Blood Embrace: A Blood Lust Short Story

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*NOT A STAND ALONE* This is the honeymoon short story for Madison and Christopher from Blood Lust. To better understand the characters, I recommend that you read Blood Lust before reading this short story.

Erotica / Romance
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Bora Bora pt. 1


I chewed the inside of my cheek while shifting from one foot to the other repeatedly as I looked around the crowded arrival area of the airport. I let out a huff and pulled on Chris’ arm.

“I know.” He said reassuringly, rubbing my back. “We’re almost done.”

“You said that twenty minutes ago. How much longer do you think it’ll be? For real.”

He looked forward at the long line of people waiting to go through customs and scratched the back of his head.

“Uh… We’re gunna be here for a while.”

I let out a whimper and rested my forehead against his arm, under the hem of his white t-shirt.

“I told you not to drink so much sparkling water on the jet, Madison.” He chuckled.

“This isn’t from drinking, Christopher.” I narrowed my eyes, “This is from you and your magic sperm getting me pregnant.”

Chris grinned at me and put his hand on my lower back.

“Chris I am about to pee myself.” I said quietly, pressing my thighs together.

His eyes shot to mine and widened slightly. “Okay.”

Chris craned his neck around the people in front of us, an older couple in matching red floral shirts and white shorts, and turned to me, walking ahead. “I’ll be right back.”

I stared at the ladies room that was literally right. behind. the. Customs agent. It’s like it was mocking me, taunting me. I pulled at the hem of my bright floral print strapless dress with a whimper. The older woman turned and gave me a smile, her wide brimmed hat almost hitting me in the face.

“Start of a vacation?” She asked sweetly.

I gave her a grimace of a smile, crossing one ankle in front of the other. “Honeymoon.”

“Oh, congratulations! Harold, they’re on their honeymoon, oh how sweet.”

“That’s nice, dear.” Harold huffed.

“We’re on vacation. Harold just retired so we’re off seeing the world. First stop, Bora Bora.” She chuckled. “I’m Norma.”

“Madison.” I gave her a smile.

“Are you okay, dear?” Norma furrowed her brow.

“Mmhmm.” I said, shifting my feet.

Chris came back with a confused scowl on his face and scratching the back of his head.

“Chris?” I pleaded.

“They said no.”


“They said that… That you might uh… pull drugs out of your butt.” He said slowly, blinking repeatedly.


“Yeah, that’s what they said.” He looked at me.

“Oh my god, I can’t do this. I am literally about to pee.” My bladder felt like it was going to explode. “Did you ever see that video of the girl getting interviewed and then pees on live tv? That is going to be me in about thirty seconds.” I squeezed my knees together.

Chris looked around with a glare, and then walked off and talked to a security officer. I saw him pull money out of his wallet as he talked to the security guard, pointed at me and then the bathroom. He walked back over to me frowning.

“Did you just bribe a security guard?”

“I tried to. He took my money and then said no.” He crossed her arms with a huff.

Norma turned around and looked at us. “If you need to use the bathroom, there’s a handicap stall just around the corner.”

“Oh my god, seriously?!” I practically yelled.

“Yes, but it’s grimy and gross, just so you know.”

I practically ran without even saying anything to Chris or saying thank you to Norma and slammed the bathroom door shut behind me. I grimaced when I saw the toilet seat was full of stains and smudges, but shimmied my panties down and squatted, hovering over the toilet. I let out a moan of relief as I relieved myself, washed my hands, and walked out back to Chris.

“Better?” He wrapped his arm around me.

“So. Much. Better.” I said leaning my head on his arm and resting my hand on his chest.

It took a couple of hours to get through customs and find our bags. Chris managed to find them and loaded them onto a trolly and we walked toward the exit.

“It’s weird, I thought since we flew on your jet-” I started.

Our jet.”

Our jet- that we could skip customs.”

He let out a chuckle. “From state to state, yes, not international flights.”

We walked outside and it was like walking into a wall of heat. It was so fucking hot. I looked at Chris who looked at me and gave me a small smile.

“D-do you think they’ll have air conditioning?”

“I’m sure they do.” He said as he wiped his brow with the back of his hand.


My arms were wrapped around Chris’ abdomen and my cheek was pressed into his back as he spoke with the person at the front desk of the hotel. He hand one hand over mine and I could feel that his back was slightly wet from sweat, but I didn’t care. Is it weird that feeling the slight wetness of his sweat made me get slightly turned on? I feel like that’s really weird, but I couldn’t help it. Maybe it’s just because of the pregnancy.

“Umm, I’m sorry… What?” Chris said, leaning forward slightly.

I craned my head over his arm.

“There is nothing here under your name, sir.”

“I booked this hotel two weeks ago.” Chris clenched his jaw, “It’s reserved for Christopher Montgomery… Private villa on the lagoon.”

“In one of those cute little bungalow pod things in the water.” I added, moving to stand beside Chris.

Chris wrapped his arm around me, rubbing my back.

“Yes ma’am, but there is nothing here. No villa booked.” The clerk said.

Chris let out a slight growl and narrowed his eyes. “Okay, then I’d like to book one now.”

“I’m sorry sir, we have no villa’s available right now. But we do have a private hut on the beach available.”

I pouted slightly and looked at Chris who sighed. “Seriously? A hut on the beach when I specifically booked a villa on the lagoon?”

“I’m sorry sir, but I don’t know who booked it for you. We have only the one hut available.”

“Chris, babe. It’s fine.” I said, running my hand down his back, sensing that he was about to flip out.

He looked at me and cocked an eyebrow.

“Really, it’s fine. We aren’t going to be in it all the time, anyway. We’ll be out doing activities.”

He gave me a small smile and nodded. “I guess we’ll take the hut then.”


We walked down a long boardwalk, passing villas in the water and along the beach front. The further from the office we went, the smaller the villas got, eventually turning into smaller huts. We came to the end of the boardwalk and Chris looked at the key and map in his hand and then at me.

“This can’t be right.” He said.

We both stood in complete shock in front of the hut with the number that we had been given. It was fucking tiny. It had a fake palm leaf style tin roof and weathered wooden shingles with one of those doors where the top and bottom can both open. We looked at each other, then down at the map and key in Chris’ hand.

“Well… It has character.” I said reluctantly.

Chris gave me a look and cocked an eyebrow, and unlocked the door. I went to walk inside when he stopped me.

“Chris!” I let out a squeal as he picked me up bridal style, and I wrapped my arms around his neck as he carried me over the threshold.

“Are you going to be a cheeseball and do this every time we go into a new room?”

“Every time we go into one that we haven’t fucked in.” He grinned at me.

Our smiles instantly faded when we took in the surroundings of the hut. It was one room, with a small kitchenette along one wall, a tiny love seat and two chairs that faced the only window that overlooked the back of a tiki hut type of building that had a rec room in it, a three drawer dresser, and a double bed with pink pillows and a hideous blanket that had a leaf pattern in various colours of green that matched the same design of the love seat. The headboard of the bed was designed to look like drift wood and branches, and the love seat, chairs, dresser and the small kitchen table with two chairs were all made out of wicker.

Chris slowly set me onto the floor, his eyes looking around.

“You have got to be kidding.” He said, his eyes focusing on a large wall picture of a grapevine.

“What’s that smell?” I wriggled my nose as a very floral, slightly dusty scent filled my lungs.

“That’s the smell of nineteen eighty-one, Madison. The same year I’m assuming that this hut was furnished.” He said as he picked up a frilly pick throw pillow from the love seat, cocked an eyebrow at it, and put it back down.

I sucked in a breath and let out a snort, followed by a laugh. Chris shook his head at me, and chuckled.

We unpacked what would fit into the small dresser and small closet. There was a door beside the bed that led into a very tiny bathroom with a stall type shower that Chris wouldn’t have even been able to stand up straight in that made me laugh.

“I’ve booked a villa with another hotel that we can go to first thing tomorrow morning.” He said as I came out of the bathroom.

“You mean you don’t like the beautiful view here?” I said, pointing at the window.

He rolled his eyes and drew the curtains that had the same green leaf print as the love seat and bed. “Oh god, that did not make the room any better.” He huffed.

I laughed and sat down on the incredibly hard bed that creaked very loudly and gasped. I bounced slightly, making it creak more and looked at Chris.

“This is a very hard bed.” I grimaced, as I bounced some more on it, feeling the springs move.

Chris smirked, sauntering over. “It’s also very loud.”

“That it is.” I said, pushing back onto the bed.

“Which means…” He said as he crawled over me slowly, making me fall back onto my back. “We are going to make…” He lowered himself down and pressed a kiss behind my ear, “The people in the surrounding huts very angry all night.”

“Oh?” I snaked my arms around his neck.

“Because this bed is not going to stop creaking tonight.”

“You’re very sure of yourself.” I said as his lips came down and he kissed me softly.

“I am, very much so.” He said, his voice filled with lust.

I let out a soft moan when he ran his hands up my abdomen and cupped my breasts as he kissed along my collarbone.

“Your breasts have already gotten bigger and you’re only seven weeks pregnant.” He said softly against my skin.

“Yeah, and more sensitive.” I said as I bit my lip.

He grinned as he slowly massaged them. “Yeah?”

My back arched slightly when he started to suck on the skin over my collarbone. I bit my lip and ran my hands through his hair, feeling my nipples harden and my panties moisten.

Chis shot up and looked me in the eyes, his deep brown iris’ now a deep shade of crimson. “Madison, I can smell you.”

I gave him a sinful smile and raked my fingers down his shirt slowly, popping the buttons undone along the way. He wriggled out of it and tossed it on the floor, then pulled my dress down slowly, exposing my breasts and my erect nipples. He took one nipple into his mouth and sucked gently on it, sending sparks shooting through me. I gasped and felt myself getting wetter as he flicked my nipple with his tongue, then moved to the other one, sucking as he pulled my dress down to my hips. I lifted my hips up and he slowly pulled the dress down, pulling away from me and throwing the dress on the floor. He peppered kisses down my abdomen and my breath hitched when he took my panties into his mouth and pulled them down, discarding them on the floor with my dress and his shirt. I let out a soft moan as he dragged his tongue up my thigh.

He let out a groan. “You smell so sweet, Madison.”

“Tell me how I taste.” I said with a giggle, biting my lip, and ran my foot down his back while pushing his head down slightly.

He chuckled and bit the sensitive skin of my inner thigh and looked up at me and winked with a smirk.

“With pleasure, Mrs. Montgomery.”

I let out a loud moan as his tongue fluttered across my clit, my back arching slightly. He let out a groan and ran his tongue along my wet opening, sucking on my labia and then slowly ran his tongue back up.

“Fuck, you taste so sweet.” He murmured, briefly bumping my clit with his nose. “I love how sweet you taste.”

I watched him stick two of his fingers into his mouth and then felt him slowly push them inside of me, and I cried out as he slowly curled them inside of me.

He pumped his fingers slowly while he sucked on my clit, and my breathing sped up as I felt jolts of pleasure surging through me. I grabbed my breasts and involuntarily arched my back.

“Fuck.” I moaned out.

He pumped his fingers faster and I grabbed his head with one hand, gripping onto his hair as I started to pant. Faster his fingers moved and I felt that pleasurable warmth start to build up as he kissed along my inner thigh.

“Oh fuck!” I cried out as his tongue moved in fast circles over my clit. “Oh god, oh fuck, oh j-”

I shot up, crying out as my orgasm rolled through me, one hand holding his head in place, the other reached back on the bed. Chris’ hands reached up and rested on my lower back, supporting me as my back arched and my head fell back.

I cried out loudly, “Oh god, Chris! Oh my god, yes! Ahh, god!”

I fell back and let out a loud sigh as my chest heaved and looked at Chris who wiped his mouth on the back of his hand and stuck his fingers in his mouth, sucking my arousal off of them. I bit my lip and pushed my thighs together, suddenly self conscious being so exposed, even though he’s seen my vag numerous times.

He kissed his way up my abdomen and placed a kiss to my lips. I kissed him back, resting my hands on the back of his neck as he deepened the kiss, wrapping his strong arms under my shoulders. He kissed along my jaw and down my neck, his erection poking against my abdomen.

“Turn over.” He said in a husky, aroused voice.

I bit my lip and turned around, propped up on my hands and knees and looked back at him with a grin as I spread my legs wider. He stood up and pulled his shorts off, stroking himself as I slowly rotated my hips, wiggling my ass.

“Mmmm, fuck.” He groaned.

Chris knelt behind me, his hand rubbing my ass gently and before he smacked my right cheek hard, causing me to jump and gasp.

“Ah, shit!” I gasped.

He chuckled and rubbed the spot he had slapped and leaned down, brushing my hair to the side and kissed the back of my shoulder just as he trusted into my wet, wanting heat.

“Fuck!” I cried out, the power of the thrust causing me to jolt forward.

“Mmm… Fuck.” He groaned, holding onto my hips kissing the back of my neck as he moved against me powerfully.

I could feel him hitting the roof of my walls and it felt fucking fantastic. Chris pulled me up so that we were on our knees, one arm wrapped around my abdomen, the other between my breasts with his hand wrapped around my throat. I wrapped my hands around his forearm as I moaned out while he pounded into me. He moaned out against my temple and forced my face to the side and crashed his lips against mine, the hand that was around my throat moved across my chest and moving his other one between my legs, his middle finger circling around my clit. My legs started to tremble and I felt my toes start to curl as I dug my nails into his arm.

“Oh god!” I cried out, feeling the hair on my scalp getting sweaty.

Sweat clung to our skin giving us a shimmery, dewy look from the intensity of our fucking and from the humid, hot air of the climate.

Chris released me and I braced myself on my hands again, letting myself fall back into the pillows with my hips up higher than my head and moaned out into the pillows feeling myself start to get that warm feeling start to overtake myself again. My breathing sped up and I bit my lower lip to stop myself from crying out. Chris lowered down, leaning over me with his arms wrapped under my arms, crossing over my chest and rested his hands on my shoulders with his forehead resting on the back of my head, his hips rocking faster against my ass as he plunged into my dripping wet heat causing the bed to squeak loudly as it hit against the wall.

“Oh fuck.” He moaned out, moving faster.

Are you going to come, baby?” I panted, turning my head to the side and looking at him.

Mmm, fuck… I’m close baby.

“Nng… Ah, god.” My breath was shaky and hitched in my throat slightly.

Fuck, the guttural groans that he made were so hot. He was panting, moaning, and grunting in my ear as he thrusted his hips faster, turning me on even more. He moved one hand between my legs again and circled around my clit.

I wanna feel you sucking around my cock, baby. I wanna feel you come, Madison. Come on, baby girl.” He moaned against my temple through gritted teeth.

“Mmm, fuck. Keep talking, Chris.”

I want to make you feel so good you won’t be able to breathe.” He circled around my clit even faster.

I let out a loud moan, closing my eyes feeling my abdomen tighten, on the cusp of my orgasm as my pussy jolted, my walls tightened. Fuck, I was so wet. I always am when we fuck.

Do I feel good, baby?

So fucking good. So tight and smooth.” He groaned against the back of my shoulder.

I cried out loudly as I felt my walls start to spasm and pleasure roll through me.

“Oh fuck!” I screamed out, “Oh god, holy fuuuuuck, god!” My eyes rolled back.

I was struggling to breathe as the pleasure intensified, and I moaned loudly as Chris let out a loud groan, his hips moving faster, knocking the bed against the wall until he abruptly stopped, his hips slammed against mine.

“Fuuuck… Oh fuck, mmm. Fuck, Madison.” He moaned, moving his hips slowly as I felt his release spurting into me, causing me to spontaneously have another orgasm.


I was brushing my teeth when Chris came into the bathroom naked and stood in front of the shower and blinked a few times. I let out a giggle as I watched him from the mirror. The stall was tiny and I was barely able to get a shower while Chris had been trying to find his body wash from his bag, and I’m only 5”7. This is the moment I was waiting for, to see my 6”3, broad shouldered husband try to fit into this tiny shower with the low shower head. He scratched the back of his head and looked at me with a grin on his face.

“How the fuck…” He let out a laugh.

I laughed loudly, leaning against the pedestal sink, turning around to face him, my toothbrush hanging out of my mouth. Chris held his hands out to the sides and shook his head.

“Am I that fucking tall?”

I snorted a laugh as he opened the door to it and put one leg in, and shimmied his body, trying to squeeze in, water spraying off of his chest.

“Madison, this… This is not going to…” He huffed through his laughter.

I stood in front of the shower as he leaned his head under the shower head awkwardly, his shoulders contorted.

“Madison, I’m not even going to be able to wash myself!” He put his arms in front of his torso, “I guess I’ll just stand here.”

I laughed loudly, leaning over and bracing myself on my knees, holding my toothbrush in my hand. “I… I need to… I need to pee!”

I used the toilet and flushed, gasping when I realized what I had done.

“Oh, god! I’m so sor-”

Chris let out a loud cry. “Holy fucking christ! Ahh, that’s fucking freezing!”

I heard him banging against the stall walls.

“Madison, why did you do that?” He laughed.

“I’m sorry!” I said, looking at him through the door and seeing how contorted he was.


I was laying on the bed trying to get comfortable when Chris came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Did you have a good shower?”

He glared at me with his hands on his hips. “Oh, it was very relaxing. I thoroughly enjoyed the angle that I had to tilt my neck at. It took me five minutes to get out of the shower, Madison. I almost called for your help.”

I covered my face with the blanket to hide my laugh. Chris huffed and dropped the towel to the floor and walked over and tapped my leg. I moved over to the other side of the bed as Chris climbed into the bed next to me.

“I don’t fucking believe this.” He scoffed.


“My feet are hanging off of the bed.”

I laughed loudly as he pulled me closer to him.

“I’m sorry, Madison. I was planning on fucking your brains out all night, but with the size of that shower I’m not interested in having another shower here.”

I laughed and kissed his shoulder. “It’s fine, babe. I am more than satisfied.”

“The villa we’ll be at tomorrow is gorgeous baby. And no close neighbours.” He said with a sigh as we heard someone laughing loudly not far from our hut.

“Is it close to a busy road?” I asked with a wince as several loud vehicles drove by.

“No, it’s on a private island.”


Chris shifted and the bed creaked loudly. “Oh god, I am not going to be getting any sleep.”

“I know! It’s like sleeping on a wooden board or something!”

“God, this is uncomfortable. A hard mattress, paper thin pillows…” Chris muttered.

“A room that smells like a funeral home.” I added.

“A shower made for children.”

“Loud ass road.”

“No air conditioning.” Chris huffed, kicking the blanket off of us.

“A great view of a building.”

Chris chuckled. “I am going to have body aches tomorrow.”

“Is this even a mattress? Are we sure it’s not just a box spring?” I laughed.

“It wouldn’t fucking surprise me if it was!”

I nestled into Chris’ side and he kissed the top of my head. I grinned and slowly moved my hand from his chest down his abdomen. He grinned at me and bit his lower lip as my hand skimmed over the happy trial for hair under his navel and down further.

“Mmmm…” He hummed.

I tapped my fingers down through his pubic hair to the base of his shaft. He grinned and folded both hands under his head as I sat up, folding my hand around his hardening length. I tucked my hair behind my ear and leaned over, flicking my tongue out over the tip of his head and grinned when he sucked in a breath. The guttural sound he made when I took him into my mouth made my clit throb. I let my saliva drip down his shaft and act as a lubricant as I moved my hand down and then up slowly, bobbing my head as I took more of him into my mouth.

“Mmmm.” He leaned his head back further into the pillow and ran one hand through my hair.

I swirled my tongue around, massaging his shaft as I bobbed my head faster, my free hand moving to cup his heavy balls and massaged them slowly. His breath hitched and he let out a low groan, gently grabbing my hair up into his hand, pulling it back out of my face so he could watch me taking more of him into my mouth.

“Shit, Madison.” He huffed, furrowing his brow.

I took as much of him into my mouth as I could, gagging on him slightly as he hit the back of my throat, but I bobbed my head faster.

“I don’t want you choking.” He said softly, pulling my head up slightly.

I locked my eyes on his as I continued taking him into my mouth.

“Oh god.” He moaned out, gently running his fingers through my hair and started to thrust his hips slowly.

I moved my hand even faster along his shaft, focusing on the head of his dick, swirling my tongue over the tip and ran my tongue from the base of his dick up to the tip.

“Oh god!” He moaned as I took him in my mouth again. “Shit, I’m…”

I moved my mouth and hands faster, feeling his balls tighten and he let out a loud moaning groan and I felt the underside of his shaft start to pulsate and grinned slightly as I felt him shoot his warm, salty, delicious release into my mouth. I slowly ran my tongue over the very tip, feeling his cum shoot out of him and hitting my tongue.

“Mmmm, fuuck… Shh… Oh fuck.” He groaned as he continued to shoot his load.

It’s funny, the first time I gave him a blow job I thought it was so gross, but since I turned and our bonding became stronger because I became a vampire, I fucking loved tasting his cum and loved giving him blowjobs. He was my very own Christopher flavoured lollypop, ready for me to enjoy whenever I wanted.

He was panting, recovering from his orgasm when I sat up and dabbed at the corners of my mouth, grinning. He pulled me down by the back of my neck and kissed my lips.


Our new villa was in a resort on a little island, and fucking gorgeous. We had one of those pod type villas out on the water, with large open cut windows that had wooden folding blinds to pull down at night or whenever you wanted privacy. There was a large sitting room with soft white sofas and chairs with turquoise throw pillows, and a small kitchenette with a sunken fireplace. There were sheer white curtains that were pinned to posts that would act as a separator from the sitting area to the bedroom area. The bedroom was gorgeous with a large king sized bed with a memory foam topper, a white duvet, white sheets, and white pillowcases. The bedroom area was raised higher than the rest of the villa, making you have to step up to get to. The bed had beautiful turquoise accent pillows similar to the ones on the sofas. The walls were a gorgeous white wood panelling and the floors were all darker wood, giving the villa a bigger feeling with high vaulted ceilings, the open window design and multiple ceiling fans made for great airflow.

The bathroom was in a separate smaller pod of the villa just outside the front door to the left and had a gorgeous rainfall type shower, and a sunken jacuzzi style tub that you had to walk into with a full skylight ceiling, giving it lots of natural light. The main building in the actual resort on the beach had a full dining room, a large pool that we were never going to use since we were right on the lagoon, and a tennis court with a few other amenities. The back of our villa had a large sliding door and a covered canopy area with lounge chairs, an outside fireplace, and a step ladder that led into the lagoon with a gorgeous view of the tropical trees of the island and the lagoon. This was the type of villa that we were expecting, not the sad little hut that we were in the first night. I was staring out at the lagoon when Chris came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me, kissing the back of my neck.

“This is gorgeous.” I said, wrapping my arms around his arms.

He nuzzled his nose against my temple. “Yes, it is.”

I turned my head and saw the wind ruffle his hair slightly and he drew in a deep breath, and I knew he was enjoying and still getting used to being in the sun.

“How long do we have before they serve lunch?” I asked.

“About three hours I believe. They said they serve lunch from eleven until one.” He answered.

“Oh, good. We have plenty of time then.”

He grinned at me. “What exactly did you have in mind, Mrs. Montgomery?”

I turned in his arms and stood on my tiptoes, kissing his lips. “I think I’d like to go swimming in the lagoon.”


I stepped away from him and slipped out of the white coverup I was wearing and reached my arms behind my back with a grin.

“Yep, I think it’ll be nice to enjoy the warm water.”

I grinned as I pulled the bow on my bikini top that tied around my back and watched him gulp as the bottom of my breasts became visible. I reached my arms up and untied the strings around my neck, letting the top fall to the deck. Chris hissed in a breath and took a step toward me. I grinned and untied the strings at the sides of the bottoms and they joined the top on the deck. Chris’ eyes travelled over my body and he bit his lip as he grinned, then his eyes widened.


I giggled as I jumped off of the deck and into the lagoon, popping up and pushing my hair back, I looked up at him grinning.

“Are you coming, Mr. Montgomery?”

He cocked an eyebrow, “Oh, I will be soon I’m sure.” He winked at me and reached behind his head pulling his shirt off, looked around, and then slipped out of his shorts and jumped in after me.

I shrieked out a laugh as he snaked his arms around my waist, popping his head up and out of the water, pulling me against his chest.

“Hi.” I said, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Hi.” He grinned, running his hands down to my ass.

I wrapped my legs around him and smiled as he kissed me.

Week one of our six week honeymoon had started, and I couldn’t fucking wait to see what we were going to do.

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