Lustful Nights

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A collection of erotic one-shots. View discretion is advised. Stories contain sexual content and strong language. 18+

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My first encounter with the love of my life

His green eyes pierced me as my breath caught in my throat and he extended his hand to me.

“Hello, I’m Shawn,” he says. His voice is like music to my ears. I grab his hand squeezing softly as I try to shake my nerves.

“I’m Jaz,” I say doing my best not to stare too long at his gorgeous face.

Shawn. He’s about average height and build although I can see his abs through his shirt. His smile is bright, but those eyes. Oh, those eyes that bore into me undressing me with every passing minute. They were a brilliant green color and for the first time in my life green was my favorite color.

We turned back to the beer pong game we had decided to play and he shot his call. It hit the edge of the cup with a ping and fell to the floor. He huffed his disappointment as I shot mine. The ball sunk into the cup.

“You must be good luck,” he said with a devilish grin. I felt my cheeks begin to blush as his hand slowly traveled down my back and came to rest on my ass. He gave it a light but firm smack sending chills throughout my body.

We waited our turn as our opponents sunk both of their balls and we drank the cups of beer. I made a face as the cold nasty liquid ran down my throat.

“Not a beer drinker?” he questioned me raising an eyebrow.

“I’m a liquor drinker,” I said with a sheepish smile.

“Impressive,” he said swallowing the last of his beer. He grabbed the ball giving my ass another smack. This time the smack was strong and firm. Chills began to creep down my spine as I began to become aroused. The ball fell effortlessly into the cup.

“I’m going to call you Lucky,” he said with a wink.

My cheeks were ablaze as I stared at him. I had just met this man and he already had my body reacting to his every word and every action.

I’ll be sinning tonight

The night went on and we won the game of beer pong.

“Lucky,” he said with a grain. I smiled shyly as I headed for the door where my friend was standing with my car keys. I felt a hand grab my wrist firmly.

“Where are you going?” I heard his voice in my ear and felt his breath on my neck. Goosebumps immediately rose on my arms.

Why was he so incredibly sexy.

“T-t-to my car,” I stuttered nervously.

“Going home?” he questioned.

I nodded my head as he took my hand in his kissing it lightly.

“Lead the way.”

Without an ounce of protest, I walked to the front door. My friend raised an eyebrow to me but said nothing as we walked out and to my car. My friend got into the driver’s seat while Michael pulled me into the back. I knew what he wanted from the hungry look in his eyes.

Was I going to give him what he wanted? Yes.

Would I regret it in the morning? Possibly.

Was I still going to do it? Definitely.

Once the car was in motion Michael wasted no time exploring my body with his hands and his luscious lips.

A soft moan escaped my lips as his hands traveled up my leg getting closer to my wet core. My pussy was dripped with anticipation. Unable to hold myself back any longer I began fumbling with the button on his jeans. I could see his rock hard member through his jeans. I unbuttoned his jeans pulling his cock from its denim prison. I gasped as it sprang forward. I wrapped my hands around his cock and began pumping. He moaned in pleasure and grabbed a fistful of my hair.

He pushed my head down towards his member. I opened my mouth taking as much of him as I could into my mouth. I sucked on the sensitive tip while my hands continued to pump. I gagged as he pushed my head further down his cock.

“Good girl.”

I paid no mind to my friend who was driving us through the city. I continued to suck him until the anticipation was too much. He grabbed my waist flipping me to the side to allow him easy access. I felt his erection rock hard against my wet entrance.

“You sure?”

I gave him a simple nod and felt him begin to press into my warm core. I gasped and moaned as his cock stretched me.

“Shawn!” I screamed as he plunged his full length into my tiny pussy. He began pumping in and out causing a euphoric feeling to engulf me. My hands searched for anything to hold on to as his strokes became harder. I grabbed onto the car door handle as I screamed his name again feeling my walls clinging to him.

We fucked and we fucked hard. His hand took a fistful of my hair as he continued to plow into me.

“Hurry up,” my friend said from the front seat.

His movements started to become harsher and less rhythmic as he grew closer to his climax. I moaned his name arching my back further for him.

“Fuck,” he breathed as I felt his warm cum fill me up. I quickly pulled my skirt down smiling sheepishly.

“That was great,” he said and I nodded in agreement as we reached the driveway of my house.

Just in time

We got out of my car and I began to walk inside. I stopped suddenly when his hand grabbed mine.

“Can I get your number?” he asked with a smile.

I was thankful for the night sky because my cheeks were once again ablaze, “Sure.”

We exchanged numbers and he kissed my forehead before hopping into my friend’s car so she could take him home.

I fell asleep with the image of beautiful green eyes in my mind.

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