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“You’ve done all of this work yourself?” Jenna seems impressed as I give her a tour of my reno house. No one has ever been here, other than Mitch. I’ve never wanted anyone else here. Until her.

“Yeah, on days off. Mitch has helped a lot, I have to give a brother his due,” I laugh. We’d spent the afternoon at her place, replacing a toilet. I noticed right away that it was continually running. When I asked her about it, she said if you close the door it isn’t as annoying. Jesus. So that got fixed today. I also had the unfortunate luck of meeting ‘Puddin’, the reason I wasn’t allowed up the last time. Little shit clawed her way up my leg and clung there the entire time. Tiny little needles – that’s what those claws felt like. I am not an animal person, but for some reason, they fucking love me. Figures.

“You should be proud of yourself Trey. Truly. This is such an amazing accomplishment.” Looking at the house through her eyes, it really is. When I first bought it, there was graffiti everywhere and the remains of an indoor campfire in the living room. Now everything has a new layer of white plaster and all of the millwork, baseboards and trim is stained and installed. The toilets are new, and there are temporary sinks for handwashing installed. My bathroom has the only shower in the place – for now. The rest will come in time. The dining and living rooms are currently covered in lengths of bannisters and spokes, ready for new stain.

“Thanks, that means a lot.” Coming from you. Uh…. “I’m going to start a fire,” I tell her, heading toward the backyard.

“What the hell did you just say?” Her steps are short but fast. I realize what I said, and likely how it was perceived. ‘Firefighter Turns Pyro’ – happens more often than you’d think.

“Firepit – are you game for a weenie roast? Smores?” Reassured I wasn’t going to burn the neighbourhood down, Jenna is now excited about my plan. I grab the basket of items I’d already gathered, and we head outside. The fire doesn’t take long to be big enough for us to cook on, so we each load up a stick and get started. Jenna’s wiener lasts about thirteen seconds before it falls off, lost forever. I laugh, thinking its no big deal. Her facial expression tells me apparently it is a big deal which only makes me laugh harder.

She doesn’t get mad, which should be my first clue something is up. Jenna comes over to me and leans down. Her lips stop just short of touching mine, then I feel her tongue lick my lip. Christ, images of that tongue working that magic on my cock come to mind… Fuck supper, I know what I want instead. I place my hands on her hips, preparing to pull her down onto my lap. That’s when I realize both of my hands are empty. I was just holding a wiener stick in my hand.

“You’re so easy, Trey,” she smirks as she saunters back to her chair. No, she sashays. I don’t know what to call it, except that beautiful ass of her’s is swaying back and forth. She’s holding my wiener stick. She distracted me and stole it. Son of a bitch, she’s good. I can’t even pretend to be annoyed, because she starts to eat the hot dog like it is the best thing she has ever put in her mouth. Oh God, I hope – no, I pray, that tonight is our night. There are so many things we have shared through stories and spending time together, and it has been the best time of my life. But I’m also desperate to touch her. Feel her hands on me. Christ, I want to taste her. I’m so lost in thought, I’m not even aware she’s moved until she’s standing in front of me.

“Trey, have you ever made love to someone on your bike?” No. I haven’t. She’s encroaching on every aspect of my life, and I like it. For the first time in life, I want it. I welcome it. And it fucking sucks ass. I indicate no, then take her proffered hand. She leads us into the garage, where the former love of my life sits. “Love me like you want to, Trey.” Sweet Jesus, I’ve never heard better words in my life. I start with a kiss, not something I normally do. Kissing requires intimacy, a connection. With Jenna, I want that connection. Need it.

“Undress for me, Jenna,” I order. I’m taking a chance. I know she doesn’t like being told what to do. I pray my gamble works out, because having a partner who is willing to take orders in the bedroom is a big deal for me. I’m not cruel, her pleasure and safety are always my priority – but watching her undress after I tell her to? Mind-blowing. The fact that she is enjoying herself and torturing me in the process only makes it better.

Her breasts are everything I’d imagined, and more. Watching them move as she dances her strip tease is killing me, I want them in my mouth now. I move towards her, and she skirts away. The more pissed off I pretend to be, the giddier she gets.

“I’ll chase you until I drop dead, Jenna, if it gets me between your legs,” I growl. She bites her bottom lip, then pulls down her shorts and panties. Leaning against my bike, she places one of her feet on the sidebar, spreading her legs. I can see the moisture on her thighs, fuck she’s wet.

“Do you mean these legs, Trey?” She moans, as she starts to caress herself. Jenna, naked and pleasuring herself, against my bike. Jesus Christ. This is beyond the hottest porn I have ever seen. How far is she willing to go?

“Do you want me to touch you Jenna? Do you want me to suck your nipples? Hmmm?” Her breathing is getting faster, as is the pace of her fingers between her legs. This is harder than I thought. I keep a few feet back, not trusting myself to get any closer. Yet.

“Do you want my tongue between your legs? Hmmm?” She’s moaning now, and I’m stroking myself over my pants. Christ. “My tongue on your clit Jenna? You remember how good my tongue is, don’t you?” I know she does, her groans louder. “My cock buried in you. Stretching you. Filling you.” I’m going to talk myself into an orgasm, but thankfully she goes first. As soon as it hits, I dive in. With each clench of her vaginal muscles, I slide my fingers in. My mouth and tongue are on her clit, just like I promised her. Or me. Win-win.

Her hands are in my hair, and she’s already trembling with another orgasm. Holy shit, she’s either super horny or really into me. Hopefully, the latter. Her moisture is dripping down my hand, and I need more. I stand back up, and she pushes my shirt up for me to take it off. Gone. Her tiny fingers eagerly undo my pants, then slide inside to wrap themselves around my cock. Good God. With heat in her eyes, she pulls down my pants and boxers, then settles on her knees in front of me. I don’t know if this is a good idea, I’m afraid I won’t last – but when she wraps her mouth and hands around my dick. Everything else disappears. I’m thick, so she has trouble wrapping her mouth all the way around comfortably, then taking me deep. What she can’t do with mouth, she makes up for with her hands. Watching her head bobbing is enough to send me flying, but for our first time I want to come inside her. I ease away, and she breaks the seal with a loud pop.

I grab a condom out of my pants pocket, then take the backseat on my bike. Looking at Jenna, I hand her the condom. With a sexy smile, she opens the packet and puts it on me. Her touch is one thing, but her concentration and focus on my cock is insanely erotic. I put my hand behind her neck, and pull her in for a passionate kiss, her hands still on my cock.

“Jenna…” Yeah, that was me begging. Not sexy. Not cool. Not manly. But accurate. I’m running out of time and I don’t want to blow my load like this. I have to help her, but Jenna straddles across my lap on the bike. Her eyes lock onto mine, then she plunges herself down on me, taking me in entirely. It’s my groan that first echoes in the garage, but there after its skin slapping and heavy breathing. Using my leg as a brace so we don’t fall over, I give Jenna full control. I have one hand on her hip, so she doesn’t thrust herself right onto the floor, and the other on her breast.

She gives me a new set of scratches, which I love. Then for the first time in my experience, my lover bit me. She fucking bit me. I can feel her muscles grab me, so I know her orgasm is imminent. When it does hit, every muscle in her body constricts. I am almost there, so I keep pounding when she clamps down on my shoulder. She doesn’t break the skin; it isn’t even all that painful, just… animalistic. Primitive. Hot. Her teeth are still on me when I explode inside her, which makes my orgasm feel even stronger. Shit. If sex is like this with her every time, I’ll be dead in five years of a heart attack. I’m okay with that.

“I’m sorry I bit you,” she whispers. I tilt her face, so she is looking at me. I doubt she is confused by the smile on my face.

“My love, that was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. Don’t apologize.” It’s the truth.

And that’s what scares me.

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