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10 | the drive-in (M)

The sun dipped below the horizon, getting ready to rest for the night as Eliot parked his candy apple red pickup in the dewy grass lot of the drive-in theater.

Despite my love for the rain, I'm glad the small sun shower that started earlier in the day, stayed small and let up before the movie screening. With it being our first time at a drive-in, we were excited to experience watching the mystery: Eyes In the Night, from the comfort of a car.

Hopping out of the passenger seat, I skipped to the back where my boyfriend swung open the tailgate and prepped our lounging area for the evening, aka the trunk. He lined it with a thick quilt, a few blankets for when the cold came nipping and two big fluffy pillows I plucked from my bed.

"Alright, we've got the trunk set up. You have the snacks right?" he asked, taking his keys from the ignition and shutting the door.

"Do fish need water to survive?? Of course I have the snacks!" I shimmied a very well packed bag of goods in front of him with a childlike grin on my face.

He chuckled lightly, shaking his head. "Then shall we get comfy?"

"We shall," I replied, taking his extended hand as I stepped onto the tailgate. He gracefully slid in next to me, and in perfect time too. The light posts set up on each corner of the lot slowly dimmed, signaling the start of the movie.

From the snack bag, I pulled out some pre-popped popcorn. It was thankfully still warm, and the heavenly smell of butter invaded my nostrils as I pinched open the corners. One handful, two handfuls, mmmmmphhhh.

"Save some for me." Eliot's voice was a gentle hum in my ear.

I held my hand out to his mouth with a few gorgeously popped kernels in my palm.

"Open," I said.

His tongue swiped the surprisingly sensitive area of my hand and I gasped. "Eli, that tickles!"

Before I had the chance to pull my hand away, he took hold of it and seductively sucked on my middle and index fingers.

"Oh..." The word tumbled from my lips in a shudder.

"So good, Henley," he mumbled before kissing my forehead and turning his attention to the actors on screen.

This was going to be a long evening.


There weren't as many people at the screening as I expected, but the lot was still decently filled. To the left of Eliot's pickup, I could make out a sweet looking elderly pair. On the right was an empty space... but unfortunately it wasn't empty for long.

An obnoxious driver in a tiny convertible came speeding through the designated spaces, horn honking like crazy. It created an uproar of disapproval from viewers nearby and had Eliot shaking his head in annoyance.

"Let's hope he doesn't stay too long, considering he missed a good bit of the movie," I said.

As the top of the convertible descended, it revealed a man. I wasn't able to get the best look at him, but the smell of cigars wafted through the air shortly after. I hoped he didn't plan on continuing to pollute the air on top of being a menace while he was here.

"Want anything else from the bag? I'm gonna set it aside," Eliot asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Oh, no, I'm good for now," I replied, snuggling up to him.

"Jerryyyyyy, how's it going buddy?!"

I craned my neck in the direction of the voice to find it belonged to none other than the man who made a commotion with his earlier arrival. Now here he was on the phone, and with it on speaker no less.

"This has to be a joke," I muttered.

"I know this isn't ideal. Trust me, it's not what I had in mind when I planned to take you here, but let's at least try to enjoy ourselves a little," Eliot said, grabbing one of the blankets and draping it over our bodies.

He coaxed me to look at the projector instead of at the man's head, burning a hole into it.

The scene playing out was in which the leading actress sought comfort in the arms of a police officer, assigned to guard her after a run-in with a threatening, mysterious figure. Clinging to the man's trench coat, she sobbed until he lifted her chin and silenced her with a kiss. A kiss that made me want to give my own man a bit of lovin'.

Underneath the blanket, my fingers curled around the firm wall of muscle that was Eliot's torso, caressing lightly. He shifted slightly below my touch and when he looked down at me I wordlessly claimed his lips in a heated lock.
At first he was surprised, but it didn't take long for him to seize control. He groaned against my lips, pushing me toward the back window of the truck. My boyfriend's oh-so-greedy hands traveled to the waistband of my shorts, completely disregarding the zipper, and disappeared underneath.

His lips and tongue tended to my neck, making me sigh in pure delight.

"Oh... ugh, Eliot, slow down... we're in public."

My breaths were hard and fast and though my words told one story, my physical aches shouted a completely different one.

"You can be quiet for me can't you?" he asked, planting feather-like kisses below my jaw.

I could have come apart at his words alone, but I tried my best to keep it together.

"I'm not super into this movie," he continued.

The strong hand that was in my shorts pushed my panties to the side, causing an involuntary moan to escape my lips.

"Let me make you feel good, Hen."

There was no way I would be able to resist for much longer. I wanted him badly now. At this point I was only concerned about the asshole in the convertible. Glancing to my left, the elderly couple were sound asleep as they held one another and I didn't think they'd wake any time soon. Maybe Eliot and I could have a little bit of fun after all?...

"I-I can be quiet..."

As soon as the words exited my mouth, his wide fingers dipped into my wet heat. I bit my lip hard enough to draw blood to contain my guttural moan as he began his onslaught. The only thing keeping us discreet was the blanket.

"Damn, what I would give to fuck you right now... to hear you moan and let everyone in this damn lot know who's making you feel so good."

The words slowly dripped from his mouth like honey, a drastic difference from the unrestrained speed of his fingers moving within me.

"Eli... Eli! Fu-" The rest of the word didn't make it out. Eliot's mouth came crashing onto mine, swallowing my cries of sweet, sweet pleasure. I pulled his full lower lip in between my teeth, nibbling gently and earning a deep moan of approval.

We were both panting by the time we separated, but my boyfriend was insatiable. Thankfully I had a matching appetite. I lightly pushed him onto his back and half-hovered over him. His eyebrows raised in confusion, but soon relaxed as he watched my hands travel to his belt, tugging. A wicked grin spread on his face.

"Shit, Hen. You wanna use that pretty mouth of yours on me right here?"

In response, I undid his belt and brought his pants down until they were just below his hips. Reaching into his boxers I discovered him rock hard and throbbing.

It was going to be a lot harder to be discreet doing this, but as the moments passed I found my care slipping away. Still, I threw the blanket over my head and repositioned myself on my side.

Gripping Eliot in my hand, I ran a path along his inner thigh with my tongue before repeating it on the other side.

"Mmm..." he groaned.

And then my tongue was on him again, flicking over his slit. Eliot's hand shot out to fist my hair when I did it a second time. I took that as an invitation to sink my mouth even further onto his cock, taking him as deep as I could.

"Fuck yes, that's it baby."

Hollowing out my cheeks, I sucked hard while stroking him with my free hand. Hearing his breath quicken and feeling his thighs tense was my motivation to milk him for all he had... and I did just that when I released his cock from my mouth with a wet pop and gave his balls some attention. I'd have him coming in no time.

I continued to stroke him slowly while I took his sac into my mouth. Eliot's reaction was instant, his body beginning to tremble with a pending release.

"Henley, oh god... you're amazing. I'm so close."

I alternated between licking and sucking and humming, giving him all I had. It wasn't long before he let his hot love shoot down my throat, a choked moan fighting itits way out of his mouth.

"Holy fucking shit..." he said, half chuckling, half panting.

After placing a kiss on his slick cock, I re-emerged from underneath the blanket and once again cuddled up beside him.

"Well that was fun," I whispered.

Eliot wrapped an arm around my waist, holding me as close as I could be. "That it was... and hey, the jackass must've left while we were occupied," he said, glancing at the empty spot next to us.

"Do you think anyone saw? Do you think maybe he saw and that's why he left?" I asked.

He gave me a noncommittal shrug. "As long as it wasn't a cop, I don't care. That was the hottest thing I've ever done."

I buried my face in his chest, laughing as embarrassment flushed my cheeks. "Oh gosh."

"Not sure how much time is left in this movie, but we can stay for the rest of it. Unless you'd rather head home so we can really have each other," he said, rubbing my shoulder.

This time I was the one with a wicked grin.

"How fast can you pack up the truck?"
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