Dreadful Desire

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We kiss and all I can think about is him taking me right here right now! It's like he was reading my mind. He grabs my ass with both hands before he grabs the top of my thighs. My legs automatically wrap around his waist, my arms around his neck, never breaking our kiss. He walks us over to the wall and he presses me against it ... Chloe Knox is fresh out of college and looking to pursue her dream of opening her own company. But first she needs to work in her field and get the experience she needs to achieve her dream. Love was never her friend and she shied away from it every chance she got. She saw what love did to her mother. She wants love but fears what will come with it. She only saw love as pain and why would anyone want that? Her dark past has kept her from finding happiness, that is until ... Axle Cross. Axle Cross is the owner of Cross Enterprises and loves his life. But something has been missing. He's wants that one woman that will give him what he wants ... total control over her body. When Chloe comes crashing into his life he is at a loss and doesn't know if he should pursue her or let her go. This story is for mature audiences only. This story has BDSM, mature language and vivid sexual content. If this is not your style of book please pass this book by.

Erotica / Fantasy
Marie Terry
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Author's Note


This is an original fiction story written by me. No part of this an be reproduced, stored in or introduced into retrieval system. No permission to transmit in any form or by any means without written permission by the author or copyright.

The names, characters, places, media, incidents, brands are all part of my imagination and are used in a fictitious manner. This is fiction. Any resemblance to any person, place, media brand or incident is strictly coincidental.

I acknowledge the trademark owners of the various products and music referenced in this book. I acknowledge the trademark status and do not claim it as my own.

This book is mature, only 18+ please, if you do not meet this requirement please close this book and find another one.

This is a mature book, it has violence, strong language, sex and BDSM. If this is not your style of book please skip this work and find something else more your style.

Updates will happen every Saturday. I have a full time job and it takes up a lot of my time, even on the weekends. Just ask my husband. LOL

This is a fictional story. It is not real and ...

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