The Dom that Broke Me

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Life was shitty as I knew it! Going through a divorce with two toddlers living under my parents roof sucked. On top of everything else I worked at a daycare making shitty money but enough to get me by. Little did I know my life was about to turn upside down and I’d never be the same. This is a true story about myself it’s taken me years to want to write it but since I’ve healed I think it’s time.

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Chapter 1

It just started off as any other day in my life. Getting two toddlers up and dressed drive thirty minutes to work. Before I could even go into the daycare that I worked at I had to put both the kids shoes back on since they decided to take them off. Walk them to their rooms then get my class ready for the day. After my divorce I had lost 13lbs due to stress. The divorce was quick but messy. Thank God for my cousin being a divorce lawyer that didn’t take no shit. He deserved so much more that what he got! He was your typical asshole that didn’t mind cheating. More than three times in our three and a half years of marriage. I was spent.

After kicking me and my kids out of the house literally having no where to go except my parents. Then I find out he moves in his stripper girlfriend and got a Mohawk!! A Mohawk for crying out loud!

I was cleaning up the room. Parents were starting to drop their kids off. Being chipper and all smiles is hard to do when you feel down but I always try to make the best out of any situation. Letting the kids play in centers was their favorite so I always let them in the morning. My boss then walks in with a parent and a little girl. The father was a sight to behold. At least six foot tall. Broad shoulders, lean waist. Dark skin and brown hair. He was dressed in slacks and a dress shirt and tie. He looked like sex on legs. His eyes was such a dark blue they looked almost grey.

“Lauren, this is one of our new enrollments. Her name is Lexie and this is her dad” my boss said.

I reached out and shook his hand. Meeting his deep dark blue eyes. My neck began to heat. Gosh I hope I’m not blushing in front of my boss. Seeing his hand over mine gave me goosebumps all over.

“Nice to meet you, Mister...”

“Keith” he replies.

Oh my gosh. Even his voice is sexy! Strong and solid. If I wasn’t blushing before I sure was now.

“Well Lauren I’m going to let you talk to Mr. Keith and get to know miss Lexie.”

“Yes ma’am” I said to her. She walked away back to the front near the office.

“So tell me Mr. Keith what all does Lexie like to do? Is she allergic to anything?”

“She loves to play dress up and she loves Snow White.” He said. She was standing in front of him as he played with her hair.

I bent down to her and told her I love Snow White, maybe one day we can watch it for movie time”

She smiled at me a bit shy. Putting her fingers in her mouth.

“She can be a bit shy” he said.

I looked up at him from my crouched position. His eyes grew a tad darker but then the moment was gone. Almost as! No way would he be interested in someone like me. I always get the girl next door remarks. Not entirely gorgeous but not ugly either. Being only 4,11in with a hourglass figure wasn’t what men liked. They like the tall thin blonde look, with legs for days. Which I am none of those things.

“Would you like to go play in centers Lexie?”

She didn’t budge. Which I don’t blame her. Daddy was playing with her hair. Wish he was playing with my hair.

Lauren get your mind out of the gutter you hussy!

He was staring at me.

“ I’m sorry, I zoned out for a second”

His smirk gave me the idea he knew where my mind was.

Was I that obvious?

“Well I must get to work, Lexie give daddy a kiss and be a good girl” he said.

“Ok” she said then turned to go to the kitchen center.

I looked up at him and looked at his deep eyes.

“She will do great! Don’t you worry”

“Oh I won’t, I feel she’s in good hands.” He reached just hard out again for me to shake it I reached out and shook his hand.

His hand engulfed mine. I felt warm again all over. Giving my stomach butterflies. If I have to see this man every morning he’s gonna give me a heart attack. That or wet dreams all the time.

“It was nice to meet you Lauren” his voice deep and raspy.

I gulped.

“It was nice to meet you too mister keith”

He turned and walked away leaving me to glance at his firm amazing looking ass. I’ve never been a girl to check out a mans ass but today I would make an exception. Next thing I know he turns around and sees me staring right at his ass. I looked away in a hurry. Swear he saw me! Oh my God! How embarrassing. He probably things I’m a perv.

Great first impression Lauren! Way to go!

I see his smirk as he rounds the corner.

This is going to be torture I can just tell it now!

Hot and bothered at work, listening to yelling kids all day. Yeah this was going to be fun.

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