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The Rose Collection (18+)

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A growing collection of shorts ranging from fluff tales to erotic romance reads and some angst-y passages. (not too much of those so don't fret!) These ideas are ones I may turn into full-on books in the future, but for now I hope you enjoy the condensed versions (: Each title that has intimate scenes will have an "M" for mature next to it. An "F" for fluff content, and an “A” for angst and so on. If it is not your cup of tea, you will know and be able to move forward. *no specific update schedule*

Erotica / Romance
Kamille 🤍
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01 | what would you prefer? (M)

"Are you ready?" Orlando called out from the living room.

"Give me a second! I'm trying to get my curls right!" I shouted back at him.

My boyfriend and I were getting ready to go out to dinner and we had reservations for 7:45. It was already 7:30. I stood in front of my bathroom mirror giving myself a once over.

I had on a red, fitted knee-length dress with a medium slit going up my left leg. Something not too flashy, but just enough to make Orlando double take when he saw me. This was one of his favorite dresses. I tied the look together with a pair of black stilettos.

To me, my outfit was more than perfect, but once I moved my eyes to my hair- well, I was extremely dissatisfied. I had prepped my tightly coiled shoulder length hair the night before in Bantu knots. This was an easier, faster way for me to curl my hair. But like always I knew there was a 50/50 chance of it coming out right.

Tonight, of course, the odds were not leaning in my favor.

"Ugh!" I parted my hair and split the individual curls in two to see if it'd make the mess look better.

It didn't.

It looked like I had just rolled out of bed and I was seriously considering just shaving my head. After all, it was the one style I had yet to try.

Oh, who the hell am I kidding?

Shaving my head terrified me and I was just as terrified to face Orlando feeling the way I did about my hair. But I knew he'd love me the same, though.

After taking a couple of deep breaths, I slipped on the diamond chain and locket I was gifted on our one year anniversary, swiped a nude lipstick across my full lips and smoothed down my hair for the last time. Time to meet my man.

I walked slowly to the living room where I found him standing by the couch. His back was toward me. This was my first time seeing him since he had arrived at my place and damn, did he look sexy from where I stood.

He wore an all black suit that made his warm ivory skin glow. His jacket clung to those broad, muscular shoulders, and his pants... oh, the sight of him in those pants. His butt was unreal.

As if sensing my entry, he turned around, his eyes widening at the sight of me. He took his time scanning the length of my body from my legs up, momentarily stopping at the asymmetrical slit on my dress. When he reached my face, his emerald green eyes stayed fixed on mine. They were dark, wild with affection and had bursts of excitement ricocheting inside my stomach like a pin ball machine.

The growing tension between us was almost thick enough for me to grab in between my fingers. My feet were glued in place as he practically ran over to me, clasping his hands around my waist. When he spoke I couldn't help but let my eyes flutter closed.

"I adore everything about you including your hair. Natural is how I like it best, so you don't need to fuss about it."

His words were like a million kisses, sending warmth throughout my entire body. I draped my arms around his shoulders and when I opened my eyes I looked at the clock across the way. It was 7:40 now. We were going to miss our reservation if we didn't get a move on, but neither of us seemed to be in a hurry.

I felt Orlando's hands trace blind patterns on the small of my back as he spoke again. His deep baritone voice had dropped to an almost inaudible whisper. "On second thought, lets stay in tonight..."

Desire swirled in my stomach at the implication of his words. I had to bite my lip to keep an involuntary moan from escaping my mouth. My cheeks were flaming.

"B-but we're already dressed up. And... Ernesto's has a 50$ cancellation fee," I said, pulling back to look at him. My arms were still secure around him as he gazed down at me.

"We can give our table to Jason and his wife. I know they've been wanting to get out for a while. They haven't had time relax since the kids came."

I smiled warmly at his suggestion. He was so sweet, and so right. Our friends and neighbors Jason and Cara Castillo would call us often and more often than not, it was about a babysitter falling through, not getting enough sleep or not getting enough time to themselves. This would make them ecstatic.

"Okay... yeah, let's do that," I said enthusiastically, placing a kiss on his cheek. "They're gonna be so happy."

He dug out his cell and made a quick phone call.

"Hey, buddy..... you and Cara have reservations at Ernesto's due in about five minutes. Well- fifteen including the extra time they give you for running late."

He glanced at me, grinning widely.

"Thank god for the in-laws, right?"

I could hear Cara squealing in delight on the other end of the line.

"I'm glad to know she's excited. Check in under Montpellier... no problem. Have a night, man."

Orlando carelessly tossed his phone to the couch -after turning it off that is- and shifted his focus back to me. I opened my mouth to speak, but his lips were much quicker as they crashed onto mine, muffling my words. His hands strayed lower and lower from my back until they found a resting place on the curve of my behind. He pulled me into him and I gasped upon feeling his hard ridge up against my thigh.

"This is what you do to me. You don't know how difficult it is not to lose all control when you're next to me. Fuck." He groaned against my neck as he trailed open mouth kisses along the sensitive skin. "I have to have you. Now.”

I felt the thin lace under my dress moistening with every lust covered word that spilled from his mouth. My mind was addled with arousal. I struggled to find the words to tell him that I wanted him as bad as he wanted me. Which was a first. I'm normally quite vocal, but tonight he had me tongue tied. The way he wanted me was intimidating.

He hummed, continuously pressing his soft lips to my neck before bringing them back to my face. Once at the left corner of my mouth and again at the right.

"You like when I kiss you like this?" he asked, gently cradling my face in his his hands as his lips descended on mine in an unhurried exploration. I melted into his touch, weaving my fingers through his thick, mahogany locks.

"Or do you like it like this?" He asked biting down on my lower lip as he rocked his hips into mine. I felt his length graze over my special spot and I couldn't help but rock back into him. I needed him bad.

"I can make love to you, mark up your body with kisses from head to toe. Or..." One of his hands left my waist and reached up to grip my chin. His thumb ran across my lips before prodding at the crease in between. Without hesitation I opened my mouth, accepting his finger. "Or I can fuck you. Hard. Like the dirty little girl you can be. What would you prefer?"

"I... I want you to fuck me," I whispered in between my shallow breaths. "Hard."

That was all he needed to hear. The next thing I knew, I was being carried bridal style back to the room where I first began the evening. Orlando all but laid me down on my bed. I bounced a couple of times hitting the mattress. He shrugged off his suit jacket, his shoes and then his pants, before climbing into bed with me.

I was feverishly trying to remove my dress. The zipper just wasn't moving fast enough for me, so I lifted the entire thing over my head. Orlando's eyes raked over the intricate black lace that covered my body. He growled, ripping off his shirt.

"You're so fucking sexy, but this is too many clothes," he said, hooking his finger underneath the band of my panties, yanking them down off my waist. The air was cool hitting the apex of my thigh.

My heart picked up in anticipation of what was next to come.

He stood up and I watched as he tugged his boxers down until they hit the floor. My mouth watered at the sight of him in all his glory. Broad chest, lightly toned torso, admirably thick thighs. He looked as if he were chiseled from stone by the gods themselves.

I undid the clasp in the back of my bra and tossed it to the pile of clothes accumulating on the floor. He joined me on the bed and didn't leave my side again.

I laid on my back and he parted my legs with his knee, positioning himself in between them. One of his hands squeezed my breast while his mouth latched on to the hardened nipple of the other.

My soft, barely there moans of pleasure filled the room as he fondled my body. He kissed down in between my cleavage and further down to my stomach and my navel -making my body perk up wherever his lips touched- before switching gears.

I was rendered breathless when he drove every inch of himself into me without warning.

"Fuck!" I whimpered at the force of his hips.

He was completely bottomed out. I felt so full so quickly. At first he hit me with a handful of easy strokes, but I didn't get much of a break after that. His speed doubled and wanton moans spilled from my mouth as he thrust into me. I arched into him, wanting more, wanting him deeper. I begged for it.

"God, please... yes!"

His fingers dug into the flesh of my thighs as I cried out. The sound of our bodies repeatedly connecting sounded throughout the room.

"You're so wet... so hot... every single noise that comes from you makes me lose my mind," he said.

He accentuated each word with an intense rock of his talented hips- one that had a cry spilling from my throat.

"See, that sound right there. So god damn pretty."

My eyes were watery, breaths coming out in ragged gasps as he wrapped an arm around my waist. In one swift motion he flipped me onto my side and curled his body around mine. I felt the tip of his cock, slick with my arousal slide up and down on my clit as repositioned himself. Then, he pushed inside of me once again.

At this angle I could feel everything- the warmth of his chest against my back, his lips brushing against my ear, and the bass of his voice muttering dirty hushed words as he thrusted into me rhythmically. He lifted my leg, supporting it with his hand as he plunged into me deeper, so hard, so fast and so wonderfully.

"Don't stop. Please don't stop. Please, baby... please," I begged.

I quivered, being unable to focus on anything but the feeling of him. His free hand wrapped lightly around the base of my neck. The weight of his touch along my pulse point had my body stiffening. When I thought I wouldn't be able to handle anymore, his fingers found my clit and rubbed slowly, contrary to the fast pace of his hips still pounding into me.

The abundance of stimulation I was feeling had my body twitching uncontrollably. Orlando's name was the only thing I could pronounce. I was completely and utterly his.

"Shit. You feel so fucking good wrapped around me."

The combination of his words, the force of his hips and his hands on my sensitive pearl made me come with a wail. My body stuttered against him as his strokes became uneven behind me.

"Fuck! Baby...." he groaned with one final thrust, spilling his warmth into me as his labored breaths fanned the back of my neck. I shifted in his arms once he released my leg from his hold.

He took an arm and lazily draped it around my waist. I took his face in my hands and removed a few lose strands of hair sticking to his forehead. He was a tired, sexy mess. I claimed his lips in a few languid kisses as he lifted the blanket for us to slip under.

"I love you," he whispered, sweeping the hair from my face.

There was no doubt that my brown cheeks were stained a fiery red. I shimmied closer to him, placing a final kiss on his nose as he dozed off, nuzzling my neck. For a while I admired the man before me. I was more than lucky.

"I love you too."


Later that night, Orlando and I were in the living room. On the couch, in his clothes, I laid on his lap, deliciously sore from the night's earlier events. He gave me lazy kisses as he whispered sweet, affectionate praises in my ear. There was a movie playing on the flat screen, but neither of us were paying much attention to it.

It was around 11:30 when his phone rang.

"It's Jason," he told me.

"Oooh." I popped up excitedly. "Put it on speaker, I wanna hear how their night went."

After hitting the speaker button, Orlando set the phone down on the coffee table. "Hey, It's me and Jamie here."

"Jamie! how are you, girl?" Jason asked.

"Doin' fine over here. You?" I replied.

"Good, good. I just wanted to let you know that Ernesto's was great. Cara's wine-drunk and dancing to no music in the living room right now."

I laughed, shaking my head. Cara and her wine.

"I'll assume you two had a fun night out?" Orlando asked.

"Yeah, this is exactly what we needed. Thanks again, man."

"It was my pleasure."

"What'd you guys do over there? Why'd you cancel?"

My entire body flushed. I looked at Orlando and he had an easy smile on his face. Things like this never fazed him.

"Jamie got sick. Spent the night taking care of her."

The lie rolled off his tongue ever so smoothly. I stared at him trying to contain the laughter that crept its way up my throat. He took care of me alright.

"Well I'm glad to hear things are okay. I'll let you go, I'm gonna go dance with Cara. But we should all get together soon."

"Yeah definitely, talk to you soon."

"Bye, Jason!" I shouted.


"You're a fool," I said to Orlando, swatting his arm.

"Yeah, well I'm yours," he replied.


Out of nowhere, my stomach made a scarily loud sound. "Hungry?" Orlando asked, kissing my cheek.

"Starving." I started to sit up on the couch but he place a gentle hand on my shoulder, stopping me.

"Sit tight. I'll make us a late dinner."

My heart swelled.

"... are you sure? I mean- I can help you prep."

"I'm sure. It's been a long night. Let me continue taking care of you."

Before he left the couch, I gently grabbed hold of his face and pressed our lips together in a tender kiss. This man was truly like no other, and I couldn't wait to spend tons more date nights with him... I couldn't wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

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