Taboo Desire

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Everyone knew Mary was a little out there. Living on that ranch out of town surrounded by all those men, surely something was going on that any good Christian wouldn't be anywhere near. But just how far out there was she?

Erotica / Romance
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New start, new me.

It had been a over a decade since I had been back in this cow poke, conservative state. I left for good reason, thought I was too hot shit for the judgy smallness of religious zealots. But after my divorce, I didn't know where else to go. I had searched high and low all across the great state of Utah and finally settled on a decent sized spread in Ridgeville. Surrounded by mountains, forests, empty pastures and lastly a beautifully lazy river just begging for toes to be dipped in.

No kids, no real job experience. Basically I looked like crap on paper, but I used to be a pretty good housewife. That is if you don't count Carmen (who did all the cleaning). It was pure luck I found a posting about a ranch wanting to sell some of the land, it even had a cute little cabin on it; the cabin needed some updating but I've never shied away from a challenge. With the divorce proceedings I got half of his money, that's what cheating gets you. Finally caught the slimeball on camera with his perky little secretary.

I look at the time and scoff at how long I've been packing up my things. I'm not taling much, only what I can't bear to leave. Tomorrow morning I head out into the great unknown. Finally making my dreams come true! I can't wait to have my own piece of land to garden, like an honest to goodness garden to feed myself from. Jeremy always said eating your own food was for poor people, well off folks like us would never dream of sticking their 200$ manicures into dirt.

Finally the last box is packed and loaded, the wine bottle empty. I guess I should head off to bed. 6 am comes mighty early when you are trying to scoot out of dodge. I take one last walk around the gloriously perfect mansion. Why did we ever need 8 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms? Jeremy never wanted kids. He said "they are too messy, loud, and require too much of my precious time". He wouldn't even allow a pet to marr these marble floors.

I walked past the music room, sweeping my fingers across the keys I had spent so much time bringing to life. I would miss this cozy room, the joy the music had brought me. When I get settled I will definitely keep an eye out for one. Slowly I drag myself up the fluffy white stairs, I'll be glad to never have to hike these again. Out of the corner of my eye I spot the soaking tub, and think of the million bubbles it can hold. Too much for one person to enjoy, same as this huge bed I've grown accustomed to sleeping in alone. I threw off the decorative pillows haphazardly across the floor and threw myself on its sinking comfort. I let myself gently muse of the things to come, my new life and my brand new start. I'm finally going to find my niche in the world.

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