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Turns out Tyler is a corporate lawyer of some kind, based out of New York. I never did check into my hotel, spending the two nights I was in town at his apartment. When we had returned to our seats, neither of us had been fully satisfied. He didn’t invite me, nor did I agree – it just happened. I got into a cab with him, no one saying a word. The entire ride to his place was in total silence. The cabbie unloaded my luggage at his place along with his, and neither of us protested. The doorman assisted with the bags, surreptitiously looking at me several times. If I were a betting woman, I would say Tyler doesn’t have women over often. Or at least they don’t stay long.

The three of us boarded the elevator, Tyler and the doorman exchanging small talk about his trip. Up until the moment we reach his front door, since the lavatory, we haven’t touched again. Not once. The air is positively electric with the tension surrounding us, and goddamn if a brief flicker of two firemen don’t flash through my thoughts. That only makes me hornier, and I have my shirt over my head before Tyler sees the doorman out.

My bra is hitting the floor as Tyler turns back to me. In the blink of an eye, his lips crush mine at the same time both of his hands start caressing my breasts. “You’d better have fucking condoms, Tyler,” I mumble against his mouth. I don’t want to do it halfway this time, I want him inside me.

With eyes heavy with desire, and a bulge in his pants I can’t wait to taste again, Tyler leads me down a hallway. We end up in what I’m assuming in his bedroom, but we continue to the bathroom. In a move that takes my breath away, he pulls me into his arms again and resumes his passionate kiss. His hands are on my hips, then one reaches behind and undoes my skirt. He breaks our kiss and gets on his knees in front of me. Once he slides my skirt down, I step out of it and he slides it away. Tyler looks up at me, standing completely naked in front of him. The longer he looks, the hotter I get. When I squeeze my thighs together in a ridiculous attempt to relieve my own pressure, Tyler’s gaze turns to the very spot I need the relief. Jesus, it is almost painful how much I need him to touch me.

“Christ Jenna,” I almost can’t hear him, his voice is so haggard. Fuck. “I can see how wet you are. Spread these for me beautiful.” With his hands guiding me, he eases my thighs apart slightly. Yes Tyler. Do it. Fucking touch me. I hear his breathing change as his fingers begin to slide in my wetness, all the way to the back then to the front. Back and forth, then around and around my clit. Oh God. He is so good at this. “I need to taste you Jenna. I never want to forget how fucking amazing your pussy tastes,” his last words almost lost as he is buried between my legs.

I wrap both of my hands around his head to help myself balance. He has one arm around my waist, the other hand he’s using to furiously finger fuck me. His tongue is working miracles on my clit, and when my orgasm hits absolutely every muscle in my body fails. All energy is directed to one sensation, so apparently there’s none left for anything else and my legs give out. Tyler holds me, his fingers still in me, as my shudders fade out.

It was only after I give him a blow job and he eats me out to orgasm two more times in the shower, did we finally make it to his bed and actually have ‘sex’. I could feel that he was already hard for me when he wrapped his arms around me from behind – the towels providing little coverage. As he opened my towel and let it drop to the floor, I wrapped my arms up around his neck. Our height disparity probably made it uncomfortable for him, but he didn’t complain. No shit. I turned around and up as he leaned down so our lips could meet, hard and insistent immediately. One of his hands is stretched between my breasts, brushing both nipples at once. Christ, he’s already making me insane. His other hand slides down my stomach right between my legs, his fingers not stopping until they’re sliding into me. He curls his fingers with each thrust, and when his thumb flicks my clit – Goddamnit I’m toppling again. Tyler knows how to work a woman’s body, that’s for damn sure.

“Hands and knees, beautiful.” Fuck yeah. He has the condom on in the same amount of time it takes me to get into position on the bed. He’s obviously just as eager as I am. He positions himself at my entrance and holds there. “Jenna?” He asks, wanting to confirm permission.

“Fuck me Tyler,” is what I manage to say as I plunge back, impaling myself onto him. He’s so shocked that at first, he doesn’t move, but it is only a few seconds before he’s back in control. One hand at a time, I change my position so I’m hanging onto his headboard instead. This changes the angle of my pelvis, and now he’s going even deeper. I’m not sure who’s groaning louder, but when he places his fingers on my clit, I know I’m the first to come again. He isn’t far behind, and I imagine I’ll hear him scream my name in my dreams for a long time to come. What an amazing fucking two days.

Or should I say, what an amazing two days fucking.

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