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Erotica / Fantasy
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How can girl deny handsome man like me?
One hundred percent not.
I am a kind of man, girl wants to be carried in hands to bed. But it is not easy. She is needed to be good in order to attract me.
First, she has to have pretty face and good figure.
Second, she has to have clean. No disease.
Third, she has to be single, but I don't mind if she ever experience with man. And I don't prefer virgin.
Forth, she has to accept that we just have night romance, not relationship.
Fifth, I make her.. not she makes me.
Not many girl has full conditions, but I can find some.
Like tonight, I get one and I really enjoy with her.
I met her at club. She wanted to seduce me and I informed her my rules. She agreed and she got tested and confirmed that she was clean.
After, we hire a room.
When we enter the room, I push her to on the bed. Then I remove my cloth, but I tell her to keep hers. I like to remove by myself.
She sleeps on bed, eyes keeping on me.
After that, I climb on bed. I take her gown, not violent but not gently too.
I take off both out and in. She looks frustrated. I bet she is waiting for my beat. She is hungry for me.
I don't waste time. When I remove her cloth, I jump my face to her bosom. Pair of her bosom are full. Great size. I like that.
I grab them. I kiss them with my nose. Then with my mouth.
My kiss makes her moving her body. She wants to touch me, but I say, 'I don't like anyone touching me.' Then she puts her hands away. Up side pillow.
I continue kissing her bosom.
She cries little voice. It is pleasure sound that lady likes to express. She shows that she is meeting good feeling.
I don't care her cry. I just focus on her bosom.
Next, I lick her nipples. Yes, right nipple first. I lick it. After, I flicker it. Until it becomes hard then I change to left nipple. I repeat my action.
She is yelling when I do her nipple.
I bet she wants to touch me, but she tries to calm down herself. She really wants to touch me badly. But sorry, it is not right time.
After I finish enjoying her upper part, I begin to do battle. I spread her legs and I push my thing into her. It is my way. I don't like caress longer. I like to take. It is best to move my hips when my thing is set inside her. I push one to make sure it is right. She screams when I push. OK, I am sure I got correctly. I move my hips. Well, good, yeah. I move in and out inside her. Good feeling. I grab her waists when I do her. I gaze. It is comfortable. God.
Not only me, but also her. She produces content voice. She looks at me straight into my eyes. I think she wants to ask me she can touch or not. My reaction shows answer already. Not yet time.
I am not in mood to be touched. I want to touch.
I change to grab her bosom instead of waists and I push up to her faster. She moans. I groan. Wow, so please.
I grab her bosom tightly when I move my hips faster. Very great. She has no choice but to scream loudly. Also, she tells me, 'Harder.'
I will, but wait. I need to pause to take a breath. Then I carry on. Faster and harder. Very good this time. Better. It gets better and better. I like that. I really like it. I open my mouth. It is really good that I need to smile. I cannot stop. It is great that I need to continue. My hips move faster and faster. Also, I hit harder to her. I love to see her body shaking. I love to hear her erotic voice. It is my paradise.
'Can I touch you now?' She asks me.
I don't reply her. I pause again. I grab her hands raising her up. I allow her to sit on my thighs. Then I hit her. She realizes that now, she can touch me or she cannot tolerate and will fall out of my thighs. She hugs my neck. She cannot stop screaming. Her body shakes, especially her bosom. They shake strongly and I cannot bear with such view and my mouth jumps to suck her nipple.
Great time. Suck nipple and hit her from below at same time.
Really really comfortable.
I pause. I arrive at half way. I need to take a break and I want to change pose.
I place her sit her back at board of bed. Behind her back is pillow. She opens her legs. I grab her knees and strike her. She opens her mouth. Smiling. I shake her again. Shake. Shake. Shake. She repeats UGH UGH according to my beat. Pretty rhythm. Hot rhythm. That make me cannot stop hitting her.
I hit her stronger that her back touching board of bed DUB DUB.
After, I raise one of her leg up and continue crash her.
Oh, god. I like so much. I push and push. I feel great. Comfortable. Content. Delicious.
As I almost reach finished-line, I put her leg down and stick my body to her. I proceed hitting. Her face is sticking with my chest. I press my chest hard on her that she has to turn her face side or her nose will be blocked.
Like I said, I almost reach finished line and closer and closer. I increase my speed to reach the line. I add my power to my hips to strike her and she screams loudly.
She cries louder. Also, I groan.
Closer to the line. I push her hardly.
Push. Push. Push.
Yes, I am winner.
I smile when I quit. I take breath. She is also breathing fast.
Then I withdraw myself to bathroom. I take shower. When I get out, she is still naked on the bed. She looks tired. She asks, 'Can we meet again?'
I reply her while I am dressing up, 'Let see how luck we have.'
Then I leave the room. I careless because I already told that I just take.
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