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When the law fails to bring justice. When perpetrators of abuse against women escape prosecution and punishment due to technicalities. When the weak and vulnerable have no protectors... it is then that the Valkyries, a team of twelve highly skilled females reach out and exact their brand of swift and decisive retribution. Two exceptional females... Jana, an exquisite young woman, highly skilled in martial arts and her equally proficient wealthy mentor Alexa, lead and inspire this team of clandestine vigilantes in their war against the depraved underbelly of organized crime and human sex slave trafficking syndicates. It is said when you embark on a path of vengeance, you should dig two graves. How far will Jana be prepared to go and endure, to bring vengeance to the man who destroyed her and her sisters lives? WARNING: GRAPHIC VIOLENCE AND SCENES OF SEXUAL ABUSE, STRICTLY ONLY FOR PERSONS OVER AGE OF 18

Erotica / Thriller
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Chapter 1 (Part 1)

Part 1

The storm had vented its fury over the harbor and was now grumbling northwards further inland. All that remained of its earlier ferocity were distant sporadic lightning flares silhouetting the confusion of derricks and buildings. Torrential rain, a disorientating curtain of water and sound had choked drains with garbage, leaving roads flooded and air clammy with a nuance of decay. A dank and gloomy night burdened with foreboding, befitting the sinister mission of the van.

The Dodge, like a dark metallic predator with its side exhausts growling hot breaths of vapor, forged through rim-high pools of water. Jared wiped the misted windscreen and peered anxiously at the darkened buildings on either side of the road at yet another nameless intersection. His GPS route finder was on the blink and locating the warehouse in the dark was a frustrating challenge.

He rolled down the side window for a better view and a wash of odorous air and dissonant sound filled the interior. Thunder, previously intimidating, was now barely audible above the clamor of the adjacent dockyard and rail junction.

“Why the fuck did Dietrich choose this fucking area?” he cursed, pounding the steering wheel in frustration.

His excuse ’to sort out a personal emergency’ had taken longer than expected and now he was long overdue back at the club. If he could not find the warehouse soon he’d have to abandon the drop-off. And that posed a major problem. Finding a safe place to keep the consignment until new arrangements could be made, would be both difficult and highly risky.

Jared leaned out and scanned the featureless buildings for some identifiable sign. Stopping and finding someone to give him directions was unwise considering what lay just behind him on the floor. Glancing anxiously over his shoulder, he checked that the blanket still concealed his cargo.

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