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Trey was so fucking condescending when he said I could ‘go first’ on a date with Jenna – like he was going to ruin her for all other men or something. Ass. But at the end of the day, I get to go first so fuck him.

It’s our next weekend again, and I have been thinking about today nonstop since we set the date. Literally nonstop. Maybe I should ask for a fucking diary for Christmas. God! All the same, I’m anxious as I wait out front for Jenna to come out. I wanted to go to her door, but she was adamant about meeting me downstairs. I hope she stayed strong and didn’t let those overeager imbeciles back into her life.

When she comes out, she’s wearing overalls – not farmer overalls, but the kind I will envision her in with nothing underneath in my cold shower later tonight. Christ, there is an actual drop of drool on my shirt. She’s so beautiful. All her waves of blonde hair are somehow tied up loose on her head – I would love to undo that and watch her hair tumble down her back… Beautiful, cute, sexy. She smiles when she sees me. Wow. I’m going to end up jerking off in a fucking public toilet.

“Hi Mitchell!” Even standing on her tip toes, she can’t reach my cheek, so I lean down for the kiss she wants to give me. I’ll set myself on fire for a kiss if she asks me to. “You are the epitome of the classic dream – tall, dark and handsome.” Just like that, I feel like a million bucks and all the shitty things from the past few days are gone.

“Hello Jenna! You sure know how to make a man feel good about himself,” I offer her my arm and lead her to my Jeep. Once she’s in, I walk around and get in. “I hope you likes rides and greasy food – I was thinking we could spend the day at the carnival?” She squeals and claps her hands, so I take it as a yes.

The drive over goes way too fast, our conversation flowing easily. I now know that the big mouth of the foursome is her brother Jeff, and that it is just the two of them since their parents died in a car accident years ago.

“So your brother took over raising you then?” She nods. Well shit.

“Yes. He gave up college for me, put his life on hold so I didn’t end up in the system.” I have a whole new respect for Jeff and the other three – they’re still irritating as hell, but now I better understand where it’s coming from. “It was just the two of us for a few years, then RJ, Nick and Trev came on-scene. Things changed after that, and Jeff’s concern and worry turned into obsession and control.” She goes quiet, lost in her own thoughts.

“Enough about them! Today is about you and me! And elephant ears! And slushies! Don’t forget about those itty-bitty donuts…” By the time we’re parked and walking the grounds, we both already have food and drinks in hand. My girl likes her sweets.

My girl? Hmph.

I’m sure we eat at least one of everything, except the elephant ears. They’re her favourite and we have three. The sounds she makes when she eats, Christ. The only thing that kept me sane is knowing that she wasn’t just affecting me, which somehow made it easier. The man at the next table over lunch was clearly enjoying Jenna’s sound effects, but his date didn’t. I bet he goes home alone. All the while, Jenna has no idea.

“Oh Mitchell, I love these things so much. I’m going to be ten pounds heavier tomorrow, I swear! Totally worth it though,” we both laugh, and then she starts to lick her fingers. Thoroughly. Really, really thoroughly. There isn’t one grain of sugar left on those fingers, I’m sure. All I can see; all I can think of – is her mouth and her tongue working that magic on my cock.

When Jenna’s eyes meet mine, her face shifts and suddenly she is mirroring me. I see passion in her eyes, the flush in her chest, how she’s licking her lips. She’s not licking them anymore because of sugar. I need to look away, the temptation of… ‘her’ is so strong. But when her gaze flicks down to my obvious erection, and then she bites her bottom lip. Will power zero, Jenna one million.

“Jenna,” I growl. Holy shit, where did that voice come from. That was far scarier and more intense than it needed to be. I probably just scared the shit out of her. Awesome. Her eyes come back up and meet mine. The smile she has on her face should be illegal.

“I don’t fuck on the first date, Mitchell. So when are you free again?”

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