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03 | broken pipes (M,F)

“See you later,” I said to my friend Nico. He made his way to his dorm on the floor above me.

It was about 9:45 p.m. when we got back from having food at this noodle house he liked so much. It surprised me when he asked if I’d like to accompany him today.

He enjoyed cooking in his room and from the aromas bellowing through the halls, I could tell he was pretty good at it. But dining at the noodle house was great. I ordered sliced beef in a spicy broth with chillies and vegetables, while his dish was more on the tame side: meatballs in a clear broth.

It was no surprise that his meal order was as one-note as he seemed himself. But nonetheless I had a nice time and he was a good friend. Maybe he’d open up a little bit more to me as our time in uni together went on. But I didn’t pry. After all, we’d known each other less than a year.

I dug my keys out of my Princess Peach backpack that I wore frontward on my chest -cause Peach is a bad bitch- and slipped the key into my room door. And that’s how my day had gone from good to bad.

Really fucking bad.

“Are you kidding me?!”

My room was nearly flooded with water. I dropped my backpack on the nearby counter and shouted at my ceiling as droplets continuously leaked down from it. I knew there was no way I could get ahold of a plumber at such a late hour, so I had to get to work on dealing with my new indoor pool on my own.

God damn faulty plumbing work.

I was so thankful to have not been a slob this weekend and clean my dorm spotless. None of my belongings or school books were damaged.

Here and there, my feet sloshed through the water as I made my way to my closet. Undoubtedly I’d need more than just a few towels, so I dug beneath the big blankets on the top shelf and pulled out every last towel I owned. This was going to be a tough job. The way back to the front door was quicker, but still pretty- wet.

Like a sponge, the first towel I laid down in the entryway soaked up a good amount of water, but not enough. Down went the second, third, and fourth towels, and I thought I was getting somewhere until I realized my ceiling hadn’t stopped leaking. I went to search for any deep bottomed bowls or pots I had to serve as a collection container when my phone began ringing.

“Ugh, what now?” I muttered, as I slung a towel around my neck and reached for my phone in the side pocket of my backpack.

No one ever called me. What was different about tonight? I didn’t even look at the caller ID when I answered.

“Yes?” I spat into the speaker.

“Autumn, you okay?”

My eyebrows raised about 3 inches when I recognized the voice on the other end of the line. Nico. I cleared my throat, slightly adjusting my tone.

“Hey... right now is not a good time. A pipe busted in my room and it’s- crazy,” I told him.

“I was calling to ask if I could come by to return your portable, but I think I should come anyway,” he said.

“No, it’s fine. I don’t wanna ruin your evening,” I replied looking at how much of a mess things were. I really did need help, but I didn’t want him to feel obligated.

“I just finished up studying.”

Predictable. All he really did was study, not that there was anything wrong with that.

“Don’t really have much else on my agenda for the night,” he continued.

I looked around on the floors again and finally agreed. “Okay... I’d really appreciate your help.”

“I’ll be down in a minute.”

“Thanks, Nico.”


10:05 p.m.

“Woah,” he whispered, taking in the view of my floor decorated in a colored assortment of drenched towels. “Why didn’t you call me?” He asked, raking his hands through his dark locks.

I didn’t notice until now, but he had really beautiful hair. It cascaded down just above his shoulders in luxuriant jet black waves.

“Remember? I told you I didn’t want to ruin your evening.”

“Well, I’m glad I called you instead. I feel like you’d have been here all night if I hadn’t.”

He was right.

“Uh, you have any bowls or pots we can use to catch the water?” he asked, cuffing the ends of his denim jeans. He had placed his shoes and socks on the counter next to my bag.

“Right... yeah, over in the lower cabinet by the fridge,” I told him.

He walked through the entryway and into the kitchen area in a total of just five long steps. I guess having long legs came in handy at times. I watched as he kneeled before the cabinet and retrieved three decent sized pots, all the pots I owned.

“These should do,” he said, carefully placing them in a line right under the lovely hole in my ceiling.

That’s when realization dawned on me. I had no place to sleep tonight. With just one look across the room I could tell my bed set was not in good condition at this point.

I’d have shot my friend Charlotte a text, but she’d gone home to take care of some family business. She was really the only female friend I had here. Not that I minded normally, but in this case I was screwed.

“Amazing,” I groaned, carelessly letting the towel around my neck fall to the floor.

It landed in one of the larger pots Nico had brought back - which was already half way full - and as a result there was a splash that soaked his face and the front of his shirt. When he stood at his full height again I cringed.

“I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine. Just a little water,” he replied, chuckling lightly as he smoothed back his hair exposing his forehead. There was water now dripping from his hair. Droplets left the ends and trickled down the smooth, exposed warm ivory skin of his collar bones.

Again, I never ever looked at Nico in any other way than friendly, but I couldn’t help but admire the sheer beauty of his flawless skin. What was wrong with me? I don’t know??

“You there??” he asked, snapping me from my daze.

“I uh- yeah. I’m good, what’s up?” I replied trying to be cool.

I knew I failed.

“You were off in your own little world. Is everything okay?”

“Oh... I’m just a little annoyed I guess. I don’t know where I’m going to sleep tonight. My friend is out of town and I-”

“You can crash at my place... that is if you want.” Nico interjected, kneeling down to rotate the line of pots.

There wasn’t anything wrong with the idea was there? Surely I could just spend a night and call a plumber first thing in the morning. I’d never been to Nico’s dorm, but it was on the top floor where a few of the larger rooms were. Maybe he had a couch that I could sleep on.

“We wouldn’t be sleeping together right? Like- I’d be somewhere away from you? Not that I dislike you or anything, but I just don’t want things to be awkward,” I rambled.

“It’s only awkward if you say it’s awkward, Autumn,” he said, giving me a playful grin.

“But if it’ll give you any peace of mind, you can have my bed tonight. I have a pullout that my buddy Jasper uses when he sleeps over. I’ll be good on that.”

“Are you sure? You could literally offer me the rug on your floor and I’d happily wrap myself in it,” I said honestly.

“Are you serious?”

He laughed a genuine belly laugh, throwing his head back. The sight was quite warming, but I was a little confused as to why he was laughing. Maybe the rest of his friends weren’t so low maintenance and wouldn’t have declined a bed being offered to them.

“Yes?” I responded, laughing uncertainly.

“Just take my bed, okay? Let’s finish up here so we can get going. It’s already getting late,” he said.



10:55 p.m.

“Don’t worry, my sheets are clean! I change ’em pretty often,” Nico shouted from the hall.

I set my overnight bag on the floor next to his king size bed and sat with my back straight on the edge of it. But as soon as my butt hit the soft mattress, I couldn’t help but let myself fall back. His bed was much much nicer than mine.

What was it? A PosturePedic? Some next level memory foam cloud? Shit, and I can’t believe I almost passed this up. I knew for a fact I’d have the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a while on this mattress. My arms and legs sprawled out in a star formation and my eyes fluttered closed as my body melted further into the bed.

"Ohhhh yessssssss. This is heaven.”


“Ah!” I snapped my legs shut and sat upright in the bed as soon as I heard his voice sound through the otherwise quiet room.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. Just wanted to see how you were doing.” Nico said, leaning against the wall with a smirk playing on his lips.

“But seeing how much you seem to enjoy my bed, I think you’re doing just fine,” he added.

“Haha, ah, yeah. This is really nice... thank you again for this. In the morning I’ll call a plumber and be out of your way.”

“I really don’t mind you being here.” He said, entering the bedroom space a little bit more.

Nico stood just a few feet away from me. Since we arrived, he changed out of his day clothes and into something more comfortable. He had on a pair of black basketball shorts with a fitted white t-shirt.

I didn’t mean to stare, but the fabric of the shirt clung to his chest like a second skin. I could faintly make out the defined lines beneath it. If I wasn’t mistaken he was walking around with quite the set of abs.

“I’m gonna set up outside but I’ll be back. Why don’t you relax, you brought something to sleep in yeah?” he asked.

“Yep!” I replied.

“Okay cool, I’ll let you get settled,” he said, turning on his heel out into the living room area.

I figured I’d change in his bedroom instead of having to awkwardly walk by, asking for the bathroom. After I stripped off my clothes, I shrugged on a grey oversized t-shirt and my silky sleep shorts I got as a gift from Charlotte.

The best gift.

I then brushed my hair into a ponytail and plopped back down on the bed. Now I could really relax.

“What the hell?!” Nico shouted.

Or maybe not.

I left the bedroom in a hurry to see what was going on. He was bent over the front of his couch trying to pull out a tag -to which I assumed was the convertible bed- but it wasn’t working. I stood off to the side as he dug into his shorts pocket and pulled out his cellphone.

“Hello?” He spoke. “What happened to the pull out? The tag won’t come out....... what do you mean why do I need to use it? To sleep on??....... No, I can’t use my bed tonight........ it doesn’t matter why, what matters is that you broke my damn 300$ pullout couch!” He shouted back at the other person on the line.

Jasper, I presumed.

I was beginning to feel guilty. Nico gave me his bed to sleep on and now his own accommodation had been ruined.

“I’m sorry about that. Uh... looks like we might be bunking together tonight,” he said, hanging up.

Oh shit.

“... we-”

“I can build a pillow fort between us,” he suggested.

“I don’t think that’s necessary, unless you’re sure you can’t trust yourself around me,” I said, playfully.

Although I could have sworn his cheeks tinted a certain shade of pink at my words. Could he have really been worried about sharing a bed with me? More worried than I had been?

“It’s- no, I mean... aha... Just making sure we’re both okay.”

I couldn’t help the warm, cheesy smile that enveloped my face as I looked back at him. He was... cute.

“I’ll be fine,” I told him.

“Alright. Then, uh, let’s go.”

11:22 p.m.

The two of us lay together in his bed beneath the blanket. We both agreed to turn the lights off, as we were both feeling tired. I lied. I was wide awake. It was dark in the room with the exception of the skylight above us. Of course his room had a damn skylight.

The light of the moon shined down on Nico’s skin, casting soft shadows. His nose twitched ever so slightly as he slept and I admired him for a while until I began feeling weird. I turned around with my back facing him, because I didn’t want him to wake up with me just staring at him like a creep.

Before it got any later, I closed my eyes. It was rather easy to drift off after settling my head on the insanely soft pillows. I was out in a matter of seconds, snoring lightly.

12:15 a.m.

I normally tossed and turned a lot in my sleep, but tonight, something was preventing me from moving at all. Upon discovering what it was- well, you could say I was paralyzed with shock.

Nico’s hands held my waist in a strong grip, while his hips softly bucked into me, causing his pelvis to repeatedly connect with my bottom. The material of my shorts was soft, but super thin. I could feel the hard ridge of his cock, and every time he would thrust into me, the tip of it would graze my entrance just barely.

I craned my neck toward him to get a look at his face and I found that his eyes were shut tightly as if he were deep in a trance.

He was asleep.

He was asleep and having a wet dream.

I tried to move out of his hold, but he pulled me against him once more. Now my back was flush against his chest. I could feel the heat of his labored breaths fanning the back of my neck. This was so wrong in so many ways, and I knew I could have yelled for him to wake up but I didn’t.

“Fuck...” he groaned into my shoulder.

I felt a sharp pang of lust in my stomach. The fact that I was getting turned on by this was even more wrong, but still, I couldn’t bring myself to wake him up. Part of me knew I just couldn’t. He’d be embarrassed and probably wouldn’t be able to speak to me again.

Not being a hundred percent sure, I decided to let this ride out on its own. He had to be close. The rhythm of his hips began picking up, and his fingers dug into my waist as he thrust harder into me. He was gentle, but determined.

“... Autumn... you’re beautiful. Feels so good.”

There was no stopping the gasp of surprise that left my mouth this time. He was dreaming about me! I wanted to wake him up a hundred times more than I wanted to earlier, and at this point I totally would have. But his next move had me clamping my mouth shut again.

One of his hands left my waist and traveled south down my right leg. He wrapped his hand around my thigh and hiked it up just a little bit. At this angle I could feel all of him.

His cock teased my clit over and over as he humped into me, and I had to bite my lip to keep myself from moaning. I could definitely come like this.

God, I was ashamed. I didn’t think I’d be able to speak to myself after tonight.

"Baby... I’m-”

He didn’t get to finish his sentence. With three stuttered thrusts into me he came. Once his body relaxed behind me, I felt his arms snake around my stomach and rest there securely.

He was holding me.

My skin heated to an abnormal degree. I was feeling so many things in this moment. I was embarrassed and extremely turned on. But it felt like my heart was going to burst, too.

“Nico,” I whispered.






His eyes flew open and he looked at me like he’d been caught doing something he shouldn’t have. Before he could say anything, I silenced him with a chaste kiss on his warm, soft lips.

As I pulled away slowly, he seemed to be coming to his senses.

“I’m so confused...” he whispered.

Or not.

“Do you like me?” I asked him straightforwardly.

He avoided my eyes. “I-no... I don’t.”

“You’re a damn liar,” I slipped my hand underneath the cover, gripping him over his now messy shorts. “What is this?”

He was already getting hard again.

“I’m sorry, Autumn...” he said, looking away.

“Don’t be sorry, Nico. Instead of dreaming about me... why don’t you appreciate the real thing?”

“What do you-”

“I like you, too.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, I am... now, will you kiss me back or should I just go back to sleep?”

Without another word, he planted his lips firmly on mine. His hands found my hair and massaged my scalp as our lips moved together in a slow, sensual rhythm.

Making sure our mouths never parted, I straddled him, grinding down on his sensitive cock. He groaned into my mouth in response.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said.

“Thank you. That’s the second time you told me that tonight,” I said, giggling.

“What do you- oh.... you got jokes, huh?” He rolled his eyes.

“Shhh,” I said, trailing kisses along his neck and collar bones. “You’re beautiful too, Nico. So beautiful.”

He smiled a wide boyish simper that made my heart flutter. I wanted to see that smile a million times over.

“I can’t believe this is actually happening,” he marveled.

“Neither can I, but I guess we have my broken pipes to thank.”

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