The Art of Dominance

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"You claim to be a Dominant?" "I am a Dominant. Mistress X to be precise." "Bullshit." He scoffs, twisting the signet ring around his finger, eyeing me up in the entryway of the dark club. "You're a bratty Submissive at best." I smile indifferently, ignoring the uncomfortable feeling rising from deep within. "And at worst?" I question, curious as to the direction of travel. "Submissive." He responds without hesitation. ***** I was dominant, I am dominant, I will be the best Dominant. Growing up strong-willed lent itself naturally to the profession of Law. Having fought hard for her position, Tara felt proud and comfortable directing conversations, mediating clients, and instructing upcoming lawyers. The dominance she practiced exerted itself into her private life, unable to switch it off and undirected. Over time, dominating Submissives became natural. After all, her professional life sought her skills of manipulation. Yet it left her unsatisfied. The fire had left. She accepted her role to help others fulfil their own submissive tendancies. She was not for a minute prepared for someone to challenge her inherent nature. If he wanted a brat, he'd get one.

Erotica / Romance
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Dear Readers,

It's an honour that you've decided to embark on this book, hopefully you enjoy it, and if not, you're under no duty to continue it!

I am currently completing my finals at University and write in my free time, so please, do not hassle me for updates, I will honestly try to do my best :)

I hope you enjoy yourselves and if per chance I've made a genuine mistake (rather than an element of the book you just don't like!) please do let me know. Otherwise, supportive comments are always appreciated!

This is an erotic, mature book. You must be 18+ to read otherwise I could not feel comfortable writing it. Graphic sex scenes will be written from chapter 1. There is a fundamental romantic plot line, however, it is necessarily linked with sex so if that makes you uncomfortable, you probably will not enjoy this book.

For those of you cheeky enough to be into this - enjoy ;) I certainly did...

Lots of love,


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