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Our forty-eight hours on are ridiculously busy, so Trey and I don’t have the chance to talk. Probably for the best since I’m quite sure he’s going to end up punching me in the face at some point. He’s used to me conceding to him – it just makes life easier. For the most part, it’s little things anyways. Unfortunately for him, this time I won’t be backing down.

With beer in hand, I show up on our first day off at his reno project. In the short time since I was last here, he’s gotten a lot done.

“Jesus man, you get any sleep?” His eyes are angry as I ask my question. I hand him a beer; “seriously, what the hell?”

“Fuck you Mitch. I’ve had some… extra frustration to work off,” he snaps at me. I start to laugh until he drinks his beer in one go. Shit. This is beyond anger. I’ve become familiar. I hand him another beer, then tap the necks, as if in toast.

“Welcome to the club, brother.” He’s been working on the house, I’ve been writing. Ever since I met ‘her’, all kinds of ideas have been coming to me. I haven’t written since high school, so re-discovering this aspect of myself has been great. I love this feeling of being inspired. I’m also equally as convinced it’s all garbage – but that’s okay. My writing says everything I can’t express out loud, so no one has ever read it. Good or bad is irrelevant.

“This is fucked up man. I don’t trip out over women, and I sure as fuck don’t compete with my best friend for them.” Straight to the heart of the problem, that’s Trey. Blunt as hell, he doesn’t have patience for niceties and too bad for your feelings if you don’t like it. I’ve backed him up in more than a few fights, because of his attitude and mouth.

“How is it possible for her to – I don’t know? Have this affect on us in such a short period of time? It makes no sense, Trey.” It really doesn’t. None of it does. What I do know is that when she hugged me, she felt my erection – it was impossible to hide. I never told Trey what she whispered in my ear that night, and I never will. It’s my memory, our moment. And I’ve lost count how many times I’ve jerked off, thinking about it. Her voice was fucking insane, so sensual, her breath against my ear.

“Thank you for your service and attention.”

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