, I let him lead me on the floor to where Hailey and his brother danced a little too close to each other, making sure there was enough distance between Jim and me, but with so many people on the dance floor, it was hard to not bump into each other. Too hard to talk, we smiled at each other as I made sure Louis stayed in my line of sight.

Hailey stumbled more than danced proving the drinks had taken their effect. I made my way over trying my best to get her to slow down. ”Hailey let’s go back upstairs.”

She shook her head, “I’m having fun down here.” She wrapped her arms around Jim’s brother.

"Hailey, I think you had too much to drink. You can’t even dance.”

She laughed, “Jake here will help me out.”

“We needed to go.” I sensed trouble with the way Jake held onto her tight.

Jake piped up, “Don’t worry about it. I have her.”

I looked to Jim for help, but he shrugged obviously no help at all, “Let them go. They obviously are into each other.”

"Hailey, we need to go back to your husband.” Anger surfaced on her face, and Jake didn’t seem fazed in the least.

“Why? He doesn’t care.” Not making it easy for me, I quickly looked around for Louis when I noticed him coming up to help.

“Gentlemen, the women would like to return to the balcony.” Louis, shorter than Jim and Jake, exuded authority making them both back up while I grabbed Hailey’s hand.

She scowled at me, letting me take her to the stairway. “Why did you ruin my fun?”

"Hailey, you led that guy on.”

She tipped a little to the side but straightened herself out, “I was just playing with him. It’s nice to have attention towards me now and then.” I saw the hurt in her eyes. She noticed the sympathy and turned away walking up the stairs. Brandt and I might have issues, but at least they didn’t resemble theirs. Following her, I made sure she wobbled her way to the top in her incredibly high heels.

Louis followed us up but went toward the back of the room once we got back to Dex’s table. He continued talking to a girl flirting with him, looking way too cozy together. Flirty Girl was dressed in a skin-tight black mini dress with more cleavage than breasts. He looked up at us with glassy eyes, just as drunk as Hailey. ”Dex, your wife is ready to leave.”

Flirty Girl didn’t even look up at us, but Dex had the sense to straighten up and lean away from her. When there was no acknowledgment from his acquaintance, I saw Hailey reach down and grab her arm, “That means he is unavailable, bitch!” Sensing an impending fight, I tried to pull them apart despite Dex sitting back and grinning at the catfight.

Where was Louis? Looking around feverishly for him I noticed Austin coming instead. Standing between the two women, Austin came from behind rescuing Flirty Girl from Hailey’s grip. Walking away with her I heard, “Hey, how about I buy you a drink?” When he looked over his shoulder at me, I smiled a thank you.

Hailey sat down hard by Dex, and he gave his excuse about how she was a fan. Hailey nodded, agreeing with his lies, and I couldn’t believe the bullshit. Seriously, Dex was an asshole. A month ago I had seen him kissing a so-called fan in the bushes of a house party after a fight the two of them had. What went on here tonight was irrational proving they needed to go home and talk. I didn’t know if they had a ride, but I might convince Louis to give them one. When I left to find him I noticed Brandt, unfortunately getting cozy with another woman.


Ever since she mentioned going out to the clubs, I wondered why. I bet Hailey put her up to it. Hailey was unpredictable at best, and with her marriage being a scam, she started to become volatile. Dex and Hailey’s relationship was doomed from the start. Dex should have never settled down as he was in love with being in love and moved on quickly. Granted, his marriage to her lasted longer than anyone thought they would but still, it had traipsed along on track guaranteed to end. And Hailey? Hailey was convinced she could change Dex. Men don’t change because a woman manipulated them. Men need to want to change on their own.

It made me think of the changes I made for Chelsea. Going from a womanizer party hound to more of a homebody didn’t bother me in the least. I enjoyed time with just the two of us regardless of what we had planned. From movies with her to bowling of all things. I wouldn’t miss our time together. In all fairness, a night in the clubs would do me good, but I didn’t feel I needed it anymore. Since meeting Chelsea, I had a desire to keep her to myself. To be a better person, the one I wanted to be all along but thought I couldn’t. Chelsea made me believe I could.

There were other reasons going out with Chelsea to a club wasn’t the greatest idea. Call it being overprotective or maybe just pure jealousy, but I found men talking to her all the time, and it bothered me. She didn’t even realize when they hit on her. The grocery store, the gas station, hell, even the Chinese takeout place we frequented. They made a lame excuse to talk with her, and many didn’t even care if I was present. She was nice to them, not even seeing the pathetic play for her. It drove me insane. I was never this jealous before with Cami. When I told Cami I loved her, I didn’t understand the true meaning of the word until I met Chelsea and my life took on a new path. The thought of her being alone in California with me on the road was killing me already. I must convince her she needed to come with me on tour for my own sanity.

At least she chose the Club 901, an earlier hangout of mine. It was popular and the best one so far on the strip. When she told me she hired Louis I called him up with a plan for the evening. She didn’t want us to be seen together so close to the awards show, so I made sure that if I couldn’t be by her tonight, he would be stuck to her like glue. He understood my possessiveness. Not only was he to guard her, but we set up certain intervals for him to report to me throughout the evening for an extra fee. To protect my turf I would pay any price.

Chelsea did not handle the house parties well. Grant it, they were worse than the clubs, but she looked at the world with rose-colored glasses. The world was not that rosy, at least from my experience. I grabbed a whiskey from the bartender and chased down the one I already drank just to order another.

After being at the club for a while, the usual fans accosted me. At least in the VIP section, we didn’t have to worry about media attention, and the people allowed up there realized we didn’t want to be approached for autographs and pictures all the time either. There were a few women who wanted someone famous on their arms, but I had already gone that route with Cami. My only acknowledgment of them was to throw off any speculation that Chelsea and I were an item.

Being apart from Chelsea bothered me more than I thought it would. With me upstairs and Chelsea down on the dance floor, it turned me into even more of a jealous boyfriend with some guy dancing with her. What was supposed to be a way of making us both appear accessible had left her open to other men and I hated it.

My eyes kept going to Chelsea below me. I didn’t want her down there. Too many idiots purposely brushed up against women using the excuse of a too crowded dance floor. Drinks could be spiked and hard to keep an eye on. Louis knew what to watch for, but I struggled to get my mind off protecting what was mine.

The woman next to me asked me a question, turning my attention back to her. As she Leaned in seductively, I made out the hard ridge of her nipple through her barely covered breast as it poked into my chest. She had an enticing quality to her, but she was not what I preferred. It struck me as odd how things had changed. How obsessed I had become with one woman. One very stubborn, quirky woman who currently was hell-bent on us being photographed apart.

It had been a while since I received an update from Louis, but he had strict instructions not to leave Chelsea. Glaring below me at the dance floor, I observed Hailey bumping and grinding with another guy. That is the friend you chose Chelsea? So far, I counted up the shots and drinks between them not happy with the amount. Gripping the tumbler in my hand I scowled quietly watching from above.

Adjusting my position so I got a better view without being detected, I kept up a conversation with the group. Staring at the men surrounding the two of them, I hoped Chelsea would turn them away. Instead, I ended up watching them all do another round of shots together. Tension knotted my chest. It was her third shot, and she couldn’t handle hard liquor. Hailey hung on her guy, and the other one charmed Chelsea making my blood boil.

She leaned in, interested in their conversation and I hated it. They were just talking but it bothered me the way her face lit up and how she laughed at what he said. He even positioned himself in a way to close off the others in a show of ownership. He wanted her. Tell him to piss off like you once told me. But she didn’t. Controlling my anger, I headed to the bar for another drink. My distrust was not with Chelsea but the man surrounding her like prey. Thankfully, I had Louis tonight. I took a long hard swig of my drink and returned to the balcony to finish enduring the spectacle below.

By the time I looked down at them, they had returned to the dance floor. Louis kept close by, but they weren’t making it easy on him. Chelsea danced with the guy, luckily leaving room between them, unlike Hailey and her suitor. When the crowd shifted, he pressed into her touching her hips making my fists clench in rage. I should be the one down there with my hands on her, not some jack-off asshole.

The surrounding conversation went on without me as I kept track of the two of them. Hailey staggered around more so than danced, and Chelsea guarded her cautiously. When Hailey practically jumped onto the guy next to her with him grabbing her ass, Louis noticed and went over to help. They seemed smarter than they looked letting Chelsea leave and escort Hailey off the dance floor. Chelsea, what would have happened if Louis wasn’t there to help you? The thought bothered me immensely. She led that guy on. Maybe she didn’t see it that way, but she didn’t refute his advances. Guys become possessive fast. Sometimes they don’t appreciate hearing the word no.

Shortly after, Louis addressed me with an update. No surprise, Hailey was drunk. At least the guys won’t be bothering them anymore. I sent him back over to Chelsea with instructions to keep her in the VIP lounge. When I turned to the bar to refresh my drink, Sasha beckoned me over to her. She had another nip and tuck done to her since the last time I saw her. An aging wife of a wealthy man, her insecurity spiked, especially since he had a penchant for younger women. Even though they had an open marriage, he would get bored eventually.

“Hello, Brandt,” Sasha swayed in her stance, the dark liquid of her glass spilling over the lip dropping on the floor below. With a gleam in her eyes, she angled toward me letting me see down her dress. Knowing Sasha had a good deal of clout in this town I picked my words wisely. Although it held little interest, you don’t piss off women in power. Her husband, a well-known producer, owned the club, and the wrong word could ruin you in a town like this.

Leaning in to kiss her cheek, I acknowledged, “Sasha, you look lovely.”

Chelsea came out of the crowd stopping as soon as she saw us together. Unsure if she could come up to me and talk since we weren’t supposed to be seen together, she kept her distance. With the noise of the room, I knew she couldn’t hear our conversation. I couldn’t help but notice the change in Chelsea. Her face was flushed, and she had a fine sheen to her. Was it from the dance floor or did she enjoy talking to that guy? Did he excite her?

When Sasha’s arm wound around my waist, I didn’t stop her. How does it feel to see me talking to another woman Chelsea? I heard Sasha slur her words, “So, are you as good as you taste?” She took my face in her grip and turned it away from Chelsea pressing her lips against mine. I pulled away, not wanting it to go as far as it did, but it was too late. Chelsea turned and left the area, a hurt look shone on her face.

"Shit Sasha.”

She laughed her devious laugh. “Did I ruin a prospective fuck?”

I looked at her and confessed, “That’s my girlfriend.”

“You have a girlfriend? Since when does the Brandt Roberts have a girlfriend?”

“Since about three months ago and now I need to explain things.”

Sasha looked remorseful after I mentioned it to her, “Brandt, I am sorry what can I do to help?” Louis showed up explaining Hailey left and Chelsea would be alone. Now was the time to talk to Chelsea before things got out of hand, and I asked Louis to tell her to meet me down the hallway.

Returning my attention to Sasha I asked, “You want to help? Give me the key to your private bathroom. I need to talk to her.”

She turned away and motioned for the bartender. After a minute, he returned with a key, and she handed it over. “Tell her I am sorry.”

“Thanks Sasha.”

The private bathroom was not noticeable from the hallway, so I waited until Chelsea walked by. She was looking the opposite way when I grabbed her and pulled her in turning on the lights. “Brandt, you scared me.”

Unable to wait any longer, I pounced on her, “I saw you talking to that guy.”

She shrugged, “I was just talking.” And having fun, don’t forget that.

“And dancing.” When I mentioned it her face turned red, “You’re worried I had one dance with a guy when I just saw you with another woman’s tongue down your throat?”

Tit for tat. Are you hiding something Chelsea? Maybe the fact you liked him? “She was nobody.”

“Well, then I danced with nobody too!” I wanted to make her forget him and I grabbed her by the arms, pulling her in for a deep kiss. She struggled, but I didn’t let her loose, pulling her in tighter and stoking the energy between us. It reminded me of our ‘play’ sessions. How the electricity in the air surrounded us. How much she liked the power I had over her. The wish to control her again was overwhelming, making sure she remembered only me tonight.

Capturing the back of her neck, I planted my fingers into her soft hair deepening the kiss. With her hip tight against me, I showed her the product of what her kissing generated. Her body relaxed within my grip, and she put up less of a fight. I brought my other hand up to her breast teasing her nipples, already hard from the heat emanating between us, making my mind speculate. Was this from me or are you thinking of the other guy? The thought ran through my head fueling my demand to make her understand she was mine. I pulled and pinched her nipple the way she liked it turning her on further. Only I know how you like it.

She moaned receptively and relaxed further at my touch increasing my desire to control her. You can’t leave me, Chelsea. I need you, and you need me. Let me prove to you I am the only man for you. I turned her body around firmly so she faced the mirror. Her arms flew up to catch her, landing against the mirror and I liked how she looked standing there braced against the reflection. The mirror’s image showed her flushed face as I nipped at her bare shoulder. Her breathing came in shorter gasps as I worked my hands down her body. Keeping her aroused by kissing what little neck was exposed I circled her nipple with my fingers. Frustrated I couldn’t get to her sweet spot on her neck, I focused on her blessed collarbone area that drove her mad. Grabbing onto her dress I lifted it to expose her bottom half.

“Brandt don’t.” I selfishly ignored her plea.

“Chelsea, look at yourself. You are turned on.” Unwilling to look at herself in the mirror I continued to coax her. She was embarrassed with so many aspects of our lovemaking I knew this was another one of her quirks. If she would only see herself right now, she would understand I caused this pleasure. Me, and me alone.

She shook her head not looking. My voice deepened to the one I used in bed when I called for her to do something she hadn’t done before, “Chelsea look at your mouth. Your lips are moist and a deeper red.” Curiosity piqued, she glanced over her reflection. Pushing her lips together, she noticed the redness but remained hesitant. I continued pointing out every single nuance of her, “You have a glow about you. Look at your skin.”

Chelsea’s skin shined when she was aroused, and she glistened now. “Brandt--”

“Chelsea this is what you do to me, look.” Her eyes dropped in the mirror to the zipper of my pants displaying the outline of my erection.

“Now look at yourself. Look at your chest. Your nipples are hard with my touch.” I worked her dress all the way up and lowered her underwear carefully. I would love to rip them off, but the thought of her out there without that little bit of protection and suitors lingering around her gave me the patience I needed at this point. She watched herself, and I had gained the control over her I desired.

With her delectable ass exposed, I worked my own pants down. Sliding my finger inside her I felt her grip me. “You are wet for me Chelsea. You want it too, don’t you?” Full of lust, her eyes met mine in the mirror. I had total control and loved it. I have the control, Chelsea. No other man can do this.

Positioning myself at her entrance, I took my time to caress her voluptuous ass. I wanted her to see what she looked like when I entered her, “Watch yourself Chelsea. Watch what it does to you.” Her eyes turned to her reflection, and I pushed deep inside her. When she closed her eyes in pleasure I reprimanded her, “Keep your eyes open. Watch and don’t move your hands.” Her eyes sprung open, and there was such a want, a need in them I had seen before, but I wanted her to notice it. This is what I can do for you. Just me.

I worked inside her, as she concentrated on her image, enthralled with the changes our coupling provided. Her whole body lurched with the force, and although I tried to soften the blows, I was unable. She countered me. Every thrust I delivered she pushed back into me searching for her release. That a girl Chelsea. You are so wet for me. You need me to. We belong together.

Bringing her dress higher allowed me the ability to work up to her breasts. Cupping them and working the nipple I felt the soft flutter of her pussy, the precursor to our release. Knowing her body as well as I did, I knew what would drive her over the edge. She was always so erotic during sex it spurred me on. The changes she went through. How she responded so fully to me. And she needed to know it was me giving her that release. When her eyes found mine in the mirror I commanded her again, “Don’t watch me, watch yourself.”

It came out more forceful than intended but worked as she shifted her eyes off me and back to her reflection. My voice softened, and I leaned down to talk gentler in her ear, “Watch what I am doing to you. Watch your eyes. Listen to your breathing. I will make you come and come hard.” Back to working her nipples, I rolled and pulled on them with the exact amount of pressure to send her over the edge. Her breathing came in shorter gasps now, and the heat radiated from her alerting me to the fact she was ready.

She had a hard time watching herself, and I noticed her eyes drift. No, it would only work if she watched, “Chelsea concentrate.” With my left hand on her nipple, my right hand traveled down to her hip. Gripping it tightly I worked it deeper and faster.

“Chelsea look at your eyes. You are close now.” She swallowed and obeyed my commands. When I angled her hip to place more pressure on her right side, I felt her stomach quiver. It was a spot I knew well. I pushed on her back and arched it stimulating that one internal place she loved. Her reflection showed her gaze upon us and told me she knew who was in control.

“Chelsea, watch as your eyes dilate at the moment of orgasm.” Her body shivered, and I watched her eyes do exactly what I indicated. It happened quickly but was always there. She spasmed those tight, quick contractions that took so much energy out of her with her jaw locked open, and a breath unable to find its escape until the throbbing ceased. I waited for her forehead wrinkles to disappear as the last of her climax finished.

Only after she returned my gaze did I let my own release happen. It was glorious and quick requiring me to briefly rest my head on her hot body between her shoulder blades while my breathing evened out. She didn’t even notice my release, back to watching herself and her own after-effects. It made me smile. See Chelsea. This is what I do to you. Sliding out of her was bittersweet. Her breathing matched mine in quick shallow breaths, and I pulled my pants up tucking myself back in.

My domination short-lived, regret seeped in. Did I push too far this time? My desire to control her had been fueled by jealousy. Was this passion or did I push the limits to show her who was boss? My own thoughts jumbled, the walls closed in on me. If jealousy was the culprit, it only proved myself as a distrusting ass. Chelsea hated my possessiveness and what we did would only prove my lack of control, but she needed to know she was mine.

Before I opened the door to go, I positioned Chelsea’s chin to look my way, “I put that look on your face.” Leaving enough room for my escape, I exited back to the VIP room leaving her in the same position with her dress up and her arms planted on the mirror. I didn’t want her exposed to anyone in the hallway so the door opened minimally to allow my departure. I should have stayed but couldn’t bear another second in there. Shame with my behavior overtook me. Was I in control or did I lose it in there?
Once outside, I let my eyes adjust to the dim light. Although I didn’t notice Louis, I trusted him to see to Chelsea when she came out. With Hailey gone we would leave early, and that was fine with me.

Returning the key to the bar I contemplated another drink. Alcohol wasn’t the reason for our bathroom break but it gave me a lack in control I didn’t enjoy. Instead, I asked for water when Sasha sauntered up behind me. “Did everything work out?”

She seemed genuinely interested although I didn’t feel the need to divulge my personal affairs to her. “Everything is fine Sasha. I appreciate the quiet space.”

She slinked up next to me, “So who is this girl who has trapped the Brandt Roberts?”

Tilting her head to look at me I noticed her curiosity, so I answered, “I met her a few months ago at the end of the last tour. I brought her back to California with me.”

She smiled, “Brought her back with you? Sounds serious.”

“Serious yes... and complicated,” I sighed.

“They all are.” She turned and looked at the room but still addressed me, “I hope you let me give you some advice.” I didn’t stop her, so she went on. “If you love her be yourself with her. She needs to see the real you. That way she can make a more, let’s say, informed decision about being with you. If not, she will look back later and learn to resent you.” Sasha looked downtrodden, and I guessed her arrangement with her husband might not have been mutual.

The bartender spoke above the crowd. “Your chauffeur just left to bring your girlfriend home. He will come back for you.”

Chelsea left without me? The look on my face must have betrayed my thoughts. Sasha touched my arm, “If she can’t handle the real you then she isn’t the one.” Leaving me to ponder I couldn’t help thinking I screwed up. I pushed Chelsea, and I was out of control.

Returning to the house later that night I noticed the house dark and quiet. I contemplated crawling into bed with her but knew I should give her some space. She always wanted time to think about things, and I was not pushing this now. Instead, I settled on the couch and wondered how I let things get so out of hand.
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