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The New Neighbour pt 2

I was on my laptop, looking at a video, rubbing myself, I was feeling really horny and bored, I didn’t know what to do with myself other than play a little. I watched as the girl in the video was getting pounded by the big muscular guy and it made me wish I was there. I wanted to be the one getting pounded, or maybe even join them but I couldn’t, I could only watch. I felt myself getting closer and was about to c*m when I heard the doorbell ring, I wanted to ignore it but decided otherwise, and I was glad I did decide to open the door.

Micheal stood on the other side of the door dressed casually in a t-shirt and jeans, he looked nervous, it kind of turned me on, he was clearly very new to this, probably hasn’t been with many girls in the past and I liked that, I wanted to experiment with him.

“H-Hey Crystal.” he said.

“Hey Mikey. What’s up?” I asked him.

“I um wanted to uh know if you were free, maybe we can watch a movie?” He asked, sounding a little unsure of himself, god he was so sexy and he didn’t even know it, that’s what made it even better.

“Hmmmm sure, are your parents home right now?” I asked.

“Um yeah but we can just watch a movie in the living room.” cute, he thought I just wanted to watch a movie, how cute.

“How about we go into my room, my mom isn’t home and my bed is super comfy, maybe we can even cuddle.” I said, I saw him gulp a little at my words, probably of the thought of us being close again.

“O-ok that sounds good to me.” he said with a smile.

“perfect , let’s go.”

We were in my room now, in the middle of watching a movie together when a s*x scene started and I started to really get horny. I wanted him, and I wanted him now.

“I want you to do something for me.” I said to him. I layed down on the bed while I looked up at him and said.

“I want you to f*ck me.” he gasped at that.

“R-really?” He asked.

“Yes really, I’m horny and I need you, take your clothes of Micheal.”I said to him.

“O-ok.” he said then took off all his clothes until he was only in his boxers.

“Lie down.” I told him, and he did what he was told. “Now, I want you to make me feel really good ok? I want you to make me c*m really hard. You think you can do that.” I added.

“Y-yeah, I think I can do that for you.” he said, I could tell he was excited, he was so hard at this point, be he would have to wait.

“You mind if I sit on your face?” I asked him, I wasn’t really asking, I was going to do it anyway, I just wanted to see his reaction, and I liked it. His eyes lit up and he shook his head no.

“I don’t mind at all.” He said.

“Perfect.” I took off my panties and crawled my way towards him, until I was hovering over his face and then I lowered myself and instantly felt his tongue go to work. He was licking me softly and I moaned at the feeling of his tongue on me.

“Mmmm that’s good, baby, but I want more.” I said and he picked up the pace, licking me faster and sucking on my cl*t

“Oh my god yeah, just like that.” I said. I started moving my hips, grinding them against his face, I kept going, loving the feeling of his tongue pleasuring me, until a few moments later I felt myself explode, it felt like my whole body came really really hard. I crawled off of him and laid beside him.

“God, that was amazing.” I said to him.

“It was my first time doing that.” he said and it made it so much hotter.

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