Split Fate (Book One)

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Colton has lived his life without giving a damn about how his actions affect the people around him. But will all of that change when Marissa realizes who the man she cant get enough of really is?

Erotica / Fantasy
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Marissa's P.O.V.

I wake up to a soft breeze and heavy sunlight sneaking into my room. I must have forgotten to close the window last night before I came to bed. I sit up and put my feet on the floor looking for my phone before remembering that I broke it last night on the way home. Looks like I wont be jogging on bumpy trails anymore.

"Mar! Get up and at em. Its 11:30am" My dad yells from downstairs. With a peek at the clock on my nightstand I realize that I'm late for work again. Rushing around getting ready for work I brush my hair and my teeth and put on my uniform. Black jeans that show off my curves and a navy blue shirt. I head downstairs and grab a Carmel frappe out of the fridge before snatching my keys off the corner and heading for my escape. "Love you dad, ill be back tonight as usual." I softly call into the house hoping that he'll hear me over whatever demons him and my mother are fighting with each other about today

"Marissa?" I look back to see the guy from last night standing at the end of my driveway. Colton I think was his name. My jaw literally drops and he gives me that signature smirk. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING AT MY HOUSE YOU FREAK?!? I scream at him. I hear a bang in my house and unlock my car opening the door. "Get in the goddamn car Colton." I growl. He breaks into a full smile clearly amused on how quickly I went from get away to get in.

Colton's P.O.V.

I look out the window enjoying the view. I can use pull to get her to take off work and spend the day with me. I glance at her and see her gripping the steering wheel with enough force to turn her knuckles white and rest my hand on her thigh. She shoots me a glare and focuses back on the road and I give a gentle squeeze. "You are going to pull over on this dirt road and call your boss to tell him you cant make it today and possibly not tomorrow either due to family issues." I whisper.

She hesitates before her mind accepts the pull and the car slows to a stop. A few minutes go by before she asks to borrow my phone and I gladly allow it. As I listen to her explain to her boss that she's sorry for calling in I gently slide my hand up her thigh and give a soft squeeze. She looks over at me and glares clearly coming down from the high that pull gives humans. she looks so mad and if I'm being honest I love it. "You care enough to hate me?" I gloat as she shoves my phone into my hand, the one that isn't resting on her thigh laying in wait of any signal to continue.

Marissa's P.O.V.
My car is currently in park on the side of the road and I don't remember how I got here. Slowly I look away from Colton and down at his hand on my lap. the warmth from him is radiating through my veins and even though I'm nothing near cold I feel goosebumps start to rise up on my thighs. usually I have no problem shying away from sexual advances that egotistic boys throw my way but with him its different. I don't shy him away instead I enjoy the way his skin feels on mine. He's oh so close but for some reason it still isn't enough.
Slowly with fake confidence I look back to the road and start my car. His fingers twitch once, twice, and then he tells me to go to law wood. A town that's two hours away with a population of barely 100 people. All vampires, that would explain a lot I think to myself.
I drive to Law Wood knowing the way by heart for the yearly mating event. Human girls from certain families all have to go to a party the day before Halloween to be chosen from, my family being one of them. Some come home and some have to live their days out with the vampire. Some being changed and some remaining human. But the difference is that its summertime, Not October 29th. And for a vampire to bring me to Law Wood before that can only mean one thing. That something either me or a member of my family did has affected the balance and ill be the one to pay for it.

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