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It was a one-night affair. After that, just anger, hatred and disappointment. But can it become something else?

Erotica / Romance
K. B.
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Oh hell, I hate that guy so much! I thought to myself, while the girls stared at me, waiting for what I was going to say.

- Yes, I would love to! - I answered, putting a big fake smile on my face.

It was friday, and we were in our favorite bar, drinking margaritas and talking about our day. Besides me, we were gattered in a group of four. There were Mika, the blonde with big grey eyes, and famous blogger. Anne, with her dark hair braided behind her back, the red lips always in a pretty white smile. She is a writer. Gisele, with short hair in a deep black color, works with me in an big famous internacional marketing firm. And for last, Bella, the new girl in our group, with her soft pink hair and hazel eyes. She is a journalist.

We were girlriends for a very long time, and Bella had joined our group about one year now. They were all chating about their days, and I was deep lost in my thoughts, drinking quietly my margarita.

Next week, on thursday we would have thanksgiving holiday, and weren’t going to work on friday either. So the girls decided that it would be a great idea for us to do something different this year, going to Mika’s family chalé, in the midle of nowhere. Seriously, I would prefer being alone at home, drinking my ass off of all the botles of wine I could carry in the store.

I mean, don’t give me wrong.

If it were going to be only me and the girls, I would be freaking excited right now. But boyfriends were allowed this time. Wich meant that Dean was going to be there. The fucking guy that I hate.

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