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The Captain’s voice on the radio interrupts their bonding moment and saves their asses. I didn’t even realize I had taken a step towards them, but I am ready to start knocking heads. Which is asinine! Why on earth do I feel so strongly about them? The fact that they’re all still touching her is pissing me off royal. Also, stupid. Doesn’t change the facts.

She must have heard the radio too because she pushes her way out of the Four Soon-To-Be-Headless Jackasses’ embrace and comes over to me. All four of them stare at me intently, not missing a beat. I think glare would be more accurate. I can’t help but gloat a little. Ok. A lot. Kiss my ass pricks.

That amazing smile is back on her face as she approaches me, and I notice her bottom lip is plumper than her top one. Christ. Visions of those lips wrapped around my cock start floating in my mind, and I must cough to cover up the fucking growling noise I make. The look Mitch gives me tells me he is very aware of what is going on.

“Thank you,” she says as she wraps her arms around my waist. Jesus Christ. There is no way she doesn’t feel my boner. I’m getting fired for sexual harassment or something – no doubt about it. But she doesn’t let on at all, the only clue being the twinkle in her eye as she pulls away. Goddamn. The Four Horrors are not trying to hide their displeasure with me at all. I’m surprised they ‘let’ her live on her own, from the looks of things.

She turns to Mitch, removing his jacket. When they see what she’s wearing, or not wearing – the Four Gospels start freaking out. You’d think she was naked for Christ’s sake. I keep myself from laughing out loud, but I can’t keep the smirk off my face. If she gives me the word, I’ll be happy to start smacking them around. It’d be fun.

One of them pulls the fucking shirt off his body and starts shoving it on over her head. She does not appreciate this it would seem, based on the language that is coming out from underneath the shirt she’s resisting. I swear it is like she has eight arms, and it takes all four of them to get the damn shirt on her. If she was mad before, she is fucking furious now.

“Oh. My. God! You did not just fucking dress me!” Anger on her face, anger on theirs. “Don’t you fuckers move,” she says, pointing at each one of them. She turns back to Mitch with a smile and hugs him too. What the hell? I can’t hear what she says to him, but his smile is fucking ridiculous. He looks like a goddamn clown. Asshole.

Turning back to the Four Not-So-Ninja Turtles, she stomps off towards the building with them in tow. The shirt she has on is almost as long as her pajamas, and it only emphasizes how petite she is. As I watch her go back inside with those four idiots following her, I notice I’m not the only one watching her. Several of my fellow firefighters are checking her out too. I can’t blame them – she’s fucking gorgeous. And the fact that she is verbally reaming out four much larger men gives a brief glimpse into what I believe to be a strong, witty personality.

I’ll be seeing her again.

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