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08 | untitled (M)

"You better not peak!" I told Elijah.

"I won't."

A couple weeks ago I went out with my father and found the perfect space for an art studio. Graduating as an art major, this is a dream come true.

6 months back I was a little over fifteen thousand dollars in school debt, thinking it'd be stuck with me until I died. But after selling my first painting at my first art exhibition, my work gained the attention of some of the highest bidders and esteemed art buyers.

My father helped me seal the deal with a contractor and it wasn't long after that I was ready to move in and make the place my own. Victor, my best friend and closeted interior designer, helped me decorate. I even set up a few of my original pieces.

What I so wholeheartedly wanted for decades was finally in my grasp.

My life was finally beginning.

I'd miss working at Moore's coffee house terribly, I had a lot to thank that place for. The biggest thing, leading me to the love of my life. The man I got to share my dreams with.

Elijah Miller.

I'd been working a dreaded overnight shift, and it was around 2 a.m. when he stumbled through the doors, tipsy. I thought he was an armed intruder, with my defending weapon of choice being a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Turns out all he wanted was to get sobered up. We laughed, talked and ate way too many pastries, but it was one of the best nights of my life.

Elijah had yet to see my studio though... in fact, he didn't even know I was looking for a place, but that was because I wanted it to be a surprise.

I became his sense of sight, leading him through doors and up stairs until we stood in the center of the room that gave me butterflies.

Slowly, I uncovered his eyes and let him take in the beautiful, naturally lit space full of easels.

He breathed, surprise lighting up his face. "No way."

"Welcome to Riverside studios!... well I'm not sure about the name. It's still a work in progress. I just figured since we're by the river- oh, forget it."

"Is this where you've been running off to the last few weeks?"

I clasped my hands in front of me, fingers weaving in and out of each other.

"Yeah, that's right."

"Well, it looks amazing in here. I'm so god damn proud of you."

He wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me into the air. I lowered my head and passionately kissed his warm, pink lips.

"Thank you, I still can't believe it," I marveled.

"I can."

He carefully let me down back onto my feet but he never let me out of his embrace. Instead he pulled me closer, pressing every inch of his body up against mine.

"I believe you're standing here right now because of the incredible woman you are. Because of the pure passion that you have for your art. It's your drive... that never wavering fire inside of you."

With a gentle finger he touched the spot where my heart lies. Tears quickly filled my eyes. I tried blinking them away.


"What's wrong?"

"Nothing... I just- I love you. These are happy tears."

He chuckled briefly, staring deep into my eyes. Those long looks always said more than words ever did. His eyes were full of both adoration and searing heat, speeding up my heart.

Inching forward, he let the tension between us build. I groaned when he teasingly brushed his lips against mine.


"Yes baby?"

"I want you."

"Here? Now?"

"Right here. Right now."

Like magnets, our lips collided with one another. I pushed him down into the nearest empty chair and straddled his lap. He grabbed my behind with two rough hands, pressing the ridge in his slacks up against my femininity.

"My god," I groaned.

He was so hard.

"Move those hips for me."

A fresh wave of arousal dampened my thin silk panties at his tone. Soft but full of authority.

With my hands on his shoulders for stability, I rocked back and forth on his lap. Soft mewls of pleasure left my lips and echoed off the barren walls of the studio.

Elijah's lips never left my body. In between his sweet whispered praises, he scattered kisses along my neck and shoulders while I brought myself close to a climax.

"Oh! I'm almost there..."

"I know, sweetheart. The smell of you is driving me crazy."

His teeth nipped at my neck before his tongue quickly soothed the spot.

"Fuck, I want to feel you squeeze me as you lose yourself in the pleasure. I want to feel your honey dripping down my cock."

"Oh god, Elijah, please."

I've never heard such filthy words come from a mouth as sweet as his. It was enough to have me clenching around nothing, wordlessly begging to be full and sated. Thankfully I heard the sound of his fly opening, and not even a second later he sunk himself deep into me, stealing my breath.

"Mmm, that's it. So good."

His rhythm was steady as he thrust into me from below, hitting a delicious spot I didn't know existed. My soft moans turned into uncontrollable cries of ecstasy.

It wasn't long at all before I fell apart in his arms. He held my trembling body tight as I came down from my high.

What a way to christen the place, huh?

"You didn't-"

I started to speak, but he silenced me with a chaste brush of his lips.

"This was all about you, sweetheart. Seeing how well-fucked you look right now is enough to hold me... ugh and more than enough to distract me when I get back to work."

My undoubtedly flushed cheeks burned even hotter at his declaration. I almost forgot he drove over on his lunch hour.

He tapped my thighs and I stood up, causing him to slip out of me, his length handsome and slick. I swayed on shaky legs, but he was there to catch me.

After zipping up his pants, he pulled my dress back down and smoothed it out at the bottom. A smile spread on my face at his endearing action.

*ring ring*

"I'm sorry, hold on one sec."


He stepped off to the side and picked up his phone.

"Hello?...... Dammit, I'm so sorry. I uh-I completely lost track of time."

"No, that's fine. I just have to pick it up from the restaurant... yeah... aha, she's right next to me."

Elijah looked at me with the expression of a child who was caught with cookies before bedtime.

"My boss wants to say hi."

I hesitantly took the phone. Victor would DIE if he knew I was about to talk to his crush, Jace Aldrich, a world renowned businessman and self-made billionaire.

"Mr. Aldrich, hi...alright, Jace it is...uh-huh..yes..okay. I'll put him back on."

The two men talked for a little while longer before hanging up.

"What did you do?" I asked Elijah.

"It's more of what I didn't do. I volunteered to pick up lunch for us and totally forgot about it."

"Shame on you, leaving the most powerful businessman in the world hungry. You're lucky if he doesn't eat you for lunch instead."

"I know. You've proven to be quite the distraction. Thankfully he wasn't too annoyed, but I should probably head out now."

"That you should, but what about..."

I looked south at his still hard region and the wet spot I left.

"Damn, give me a second."

He closed his eyes as if he were trying to wish it away. But sure enough, whatever he did worked.

"What'd you think of?"

"Jace, savagely eating me for lunch. I'll have to clean up in the car, and you will have to sanitize that chair."

"Haha, I will. Let me walk you down."
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