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August, a 18-year old late bloomer, was on the verge of High School graduation. Her one and only goal is to loose her virginity to anyone at the school. One day, she meets Charles. They soon start a singular and seductive relationship.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

The wind was howling. The breeze was high, and the voice in my head would not stop speaking. I was in the mid of an one night stand, until the shit bag passed out. Never have been this embarrassed. I knew that a party isn't the ideal place to loose your virginity... but I wanted too. Mr. Drunk was fucking hot. Tone abs, blue eyes, sexy ass, and perfect smile. He was the captain of the Football team. He's going to wake up very hungover, though. I get up from the impossible-to-sleep-on bed. It was like laying down on a piece of cardboard. I grabbed my bra, panties, shirt, and shoes. People were passed out at every inch of the house. I wanted to leave shamelessly. Didn't want anyone to think that my hook-up was an absolute failure. Even if I lied, Mr. Drunk was fully clothed. His dick wasn't even sticking out.
I arrived home. I was glad that I was able too. The odd thing about not getting fucked was that I never really fucked myself. My feisty inner voice screams at me that masturbation is normal at my age. I'm sure it is. However, I just haven't done any of it. Am I curious? Of course I am but nothing has really driven to it. Am I odd? Am I a freak? Am I normal? All those thoughts are racing around my mind as if we were in a track race. Graduation is coming up and one of my main and only goals are too loose my virginity. How will I accomplish that? I was a very late-bloomer. Felt like Carrie White at some point. Senior year was my year and I'm determined to get fucked.
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