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07 | good morning (M,F)

Soft yellow rays of sunlight peaked through the thin white curtains of my window, caressing the uncovered skin of my thighs and arms. I sighed happily. It wasn't often that I had a day off from work or the luxury of sleeping in. Times like these were precious to me.

I rolled from my right side over to my left and was met with the sight of the quite literal man of my dreams. Bare chested, plucking at the strings of his acoustic guitar, sat my lovely boyfriend. Andres. His fudge brown eyes eventually met mine as I settled myself.

"Buenos días, mi amor." (Good morning, my love.) his deep voice was lined with a thick Spanish accent. Hearing it sent a wire of electricity down my spine.

"Buenos días...mi amorrr." I whispered back to him, fighting a grin.

My Spanish accent was very Americanized and like always, I unnecessarily rolled my Rs. I knew I sounded silly at times, but I kept a list of the phrases he said often in my head. Part of me felt that he secretly enjoyed it when I spoke Spanish- or at least tried to speak it.

He leaned over, pressing his lips to my forehead. I was the biggest sucker for gestures like that.

"How long have you been up?" I asked, looking at the alarm clock beside him. "It's barely 8 a.m."

"Hmm. Since 5," he replied.

"You're always up before the sun."

I let my eyes wander away from his and across the canvases of his muscular arms, painted in different reds, blues, greens and yellows. His tattoos were probably my favorite thing about him. On either arm were birds, trees and gardens full of flowers from sunflowers to roses; a dedication to his love of nature.

Taking another look at the clock, the time read 7:25. Between the combination of the soft melody Andres strummed on his guitar and the warmth of our bed, I found myself drifting off yet again.

"Eres mi cielo, mi aire..." (you are my sky, my air...)

The second time around, I was being awakened by a familiar alto voice, the feel of silky soft lips and heated fingertips dancing on my skin. My eyes fluttered open to see Andres on his side, half hovering over me. He looked breathtakingly handsome in the light of the early morning, casting his shadow along the walls of our bedroom. His auburn hair fell across his forehead in messy curls.

"Eres mi corazón y la piel..." (you are my heart and my skin.)

My mind was thick with sleep, but I managed to muster a loving smile. In response, he lowered his head and captured my lips. He tasted like coffee. Our mouths moved together in a slow and careful rhythm that drove me mad in the best way.

I lightly nibbled on his bottom lip and his hips surged. He was fully on top of me now, eyes hooded and staring at me with an incendiary gaze. It told me everything I needed to know.


"Shhh. Déjame cuidarte." (Shhh. Let me take care of you.)

He left a trail of kisses and love bites from my neck down to my navel. Tiny sighs escaped my lips. When the heat of his mouth tickled my femininity underneath my lacey night gown, my heart spiked in anticipation. Lifting it up, he left a few more kisses on my inner thighs.

My body twitched, the sleepiness ebbing away with each gentle touch. Just when I thought I couldn't wait any longer, Andres' tongue gently swirled around my wet folds, tasting the lust that had seeped out from in between. My hand traveled south and gripped his thick head of hair. He groaned against me, the vibrations sending out a fresh wave of arousal.

Teasing me, his tongue drew circles around my clit, never touching it. I was becoming restless and needy. "Please," I whispered breathlessly.

The moment he finally landed where I wanted him, he simultaneously pushed two wide fingers inside of me. I let out a broken moan, my head further sinking into the pillow beneath it. Like the way Andres kissed me, his mouth and fingers worked on me slowly, attentively. Soon I traded his hair for the sheets of our bed, fisting them tightly.

“Andres... Oh, f- AH!

My hips bucked wildly as his warm, expert tongue flicked and lips sucked on my most sensitive nerve. He placed a sturdy hand on my pelvis, preventing my erratic movements. It only made me want more.

“Eres tan bonita, Yanah.” (You're so beautiful, Yanah.)

And with one final kiss on my pulsing lips I came. The feeling was ethereal. It was like my body was suspended high amongst the clouds, giving way to the sun in the sky as I lay trying to catch my breath.

Making his way back up to me was the man who managed to make me feel such a way. I loved him so much.

The same lips that just pleasured me below, sweetly pecked my nose. A shy giggle escaped me as I stared into my boyfriend’s shimmering eyes.

“Good morning, baby.”

“Mm. A good morning indeed.”

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