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A secret Affair

“Mmmm yeah that’s better.” I heard my step daughter say. She was with another guy. I couldn’t help but feel jealous of the guy to be able to do the things they were doing with Summer, I loved my wife, I really did, but we haven’t had s*x in months now and I couldn’t help but be attracted to her daughter, she was curvy with that beautiful milk chocolate skin tone and she had an amazing butt and t*ts, she was perfect. I dreamt about her on more than one occasion, even fantasized about her when I was alone in bed, wish she would one day give me a chance.

And it didn’t help that I lived with her now, and that she was so promiscuous, I knew she liked s*x, maybe even loved it, so many times I’ve heard her through the walls when her mother wasn’t home and it drove me crazy with desire, just hearing her soft moans made me hard, like I was now, I needed to relieve some of this stress. I sat in my room, on my bed and took out my d*ck, I started to rub myself, thinking about Summer. I moaned her name.

“Oh yeah, Summer.” I said.

“Mmmm you should have told me about this little crush you had, I love older guys.” I stopped what I was doing when I heard the sound of her voice, she was standing at the door in her panties and a small tank top, she looked sexy as f*ck.

“I-I’m s-sorry, you weren’t supposed to s-see or h-hear that” I said stumbling over my words like a fool.

“Mmmm but I’m glad I did, I was getting bored of the guy I was with, maybe you can help me, I’m still so horny, and clearly you are too.” she said with a sexy smile.

“W-what about our m-mom?” I asked. She walked closer to me until she was standing between my legs and said.

“What about her?” and she kissed me which caught me off guard. She crawled on the bed, taking off the rest of her clothes, and laid down on the bed, naked in front of me. I started for a second until I came to my senses and got to work, I knew what she wanted.

I feathered kisses all over her body, from her her neck to her stomach to her hips where she moaned a little, driving me crazy, until I was right in front of her beautiful p*ssy. I wanted so badly to just bury my head between her legs but I wanted her to feel good, I didn’t want to rush things between us.

I slowly rubbed my hands against her thighs, her hips, her stomach, I wanted to feel every inch of her soft skin. I started to give her small kisses on her inner thighs, making her moan just a little bit more. I took my one hand and started to massage her breasts while I continued to kiss her body. I could see she was getting wet at this point but I wanted to continue to tease her some more.

I slowly brought my hand back down, sliding it down her body, and started to play with her p*ssy. I was just rubbing her, slowly, making her want more and I could tell she did want more from the way she was moaning and moving her hips slightly. I wanted to keep teasing her but even I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed to taste her already so that’s what I did.

I put mouth on her, covering her p*ssy and started to lick her, she instantly reacted to what I was doing, moaning loudly and moving her hips more now. I started to suck on her cl*t and she really liked that, she grabbed my head, gripping my hair as she moaned, I knew she was close and I wanted to make her c*m hard so I inserted a finger and moved it in and out as I continued to like and suck her p*ssy and soon after she came but I kept licking her until she couldn’t take it anymore and she told me to stop.

“That was amazing.” she said then gathered her clothes gave me a big kiss and left, leaving me wanting more.

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