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“I think we’re worth it too,” she whispers. Her tears have stopped, and her smile is ear to ear. Thank Christ! All three of us stand up, hugging one another happily. When she turns to me and I take her in my arms, I’m not able to stop at a hug. The familiar taste of her as my lips crash onto hers is like an electric shock to my already hard dick. Fuck, I have missed her so much.

Her lips part eagerly so my tongue can enter her mouth, and she greedily takes as much as she gives. Her confidence when it comes to her body and sex is such a huge turn-on. I’ve been with many women insecure about their bodies for one reason or another, which is sad. While I have always preferred a certain type of woman, all women are amazing, and I wish they knew that. My type does not normally include blondes like Jenna – yet here we are. And if I’m not buried in her very soon, my blue balls are going to be the fucking death of me. She breaks our kiss and turns to Mitch.

“Mitchell, are you sure this is safe? Beyond your arm and leg? I don’t want you to get hurt…” I’m fairly sure stopping at this point would hurt Mitch more, but I say nothing. No way he isn’t as worked up as I am.

“I’m okay sweetheart. I just might tire quicker…” Mitch jokes.

“That’s ok Mitchell,” Jenna says as she pulls her bikini top off. Mitchell and I don’t move, both of us captivated. “You get to be on the bottom then. Trey and I will do the heavy work.” Jesus. Christ. Just like that none of us can get naked fast enough.

She takes one of each of our hands and leads us to her bedroom. Mitch and I follow, naked with our cocks bobbing along in front of us. Once we’re near the bed, she pushes Mitch down onto it, so he’s laying on his back. Take charge kind of girl. Sexy. He positions himself to one side, and Jenna crawls onto the bed beside him. Mitch immediately rolls over and puts his mouth on one of her nipples, his hand on the other. Jenna’s eyes close as she moans in approval. Holy shit. I’ve had the privilege of being with this incredible woman before, but seeing her here now, with Mitch – it is a game changer. It is different. Better. Hotter. I don’t feel jealous. I feel… I don’t know. Mitch and I are part of a team – to make every intimate time with Jenna the best of her life. I fucking love it.

She’s rubbing her legs together, trying to relieve the pressure Mitch is building there. I wouldn’t be a team player if I didn’t step up and help. Mitch watches me as I run my hands up her legs, then part them at the knees. So pretty. Christ. Swollen, pink folds glisten with the moisture that is literally dripping onto the bedspread. Jenna is now watching me as I look at her, unable to tear my eyes away.

“Christ, Mitch. She’s so wet,” and I’m panting like a dog from the sounds of it. As my fingers swirl around, teasing and coaxing her clit, Jenna is no longer able to keep her eyes open. Her moans are mixed with words, some understandable and some not. Most involve God and his son. Her vaginal muscles are clenching down, seeking relief and finding none. I look at Mitch and as he moves back to kiss her, I move my mouth to clit. Her response is immediate, as is her orgasm.

Neither of us stop what we’re doing, even as Jenna’s body continues to ride the wave. Mitch kisses her, with his hand on her breasts. With my tongue pushing on her clit, I slide my fingers into her in the same rhythm she’s already on. I curl my fingers at the end and seek the rough patch inside which tells me I’ve hit the spot to send her head spiralling, and it doesn’t take long before Jenna is screaming in Mitch’s mouth a second time.

I ease my fingers out and lift Jenna off the bed, allowing Mitch to lay more centered and on his back. Once he’s in position, I lay Jenna back down. I grab condoms out of her nightstand and give one to Mitch. Jenna helps him put it on, then eases herself onto him. Holy shit I never thought that could be so amazing to watch. As she starts to ride him, she leans forward so her breast falls right into his mouth. Christ he’s a lucky son of a bitch. I want bottom next time. Jenna continues to lean forward, using the headboard to brace herself.

“Oh God, yes… please Trey, I need both of you…” Yes, she does. I put my condom on, and crawl onto the bed behind her. With some of her moisture as a lubricant, I use my finger to circle her anus. The tiny pink bud takes my finger greedily. Jesus. She’s ready and I’m about to explode.

With my finger out, I position my cock at her second entrance. The first part is the hardest, and with someone my size versus someone Jenna’s size, today is no exception. Oh sweet Jesus though, once you’re in… I’m sure my eyes are crossed at this point. I ease in slowly, careful to not hurt her. She’s so tight, and I can feel Mitch through the thin wall in her body that divides us. It’s weird but not in a bad way. Then he and I start moving in and out of her, but in a see-saw motion. The friction we cause each other is insane and given the screams Jenna is making – it’s good for her too.

“Come for us Jenna…” I order her. I’m hanging on by a thread, but I want her to come again. Mitch is breathing heavy too, so I imagine he’s also in trouble. Then she does it. Goddamn she’s good.

“You first, my loves,” she groans as she clamps down all of her muscles on both of our dicks. I can’t even think straight as my orgasm wipes out everything else in the world. It makes me freeze deep inside her, and I know my grip on her hips is going to leave marks. Especially after I feel her come, our orgasms being the final catalyst she needed. Holy shit.

And we’re just getting started.

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