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“Don’t you fucking die, you son of a bitch!” Trey? What does he mean die? Why won’t he answer my questions? The heat of the fire is familiar, but really close. Why am I still here? We should be gone by now. This isn’t safe. I can hear a firefighter’s mobility alarm going off – they need help! Oh shit… I think it’s my alarm. What the fuck? There is so much noise, sound coming from everywhere. I can hear Trey, but I can’t see him. That is so weird. Did the lights go out? My entire body is screaming – there is pain everywhere.

“Mitch! Stay with me! If you die, I die!” Die? He can’t die. Jenna needs him. Jenna. Sweet Jenna. I love her. Trey loves her. We both love her. We should have both loved her together. I’m so stupid. But he doesn’t have to be.

“Trey… get out… please man… go…” My voice is so quiet, I worry he doesn’t hear me. I know I’m losing consciousness, and I welcome the darkness. So much pain. If the black means death, I’ll go now if it means Trey will get his ass to safety. I need him to live.

“Please Trey… go… love Jenna for both of us…”

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