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13 | do it, for me (M)

Living during a global pandemic was difficult to adjust to, to say the least. What we as humans once considered a normal way of life, was taken and flipped upside down on its damn head... and that’s putting it lightly.

Along with being unable to visit my grandmother or my extended family, I haven’t been able to see my boyfriend Isaac, who is extremely high risk because of his heart condition, in months. We always made time for virtual meetings, but it would never compare to the real thing.

I missed him so much.

I missed stopping by his job during lunch hour to share a meal with him while he told me about his day. I missed spending nights at his house, binging on Hulu and waking up beside him the next morning, limbs stiff as poles from falling asleep on the couch yet again.

I also missed cooking and baking with him, even though we were both pretty awful in the kitchen.

What I missed more, though, was the feeling of complete and utter fullness when our bodies became one. I missed the homey feeling of his weight on top of me, all 210 pounds of that man.

I missed his working hands on my hips, his tongue on my neck and his teeth nipping at every other inch of skin he could get to.

I missed the heat of his breath fanning my back as he pleased me from behind, completely owning me. And god, did I miss his sweet whispered praises in my ear when I was the perfectly dirty little good girl.

“That’s it, baby. Stretch yourself nice and wide and fuck that pretty pussy for me.”

I followed Isaac’s every command as they flowed through the speaker of my phone, fingers plunging deeper into my impossibly wet heat, moving desperately as I lay positioned on my knees. My breasts touched the plush carpet of my bedroom floor, and my ass was high in the air as I fucked myself for him in front of the FaceTime camera.

“Oh! God, Isaac.”

“Mmm. Tiana, I wish I was inside you right now, giving you exactly what you need... I wish I could feel you squeeze me when you come, dripping all over my dick because you’re such a messy little thing. But fuck, I love it.”

At his words, I felt my walls beginning to clench, my climax well on its way. It didn’t matter how far he was, he always knew what to say and do to get me there.

“’Go faster, baby. Stick your fingers in as deep as they can go.”

An almost animalistic growl fought its way from my lips as I picked up the pace, loud and extremely lewd noises coming from the soaking wet core of my desire.

Ughhh. Fuuuuck! Daddy, I’m so close."

I’d never called Isaac “Daddy” before. In fact, I’d usually cringe at the mere thought, but I was so far gone. I couldn’t control what came out of my mouth anymore. I continued to moan and arch my back, giving him an even better view of me from behind.

“Holy fuck, say that again. And turn around so I can see your face.”

Yes, Daddy.”

Momentarily withdrawing my fingers, I turned around and repositioned myself in front of the camera, legs spread wide. My pussy was red and throbbing, aching for a release.

Upon locking eyes with Isaac, he’d looked just as needy as I did. His hair was a mess of chocolate brown waves, and his once pristine, white collared work shirt was ripped open, displaying his muscular torso. I wish I could’ve raked my nails down his taut stomach, but instead I circled my sensitive nipples.

“Baby girl… keep doing that and you’re gonna make me cum,” he whispered, his breath shallow. “I’m barely holding on.”

Never tearing his gaze, I took my fingers into my mouth, hollowing out my cheeks as I sucked on them like I would his cock. An involuntary moan slipped out, and soon, I added my tongue to the mix, slurping and coating my fingers in saliva. In the same instant, Isaac further pushed down his briefs and wrapped his hand around his thick cock. He stroked himself slowly.

Shiiit, I wanna put my dick in that pretty mouth. You like the way you taste?”

“I love it… I love the way I taste even more on your dick after you’ve been balls deep inside of me.”

A strangled moan fought its way out of his mouth and I couldn’t help the smirk that grew on my face. He was close and he was gonna cum hard, too.

“If I was there right now you’d be gagging on my balls. Get those fingers back in that pussy. Now.”

With no hesitation and no resistance, I slipped two fingers back inside, massaging my walls. With the other hand, I worked on my clit, whimpering at every gentle touch. Isaac gripped the arm of the chair he was sitting in, chest heaving and stomach tensed as he squeezed himself tighter.

“Every sound that comes from you makes me lose my fucking mind, T. Makes me wanna pin you down on my bed and fuck you deep into the mattress. I’d make you take every last inch of me because I know you can handle it…” His hand moved in desperate, uneven strokes now. “Yes, like the good girl you are. You’d take that shit, huh?”

In response, I finger-fucked myself faster and deeper until stars blurred my vision, my head falling back on a broken moan.

“You gonna cum for me baby?” he asked.

“Yes, oh f- yes!”

“That’s right, Tiana. Do it, for me.”


Ah! Tiana.

And just like that, we came undone together.

When I was able to see clearly again, I met a red flushed, blissed out version of my boyfriend leaning back in his chair trying to regain his composure. I was a boneless puddle on the floor, not daring to move.

Through my post-orgasmic haze, I heard him chuckle.

“Wha… what’s so funny?” I asked, angling my face toward the camera.

“I just can’t believe we hadn’t tried this sooner.”

“Oh... heh, I guess you’re right. I didn’t know phone sex could be so good.”

“As good- as fantastic as it was, I miss you, T. I just wanna hold you right now.”

Gathering my strength, I fixed myself into a sitting position and dressed in the robe I had on earlier. Isaac followed suit and shimmied his briefs back on. “I miss you too, baby… It’s so freaking scary out there, and being laid off has not helped my ‘I will get through this’ mentality.”

“I’ve been thinking about that lately. I mean, we’ve both been safe and getting tested regularly… maybe you can quarantine with me for a while. Let’s take care of each other.”

My eyes nearly bugged out of my head. “Are you serious?!”


“Wow, I mean- I’d love to, but I thought we agreed to wait until we’re engaged before living together.”

“I know, but when will we ever get the chance to spend this much time together again? I wanna take advantage of it, despite the circumstances. I love you, T.”

“Y- you what?” I couldn’t stop the tears that sprang to my eyes.

“I love you, Tiana. Saying that to you for the first time over the phone isn’t what I imagined… but it’s true. I am wildly, irrevocably in love with you. Being apart has only emphasized that.”

My stunned silence must have stretched for a beat too long, because his tender expression morphed into a frown.

“Isaac, I love you too. SO so much. God, when’s the soonest I can move in?!”

The two of us laughed together, a bit of crying mixed in; mostly on my end.

“How’s the end of the week sound?” His hazel eyes sparkled as a wide grin took over his handsome face. It sent my heart into a fluttering frenzy.

“It sounds like I need to pack!” I replied happily.

“As if half your things aren’t already in my closet and in the bathroom.”

“True, so I wouldn’t need to pack much.”

“Oh, quick question.”


“You still up for online Uno tonight?”

“Hell yeah I am.”

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