Switch and Bait

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Alex's buddy can't believe it when he comes over and Alex has porn on the tv instead of baseball. Can two straight guys watching hot sex on an 84" TV contain themselves?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

It had been a pretty long day of work, so I was happy to get an invite over to my buddy Alex’s house to watch the game. I enjoy watching baseball, but it’s always more fun with a friend and a few beers.

I had texted Alex because I was running a little bit late and he told me not to worry about because he had his DVR set to record it. Since I was feeling bad about it, I stopped by the liquor store to pick up a bottle of Alex’s favorite bourbon.

When I got to Alex’s place I went to the front door and knocked. Alex opened the door and invited me to come in.

“Steph’s going to be out all night. She’s got some kind of get together with some of her work friends,” Alex told me as I took off my jacket and put it over the bannister of the stairs.

“That’s cool,” I replied, “Amanda isn’t expecting me home until really late.”

I held up the bottle for Alex to observe, “to make amends for being late.”

“Oh man, I love that stuff... thanks bro,” he replied. “Let me just take this in the kitchen. You want a beer?”

“Oh yeah,” I said, “that’s sort of a dumb question.”

Alex laughed as I walked back into the living room where he kept his 82” tv. It was an amazing tv for watching sports.

As I got closer I heard what distinctly sounded like sex and when I rounded the corner into the room I was really surprised to see 82 inches of a muscular dude laying on his back while what appeared to be a very hot woman was riding his cock. She was facing him, and there was another woman on his face. The two women were making out with excessive gusto.

I sat down on the couch and felt my dick start to bounce just a bit in my pants.

“Oh shit! I thought I’d turned that off," Alex said as he came into the room.

I just sort of laughed and said, “having some fun while the wife is out?”

“Damn man, that’s embarrassing,” Alex replied as he went for the remote.

“Well...,” I said, “I mean, that shit is hot. No reason to be embarrassed.”

Alex slowed down as if to consider what I’d said. “Yeah, it is pretty fucking hot.”

Then instead of turning to get the remote he sat down on the other side of the couch from me and handed me my beer.

At this point I decided maybe things were getting sort of awkward. But I also was kind of enjoying watching them fuck on the tv. I mean, I just interrupted him to make him feel better. Not to suggest he ought to sit and watch too. And on top of that I was starting to get really hard in my pants, which I didn’t really want my buddy to see.

Dudes don’t really watch porn together once they are over their teen years, and when they do watch it together when they are younger it’s not to get turned on so much as out of curiosity.

I tried to focus on sipping on my beer and keeping my eyes on the tv not Alex. I sort of pulled the throw pillow next to me up against my leg so he couldn’t see my raging boner.

The girl riding his dick got off and began to suck his cock like it was the best tasting thing on the planet. The other girl got off his face and went up behind the other girl and started to eat her pussy, just burying her face.

Finally, I couldn’t take it any more, I really discreetly and quickly looked over to Alex to see if this was going to end soon. I had to know if he had the remote and if he was going to put the game on. I figured we’d bro out to some sports and pretend this never happened.

Alex was wearing athletic shorts and there was no way for him to hide the fact that his dick was as erect as possible. His left had was resting on his thigh, dangerously close to his obviously large cock.

At just that moment he put his left hand on his dick, as if to hide it from sight. Quite unsuccessfully, I might add.

I knew that he couldn’t see my dick because of the pillow and was pretty sure he wasn’t looking in my direction. Having a full hard on in fairly tight pants isn’t that comfortable. I needed to take it out. I figured it was his fault after all since he left this super hot porn on. So with my right hand I very slowly pulled my zipper down. After that it was just a matter of letting my cock slip out the opening in my boxer shorts and pants.

At that moment I realized that I had a hard on, with my dick out of my pants, with my bro in the same room. I expected that thought would make my cock shrink, but actually it just made me hornier.

I leaned back a little into the couch cushion because I realized that I’d been sitting fairly stiffly. When I did I could just see Alex in my peripheral vision. We were judiciously avoiding all eye contact or conversation.

There were two things I noticed when I settled back. The first was that he’d started very gently caressing his cock. I was not a stroking motion, more like a rub. I think he was trying to be subtle.

The second thing I noticed was that he wasn’t facing quite as straight ahead as I was. Because of the angle of the couch and the tv, since he was on the left side of the couch in order for the tv to be directly in front of him, he needed to be turned a little bit to the right.

What that meant was that if I could just barely make out him playing with his dick out the corner of my eye, he could have plainly and clearly seen me unzip my pants and take out my dick.

Which begged the question that I thought to myself, “was that why he was playing with his dick.”

Now to be fair, it’s not easy to avoid playing with your cock when it’s hard. My left hand was resting on my left thigh, where just my fingertips could touch the shaft of my cock.

Right as I was thinking about all this, the scene changed and the guy stood up while the two girls kneeled down below him and he shot a really massive load of cum all over the first girls face. The second girl began to lick the cum off of her face and they proceeded to make out with cum all over their faces until the scene faded to black.

The next scene began pretty slowly with a super hot brunette woman slowly dancing around a room with a guy sitting in a chair and watching her.

I noted that Alex propped a pillow against his leg. I think he was trying to cover his dick, but I could totally still see it out of the corner of my eye.

“Damn,” Alex exhaled. “That shit was hot.”

“Yeah, that first girl was crazy flexible,” I joked, still not looking in Alex’s direction. He was looking at me.

“You get a woody? Cause I totally did.”

Damn that was a awkward question, “I mean... yeah... kinda... I mean...,” I managed to stammer.

“Well I think it’s more fun than baseball to watch. Let’s watch one more scene and then decide what we want to do. I’ll get us more beer.”

“Um, ok,” was all I could manage.

Alex quickly got up and walked around the couch to the left so I couldn’t see his boner. But he didn’t move fast enough and I really didn’t mean to look, but there it was in his shorts. I quickly but awkwardly put my pillow on my lap.

When he left the room I put my dick back in my pants and zipped back up. Then I polished off my beer.

Alex came back, and I’m not sure what he did but his boner was gone. He handed me a beer and a double shot of bourbon. I took it hesitantly.

“To new adventures,” Alex laughed as he clinked our glasses together and drank his in one pull.

“When in Rome,” I thought to myself and drained my glass too.

Alex plopped back down on his end of the couch and we turned out attention back to the action on the tv. When I was distracted a second blonde girl came onto the scene, she had very small but perky tits that were quite lovely. Apparently two girls and a guy is the theme today.

Both girls were kneeling shirtless in their panties while they took time sucking on they guy’s really big dick. Porn guys have the most astonishing cocks. His had a big head that looked both soft and hard at the same time.

My dick was back to full strength and I was starting to feel the warmth of the bourbon and at just that moment something surprising happened.

When Alex had sat back down he sat just slightly closer and slight more turned towards me. So I couldn’t risk taking my dick out again. But I could much easier see what he was doing out of the corner of my eye and he full on had his left hand in his pants and was very slowly stroking his cock. I could see the subtle up and down movement.

One of the women in the movie kept talking about how gorgeous the actor’s dick was. One of the times she did this Alex actually muttered out loud, “well he is a stallion.”

By this point I figured if he could just straight up stroke in his athletic shorts I didn’t need to keep my cock locked up any more either. I positioned the pillow off to the left between me and Alex and I unzipped my pants gently pulled it out and just kept my left hand wrapped around the shaft. I mean, bro was jacking off and while he might have been able to figure out that I’d taken my dick out he couldn’t possibly see it.

I couldn’t stop myself, I started to gently rub my left hand up and down the shaft of my hard dick. If he can jack, I can too, even if he’d know that I was doing it.

As soon as I began to stroke he pulled the elastic of his shorts over the head of his cock and I could see all of his surprisingly big dick.

He looked over at me and said, “I mean, it’s natural right. You see two gorgeous women sucking and stroking a cock like that and you’re going to stroke.”

I looked back and him and said with a confidence I wasn’t feeling, “yeah, totally normal, but hey let’s keep our focus on the tv.”

He just laughed, said, “yeah,” and turned back to the tv.

I unbuckled my belt and undid the button on my pant. If we’ve decided that we’re going to jack off to porn I’m going to be comfortable.

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