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My Brother's Best Friend

I just got to my best friend’s house, it was his sister’s birthday. He was still away at college, he would be here tomorrow but he wanted me to spend the night with her, keep her company on her big day. I didn’t mind spending my night with her, she was the sweetest girl in the world. Sometimes I wondered what it would be like to be with her, I’ve been with a lot of girls but never someone like June, she was too sweet, too pure for me so I could only imagine what it would be like, plus Jay would kill me if I even touched her, but that kinda made me want her more, the thrill of it you know?

I walked into the house, hearing quiet sobs from upstairs, she was crying. I walked up the stairs in the direction of her room. I opened the door, and there she was, head in her hands as she cried.

“June?” I said startling her a little as I said her name.

“Brad? H-hey um what’s up?” she said trying to sound ok but I knew she wasn’t, she was far from ok.

“What’s wrong, and don’t say nothing, or you’re fine it’s obvious you’re not and we’re going to talk about it.” I said sternly.

“I-it’s just its my b-birthday and only like t-three people said happy birthday to me, all family members and y-you. I’m a loser, I have no friends and nobody cares about me, I’m just a loser.” Said then started crying again. I felt so bad for her, I almost didn’t know what to say. She was quiet, that I knew but she didn’t have friends? That couldn’t be true.

“You have friends, what about that girl who comes by sometimes, she’s your friend, I know she is, and what about me? I’m your friend June.” I said.

“Yeah I guess you’re right, I’m sorry.” she said apologizing.

“What are you apologizing for?” I asked.

“I don’t know, I shouldn’t be crying in front of you like this.” she was so sweet, it made me want her even more.

“You don’t have to be sorry for anything, June and you don’t need to cry, everything is fine, you’re not alone.” I said touching her shoulder to try and comfort her. “Come here.” I stood up and so did she then I gave her a hug. I held her tight, feeling every part of her body against mine. I held her chin in between my fingers so she could look up at me and said:

“You’re too pretty to be crying.” As I said that I used my free hand to wipe the tears from her face, and then I did something I knew I shouldn’t but I did, I just couldn’t help myself, she looked so innocent and it was driving me crazy. I kissed her, and to my surprise she kissed me back.

Her lips were so soft against mine, I held her tight not wanting to let her go, I continued to kiss her this time with more passion, I wanted her now and I was going to have her. She pulled away and said.

“W-what about J-jay? He’ll be so mad if he-” I cut her off with a kiss.

“He doesn’t need to know ok? I want you so bad right now. But I won’t continue if this isn’t what you want ok?” I said looking into her eyes so she knew I was serious.

“I-I do want this, I-I’ve wanted this for so long now.” she said which made me smirk a little, she had a crush on me.

“Then I’ll make sure to make this special for you.” I said. I kissed her again with passion, using my hands to roam her soft body. I slowly pulled her shirt over her head so she was standing in her bra, I looked at her for beauty and then I started kissing her neck and I went down to her chest, I pulled one of her t*ts out of her bra then started to suck on it, she clearly liked that a lot, I started to wonder if she’s ever had this done to her.

“Has a man ever touched you like this, June?” I asked already knowing the answer from how innocent she was.

“N-no.” she said, which turned me on even more. She was so f*cking innocent. I continued what I was doing and then started to kiss her down her body until I was at her waist where her shorts started.

“You wanna know what I wanna do, June?” I asked.

“W-what do y-you wanna d-do?” she said stuttering a bit probably because this was a lot of firsts for her.

“I wanna taste that sweet p*ssy of yours. Is that ok, June?” I said looking up at her to see her reaction and it was priceless. She gasped, opening and closing her mouth, eyes wide until she finally gulped and said.


“Yes, June, I wanna taste you, I wanna know if you’re as sweet as you look.” I said then pulled her shorts down along with her cute little panties.

“Lay down.” I said. And she did what I said, lying down at the edge of the bed, I kneeled down in front of her so I was face to face with her already wet p*ssy. I slowly licked her causing her to shiver a little, so innocent. I continued to slowly lick her, getting her used to the intense feeling, I knew I had to be slow with her.

“Oh that feels really really good.” she said as I continued to lick her and I had barely started, I took it up a notch by sucking on her cl*t. I knew this would make her c*m and it almost did but I wanted her to wait

“No p-please don’t stop.” she said begging me to continue, so I did, this time I stuck one finger inside her, I felt her tense up then she relaxed. I moved my finger in and out of her as I continued to suck her.

“Oh my god, yes please!” she said she was close I could tell, I sucked nd licked her harder now I wanted her to c*m.

“Ooooh my g-gooddd yes Brad!” she came screaming my name, and that wouldn’t be the last time she would scream my name after c*mming.

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