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I haven’t talked to Mitch since his date with Jenna yesterday. It’s better this way – if he got to see her naked, I’d have to beat him, which would ruin our date. All in all, better for everyone.

I’m waiting out front of her building, which is where she asked me to pick her up. Odd. Not like I haven’t been inside her place before. I really hope the Bumbling Idiots aren’t back.

When she exits, she takes my breath away. First off – I can’t believe how fucking stunning she is. Secondly, I can’t believe I used the words ‘takes my breath away’. Next, I’ll be writing poetry about the wind and grass. Jesus. She dressed how I requested, without knowing why. The jeans she has on shows off her amazing ass, and the long sleeve shirt is skin-tight. Really. Like another layer of skin. Barely there actually. Her breasts so close… Good thing I won’t be able to see her when I’m driving, or we’d end up in the ditch.

“Hey,” her voice is soft, as is the kiss I get. Her lips barely touch my cheek, but wow. If I were 14, I’d say something stupid like I’m never going to wash that spot again – good thing I’m an adult. “It should be illegal to look as good as you do, Trey.” Is she blushing? She’s adorable. Fuck, I’m going to be blue balling it all night.

“That’s funny, I was going to say that to you, lovely.” She’s blushing again. Damn that’s hot. I wonder if she does it when she’s aroused? I need to stop thinking along those lines, or I’m not going to be able to walk straight. My stupid dick is already straining against my zipper uncomfortable. Awesome. Hoping to distract her from my situation, I lead her to my bike and our ride for the day.

“Have you ever ridden on a motorcycle before, Jenna?” She shakes her head no. She looks apprehensive, maybe even scared. I take her chin gently in my fingers and tilt her head up so she’s looking at me. “I have a spare helmet and jacket for you. I’m a good driver and I promise to do everything I can to keep us safe. Will you come for a ride with me?” We can always take her car or a cab if she really hates the bike, but I’m hoping she’ll give it a chance. My bike is a big part of who I am.

“I trust you Trey.” It floors me how much it pleases me to hear her say that. Once she’s outfitted and ready to go, I get on the bike first. When she gets on, the feel of her arms wrapped around my waist is… well it is pretty fucking awesome. I’ve had women ride on my bike before, but this is different. Better. Why? I don’t know. It just is.

We ride for about a half hour, the noise making conversation impossible. We arrive at my favourite restaurant, and I’m thrilled when she’s excited about her experience on the ride up. I love riding a motorcycle – it is my therapy.

The meal is tasty, and we talk nonstop the entire time. About everything! Childhoods, friends, careers, dreams – and while I am now more tolerant of those Four Morons, I still don’t want to see them again anytime soon. We leave the restaurant, and then I ask her if she’s up for the next stop without telling her what it is. Turns out she doesn’t like being kept out of the loop – good to know. I’ll have to use that to my advantage in the future. Yes – future.

Back on the bike, the next location only takes about fifteen minutes. Not many people know about it – I haven’t even told Mitch. I turn off into a driveway that disappears into a field, as if it has no purpose. Being childhood friends with the landowner means I can come and visit whenever I want, which isn’t often. Usually only when things are really bad. Like when we have a death at work, six in my career to date. Six visits. When my Mom died of cancer – a visit. When I was drinking myself death and needed to figure my life out – a visit. When I got accepted as a firefighter – that was a visit too. A celebratory one. Positive or negative, this is where I come when I need a reboot.

I’ve never brought anyone here before. Never. Yet it was the second place I thought of after the restaurant, another personal secret – when I booked the date with Jenna. I wanted to share these things with her. Why? They’re part of who I am, I guess. I want her to know who I am. Trey Cole the man. Not just Trey Cole the firefighter.

That’s really important to me. With her. For some reason. What. The. Hell. Ugh!

I take her hand once we’re off the bike, and stomp down the tall grass the best I can as she follows me through the trees. Night is closing in fast, and my one flashlight isn’t doing much.

“Uh, Trey? Is this the part of the date where you leave my body in the woods?” She’s making a joke, but I can tell she’s nervous. Sometimes I’m pretty stupid. Well, a lot of times. First date – let’s take the girl out into the woods. That won’t scare her at all, I’m sure. Dumbass!

“I promise it’ll be worth it, just a little further,” I try to reassure her. Under the low hanging branch, through the mess of leaves and branches and… paradise. Jenna’s gasp of delight is all I need to hear to know I’ve hit a homerun.

It’s a pond, not much bigger than most peoples’ homes. The trees are extra thick around here, but the canopy is open up top, so you get this sunroof-type view of the stars. Because of the woods, the noise of mankind is blocked more so nature steps up instead. Crickets, birds and who the hell knows what else. It’s relaxing and pretty, that’s all I know.

“Trey,” her voice scarcely a whisper. “This is… heaven on Earth.” I take her hand and lead her to ‘my’ rock. I take my spot in front of it, using it to lean against. She sits down in front of me and leans her back against my chest. She smells so good, almonds and strawberries? I wrap my arms around her, and she closes her arms over mine. Perfect.

“It is heaven on Earth. My heaven anyways. This is where I come when things get to be too much, you know? Now it can be your place too if you want.” Jesus, I sound like Mitch. Blah blah blah, feelings.

“Trey? Have you ever brought anyone here before?” I tense. Smooth. No way she didn’t notice that.

“No, Jenna. I haven’t.” I want to be honest with her. About everything. Why? I’ve never wanted to before. I haven’t been a complete asshole with women, or a total liar – but this is volunteering information. I definitely don’t do that. Exposing myself. And not in the fun way.

Jenna pulls out of my embrace, which I don’t like. She turns to face me and gives me a gentle kiss. That I really do like.

“Thank you for trusting me.” I’m in serious trouble with this one.

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