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She finally conceded and let me toss the salad. She’s cooking dinner for me, on what is technically our third date. How many dates is becoming less and less important to me, the more important she is becoming to me. Every minute we spend together, I want another minute. When she’s near me, I want to touch her – hold her hand, caress her cheek, kiss her lips. When she’s out of reach, I make do with memorizing every inch of her. When she’s away or we’re on shift, I feel sorry for myself and wonder if she’s thinking of me.

I’m falling in love with her.

Or turning into a thirteen-year-old girl. One or other. And it feels incredible. Also terrifying. Mostly incredible. Jesus! I also now know why she didn’t want me to come up the other night. Jenna is being a bad girl and breaking her condo’s rules of no pets. She recently found a kitten behind her car and brought it home. ‘Puddin’ is currently sleeping on the rug in the livingroom.

“I am not a great cook, so I hope you like it.” The platter she puts on the table has grilled corn on the cob, potatoes, and souvlaki sticks. Fantastic! “These are chicken, these are pork. This is ranch, yogurt and garlic if you want a dip or spread.” With my perfectly tossed salad, it is a delicious meal. As always, our conversation flows easily.

“So I kind of tried something new for dessert, and I think they’re okay. The samples tasted good,” she smiles. I’m guessing there was a lot of sampling. “I just need to make my magic, but you can’t look! I want to surprise you!” If only she knew there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her. I promptly close my eyes, and in all the clanging and banging I’m fairly sure I hear the table get cleared. Damnit, I should have done that. Something smelling of cinnamon comes out of the oven. I hear her gasp, but she reassures me she only burned her tongue in her haste to sample again. Now I’m really anxious to see what she’s made! A few more minutes, and I hear a plate set down in front of me.

“Ta-da!” When I’m allowed to open my eyes, I’m in awe. She’s made her own version of elephant ears – that’s what was cinnamon in the oven. But she didn’t stop there. Christ, she’s been paying attention. Our first date at the carnival, we got ice cream. She remembered my flavours, because there is a scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip and Black Forest on top of my elephant ear. I had told her I never got sundaes because while I like whipped cream, I don’t like it mixed with my ice cream. It’s an odd neurosis I’ve had since my childhood, and I’ve never outgrown it. There’s whipped cream on my plate, but it’s in a pretty twirl – on the side. There are chocolate sprinkles – not the multicoloured ones, also something I had ordered that day. She even remembered the cherry. Holy shit.

I don’t know what to say. The amount of effort she went through - no one has ever done anything like this for me before. Ever. Christ, there are tears in my eyes. Must be smoke from the oven. Because that is something that often bothers a firefighter.

“Mitchell? What’s wrong? You don’t like it?” Shit, no hiding. When my glassy eyes meet hers, she can clearly see that nothing is wrong. She takes her seat and gives me the sweetest smile. When I’m able, I ask her what flavour of ice cream she has, trying to remember the carnival. “You tell me,” she smirks. She holds her hands in front of her dish so I can’t cheat, but I don’t need a visual cue in front of me to remember. I close my eyes to think back, not that it’s hard. Thoughts of her are all I have these days. Jenna’s tongue licking the ice cream off her lips… off the cone… Oh yeah… I remember.

“You are the most boring person alive. Vanilla and Strawberry.” Going by the flash of annoyance she gives me, I nailed it. She goes to move her hands back and that’s when I notice the burn. “Jenna – what happened?” She tries to hide it. Not happening. “Jenna.” I don’t want to be one of those authoritative dicks in her life, but if she needs help now is not the time to be too proud to accept it. Pouting, she sticks her hand out to me. The burn is about three inches long, mid-thumb and then leading up her arm. It’s not severe but still needs to be treated. Jesus, woman!

“The pan started to slide, and I pushed it back. Smart, huh?” She has the decency to be bashful, which only makes her more endearing. Goddamnit.

“Where’s your have a first aid kit?” I retrieve it and set to work. Her eyes watch my face, rather than what I’m doing. “Why didn’t you tell me, Jenna?” I’m doing my best to not sound patronizing, I know how well that works for her brother.

“I didn’t want to ruin our night,” to which I give her a look which I hope conveys she’s being ridiculous. “I also didn’t want you to turn caveman on me,” her voice almost a whisper. Ah. That really is a bone of contention for her. I’m glad I didn’t freak out on her. I wrap her hand for overnight and give it a gentle kiss.

“Thank you, Mitchell.” I keep my hands to myself when I see the look in her eyes – barely. But when she kisses me – I’m lost. Dessert is forgotten when she straddles herself across my lap. I slide my hands up her shirt and caress her breast. She breaks our kiss to pull her shirt over her head, then pull off her bra. Christ, her breasts are incredible. Each fills my palm generously, the nipples resting against my thumbs perfectly. She leans back as I flick, caress and tease her. “Mitchell…” Her hands are gripping my shoulders as she grinds her core against my now painful erection. I know I’m going to be making a quick showing tonight – what every man strives for the first time with a woman. Awesome. But even now I’m fighting to keep control, forcing thoughts of Trey in a dress through my head to slow myself down.

Putting my arms under her perfect in my opinion ass, I stand us up. I want to take her to her bedroom, but I also don’t want to force her, or make her feel pressured.

“Take me to bed, fireman.” Clear instructions I can definitely get behind. That is where I take us directly and lay her down on her back. I undo her pants, then slide them and her panties off. Dear God, that is a pretty sight. “Mitchell, I’m so wet…” she whispers as she trails her fingers between her thighs. Fuck! Trey in a dress. Trey in a dress. Trey in a dress.

I know where I’m starting. Leaning in close, I blow a soft breath of cool air against her throbbing clit. It’s already standing tall, begging for attention. Her moan tells me she likes it, but it isn’t enough. Of course it isn’t. I flick my tongue against her nub ever so lightly. She nearly kicks me off the bed in response. It seems she’s as close to the edge as I am. Unlike me, she can go multiple times and that is my goal. Let’s get started…

She clearly liked the soft touch, but her appreciative groan when I aggressively start sucking her clit tells me this is good too. That’s good because I could do this all day.

“Oh Christ, Mitchell!” Hearing her scream my name as she comes, at the same time seeing those amazing vaginal muscles clenching is too much. There are so many more things I want to do, not just to her but with her – but they’re going to have to wait because I can’t. I undress quickly and put on a condom I pull out of my pocket. I position myself over her but pause at her opening. This is always an important moment with a partner, consent being vital. But with Jenna, this feels… more. More important. More… just more. I look to her eyes.

“Make love to me, Mitchell,” she whispers, spreading her legs even wider. Her gaze goes down and watches me enter her, biting her bottom lip the entire time. It is so hot I have to again fight for control. I want to plunge myself into her, but past experience has taught me that my length can be a challenge, so patience is the key. I’m especially worried because she’s so damn tiny. Inch by inch, with pauses to allow her body to adjust, she eventually takes me in. All of me. I would swear her body was designed as a match for mine, we’re such a perfect fit. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good before in my life before. God.

Jenna wraps her legs around my waist and starts thrusting her hips against mine. She’s still hungry – my bad. I can’t leave her wanting. Leaning on one elbow, despite the difficulty of our movement, my fingers reach between us and I again find her clit. A couple of caresses, a gentle pinch and I can feel Jenna clench down on my dick as she orgasms. It’s the final incentive I need, and I’m fairly sure the neighbours hear me shout her name when I come. If Jenna is beautiful normally, Jenna as she orgasms is beyond description. Her skin breaks out in gooseflesh, her nipples pebble and that plump bottom lip of hers trembles. That’s just what I can see from my position right now – Christ. I can’t wait to see more.

Maybe over the next sixty years or so.

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