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I haven’t heard from either Mitch or Trey in almost two weeks. Not a text or a call. Nothing. I guess I have my answer. Knowing I did the right thing by them and their relationship doesn’t make it hurt any less. I’m fucking devastated. I’m in love with both of them, and now I have no one again. Except Jeff and the other three. Lucky me. I’m going to be single and celibate for the rest of my life.

When I didn’t show up in New York, Tyler was forgiving. He’s content keeping our relationship to casual visits for sex, but my heart isn’t in it anymore. He lets me off the hook easily, and I’m confident he’ll have someone else in his bed before dark. My flight attendant/saviour Jen is based out of New York, so I’ll still have visits with her to look forward to every time I’m there and if she’s in town.

On the plus side, all this free time has allowed me to concentrate more on work. My reading has increased, and my boss is impressed. Yay me. Being lonely and horny increases my productivity. I will likely own the fucking company inside a year. I followed through on my promise to God and submitted a short story of my own to my editor. She didn’t like my initial submission but has since asked to see more. Holy shit.

Leaving my phone inside, I head out to the picnic area outside my building. I don’t want to be disturbed, I just want to lose myself in some music and absorb some sunrays. Cranking the volume on my iPod as loud as I can handle it, I stretch out on a blanket in my bikini and close my eyes. The sun feels amazing, and it isn’t long before its’ heat is making me sleepy. Even the painful thoughts of the past few months evaporate in the heat as it absorbs into my muscles, easing the ache. If only life could be this peaceful all of the time…

When someone stands over me, casting a shadow, my first reaction is to start crying. What is wrong with me?! Crying?! Seriously? Get it together! That vulnerability makes me angry with myself, so therefore, angry with whoever is crowding my space.

“You’re in my light. Fuck off.” Hope it isn’t Ed McMahon with my big cheque. I don’t feel like being nice.

“I kind of thought I might get a hug or maybe a kiss – a smile for sure,” the voice quips. It can’t be possible. I know that voice. I’m frozen for a moment, not believing my ears. Is it possible? “Jenna?” Oh God, I know that voice for sure… my name on his tongue – I’d recognize it anywhere. Scrambling to my feet, I shade my eyes with my hand to ensure I see his face clearly.


I can’t see him clearly anymore because the tears are falling freely now from my eyes. He’s so beautiful! Mitchell. Out of the hospital, on his own two feet. Mitchell. Without a thought, I throw myself into his embrace and sob. Out of relief. Out of joy. His arms wrap around me, and he holds me while I lose my shit. But then I suddenly remember his injuries – Christ, I could be hurting him! I quickly pull away, concerned.

“Mitchell! Oh God! I’m so sorry! Did I hurt you?” I see now he has a walking cast on, and his arm is wrapped but mobile. His face… my beautiful Mitchell’s face. Only by making a point to see his burns do I see them because I see ‘Mitchell’ when I look at him – nothing else. But it is clear he has been burned, and I imagine not everyone in the public will be as kind in the future. I don’t care. He’s beautiful. Mitchell. My Mitchell. My Mitchell?

“I’m okay Jenna. Or I will be with time. Honest.” He pulls me back into his arms, which is where I want to be. He smells the same. He feels the same. I feel the same in his arms. My body is definitely feeling the same. Reacting the same. I’ve missed him. A lot. I never want to let him go again.

We go inside so he can sit down comfortably, and I get him a cool drink. I can’t stop touching him or looking at him. He’s my miracle and I’m so grateful that he is alive and here with me. Even if this is our goodbye, he’s alive and that’s all I could ever ask for. Just as I sit down beside him, my door buzzer goes off, and Mitchell only smirks. Hmmmm. I’m not surprised when it turns out to be Trey, who I let in. They’re up to something since both knows the other is going to be here.

I’m trying to remain calm, but it’s getting difficult.

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