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The past


Me and the girls were having dinner in a nice restaurant, celebrating Anne’s book being published. We were also getting to know Bella, the girl Mika meet in her yoga class. I was already drinking my third glass of wine, so I was pretty happy, laughing my ass out when Mika said, raising her glass:

- A toast to five wonderfull women, right where they wanted to be whem becoming 30′s! Happy, successful, amazing! I love you girls, and we are very glad for you, dear Anne.

Me and the girls raised our wine glasses together, toasting to Mika’s words and cheering for Anne.

- I love you girls. I really don’t know where I would be without you. - Anne said, taking a deep breath, her eyes starting to tear up.

- Oh no no, no tear today An, we’re here to celebrate. - I was fondling her in her back. - But I do agree, we rock girls.

More laughter in the table. I was feeling pretty fine about myself in that moment, not just because of the wine, but because I really were where I wanted. I had those amazing friends, who would never leave my side (well, except for Bella, that I had just met). My work was doing pretty great, since I was the boss in charge of the big accounts for international marketing. And even being single, my sex life were going pretty fine. I sighed softly, feeling full and excited to what was going to come next for me. And... thinking about my sex life, of course that, after three glasses of wine, the girls were now talking about sex.

- Yes, you see, Mathias and I paid for that dominatrix I’ve told you about. His fantasy was to watch her slap me and dominate me, then after he could fuck us both. - Right in the moment that Gisele was speaking, the youngst waiter was going to pour us some more wine. He watched us, his cheeks on fire, his hands almost letting the bottle slip. Mika choked on her wine, Bella was visible trying not to laugh very hard. The waiter simply left the bottle in our table and mumbled that he needed to go back to the kitchen. We were all laughing even more now, but Gigi keept going

- And of course, I fuuuucking loved it! You know that I like girls too, and doing this was absolutly different them everything we ever done.

- Hot! I want that know. - Mika said, pouting.

- Oh, and I want to write about that, can I, Gigi? - Anne asked, her eyes sparkling.

- God Anne, I don’t know if I wanna read about Gigi’s sex life, please... - I whispered to her, making Gigi gasp.

- My sex life is pretty amazing, Cathy. You would be jealous. - She was pretending to be offended. I was laughing, making fun of her. I raised my glass again.

- To beautiful women in her 30′s with amazing sex lifes, then. - The girls joined me in the toast.

And in fact that were true, I tought to myself. Me, Bella and Anne were single, but we had our fun when we wanted. Mika was dating a famous guy for about two years, and they had a crazy relationship. Gisele were married with her college sweetheart, but they definitely didn’t have a traditional wedding. I smiled thinking about the crazy group we were.

The girls were still chatting, when I felt someone staring at me. I raised my eyes, searching. And a few tables ahead, there was a handsome man, in fact piercing me with his deep blue eyes. He was having dinner with other older man, wearing a suit too, with gray short hair. The man with the blue eyes had noticed that I had caught his staring, and smiled at me, with his perfect white teeths. His hair was black, his skin like spilled milk, squared chin. I could perfectly see his muscled body trough his suit shirt. Fuck, he was beyond beautiful. I tighted my legs together, feeling my pussy getting hotter. Luckly the girls were too distracted to notice what whas happening. I finally looked away, squeezing my tighs again, enjoying the sensation. My body was hot. I cleared my throat.

- Girls, I’m going to the bathroom. - I said, getting up quikly, before someone could ask to join me.

I entered the bathroom, breathing hard for some minutes. Then I splashed some cold water in my face, arms and neck, cooling my body down. I looked myself in the mirror and noded to myself, geeting out. I had only taked a few steps when I crashed in to something warm and hard. I instinctively placed my hands flat on the surface, taking a step back, looking up to find the handsome man with blue eyes in front of me.

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