Flight of Fantasy

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Seema is stuck at the check in counter of the Mumbai airport. Travelling alone, she is helped by her brother’s suave friend Aakash, who is on the same flight as hers. Seema’s sex appeal and Aakash’s sense of humour make the journey an interesting one. Sitting next to eachother on an empty flight makes it an erotic unforgettable experience. Read on and enjoy their flight of fantasy

Erotica / Romance
Mind Tickler
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Checking Each Other Out

Mumbai Airport was bustling as always. Seema had just landed in from Singapore and was now at the check in counter for her next flight to Goa. She loved the smell of Mumbai, her home town. She especially loved the new Airport terminal. It was artistic and majestic.

Right now she seemed irritated. The check in clerk had just said that she was carrying more than the permissible limit of luggage.

The gentleman behind her observed the exchange. While he had the time, he wanted to settle down after finishing all the required formalities. Over the years of travel he had come to somehow feel flummoxed as to why did check in formalities have to be so tedious. He would have got impatient by now but the sight of shapely woman at the counter kept him distracted. The lady was tall. She had silky hair clipped in a lose bun. A light blue denim hugged her inviting long legs. Her short white well fitted shirt with light blue striped ended just below her waist. The light pink shawl sprinkled with small light blue flowers added a nice colour to her simple but elegant attire.

While he was enjoying the sight, he saw her face. He decided to intervene with an offer to help.

The gentleman with a smile “Hi, I am Aakash. I could carry that as my hand baggage. We are going to the same destination. With the money you’ll save, you could treat me with a coffee”

Seema smiled for a second before she got wary “Thank you but I think I’ll speak to his superior. Why is he making this difficult?”

Aakash “Seema, it’s okay; we’ll save time and effort. This fellow is just doing his job so let it be”

Seema wondered how did he know her name and then realised that he may have seen her tag.

Aakash realised what she was thinking and before she spoke he volunteered “Seema, I assume you too are headed for your brother’s wedding like I am”

Seema wondering “And you are?”

Aakash “I am Aakash, your brother Samir’s college buddy. We have shared our hostel room for 4 years. I’ve seen your pics with him on Facebook”.

Seema finally relaxing “Okay”. She also thought she was better off taking this risk with a stranger then paying the airline. She could afford to lose that box

As the clerk started the formalities for both of them, Seema moved far out of the away. Aakash asked the clerk “Do you have a girl friend?”

The busy clerk without looking up mentioned “No sir, where is the time!?”

Aakash joked “And if you treat women like this, chance of you getting one seems dim”

The clerk with a smile “Sir, because of me, you are about to get a woman next to you on flight, so a thank you from your side would have been a better comment”

Aakash “Of course, you’ve earned my Thank you”. He picked up the 2 boarding passes as he spoke.

Seema was observing their exchange. She asked Aakash with a little smirk “So what did you all find funny in my plight!?”

Aakash smiled back as they walked “No, It was just two boys talking of a common interest” he added further “Here’s your boarding pass and the hand baggage. Let’s meet after the security check”

As they separated, Aakash could see her tall legs walking away gracefully. The short shirt and the heels in her maroon sandal added to the length of her legs, thought Aakash as he got into the line for the security check.

As Aakash waited on the other side of the security clearance, he saw Seema had finally cleared her security too. As she walked towards him, Aakash could see the shawl not only kept her warm but also hid the delicate wobble of her well formed breasts as she walked towards him. The open button just about ended at the cleavage. How could one look away he thought!

He smiled waiting for her, so they could proceed together.

Aakash extended his hands to relieve her of her hand baggage “Now that we are free to wait. Let’s grab a bite”

Seema also seemed hungry “Yes, time to enjoy some Mumbai food”

Aakash “Let’s settle down there, I’ll pick up two beers too”

Seema picked up one bhel and one sev puri (popular Mumbai snacks) between them. As she returned to the table she found Aakash waiting on a seat. She spoke “Okay we can share these, unless you want something else?”

Aakash, already sipping his beer smiled back looking at the bottles, “Perfect and we can share these, unless you want something else?”

Seema joked “You couldn’t wait to open the bottle!?”

Aakash smiled back “Was tired lugging your heavy bag, needed to recover. Also who knows how hungry you were. Maybe you could have taken more time, I thought”

Seema settled down and her slender fingers picked up the other bottle “That’s a point; I could have picked up so much more. As she sipped the chilled beer she added “Good choice, I like this beer”

Aakash chipped in “I can take the credit but I just picked the bottle that was in sight. Anyway a drink is a drink, as long as it serves its purpose”

Seema countered “That’s like saying any food is food as long as it fills your stomach”

Aakash thoughtfully replied “There is a difference, some foods make the palate happy, some don’t. However no alcohol makes the palate happy. They all taste bad”

Seema countered back “I’m lucky then, I like the taste and the purpose they serve”

Seema loosened up within a few sips. Being on an empty stomach gives a quick kick. “I must have seen you last in Samir’s 1st wedding 15 years back. I would have never recognised you”

Aakash “That’s okay; I don’t have as memorable a face as yours.” He observed that her slight unkempt hair suited her long face. Her high cheek bones lit up each time she smiled. Her nice long neck held a delicate coloured stone pendant. His eyes dropped slightly below to see one of her buttons open. While she had a wheatish complexion, the skin near her open button was fairer and commanded a relook.

Seema smiled. The delicate bracelet on her wrist dangled as she spoke “I have hardly met Samir’s friends. Samir was stricter then our dad. He refused to let me go out partying late. Meeting boys needed so much planning. I was actually happy when he moved to the hostel. I was a free bird then. I’ve had my fun”

Aakash nodded in agreement and added “Samir loves controlling. He never liked his girlfriend talking to his friends, let alone other boys!”

Seema spoke with a wicked smile “No wonder his 1st wife divorced him!”

Aakash not wanting to take this line of conversation ahead smoothly changed the subject “I’ll get two more beers. Then we’ll head towards boarding”

Seema observed Aakash as he walked away. He was tall and well dressed. He carried himself well and seemed to have a decent sense of humour

She was happy that she could get adventurous in her husband’s absence. She had already decided to have some fun in Goa. She was on a holiday alone after long and she wanted to do something wild. Anish, her husband, was nice but too much of a control freak. He reminded her of Samir. She had thought of finding someone on Tinder during this trip. Now she thought probably Aakash maybe the person she could have fun with.

Aakash returned and as he settled down he was distracted by cleavage. She was leaning ahead and that made the situation even more difficult.

Seema saw his eyes and decided to embarrass him “You can’t control your eyes can you!?”

Aakash frankly replied “When you see something beautiful, you tend to give it a second glance. In your case, they command a second glance”

Seema lightened the conversation with a naughty rebuke “No wonder you come to airports early”

Aakash “See my bad luck today, I came to airport early, found a sexy woman as a companion and she turned out to be a friend’s sister!”

Seema “She is your friend’s sister, not yours!”

Aakash “Yeah but Samir ain’t one to understand that”

Seema now a little tipsy “So, you ain’t going to talk to me at the wedding if Samir doesn’t approve?”

Aakash really had no answer; he finally replied “Well Samir invited us both so I guess he’ll be happy if his guests have a good time”

Seema “Yeah, so do a favour to your friend and have a good time with his guests”

Aakash “Well that sounds inviting. Now it’s time to board”

As they walked Seema saw a chocolate shop and entered it “Would you like some chocolate? I’d like to buy my favourite bitter chocolate. Anything you prefer”

Aakash with a wink “I prefer my chocolate coated on lady finger”

Seema naughtily smiled back “Okay, I think I’ll find one”

Aakash “Okay, I think I should also reciprocate. Let me also find something for you from there, pointing at a lingerie shop. Join me after you finish and we’ll pick up something”

Seema with a light smile “No, you pick up what you like”

Aakash “Okay, tell me your size then?”

Seema was surprised by his brazen suggestion but got a hold of herself “You’ve seeing them all along, you can guess the size?”

Aakash with mock innocence in his tone “I quite remember the best way to gauge a size of a fruit is to hold it in the palm”.

Seema suddenly embarrassed “I think let’s not play the guessing game, pick up a 36D”

Aakash heading away spoke up “Wow, so you ain’t padded”

Seema with mock irritation “Just finish buying, don’t we need to board"

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