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The Room Pt 2

We’re back in the hotel room. I was so excited I had been crazy horny for the longest time and I really needed him. He was older than me, much older but that just meant more experience, which I knew he had, especially his mouth.

I sat on the bed and watched as he undressed, seeing his dad body and his d*ck already hard, wow.

He came over to me and pulled my shirt over my head and then unhooked my bra with his one hand. Then he moved to my lower half. Pulling my pants off of my legs and then my undies.

“pink, I like it.” he said referring to the colour and brand of my underwear and bra. I had to admit, I wore them on purpose knowing he would like it.

“do you want a massage?” he asked. This had become a norm for us, he loved giving me massages because he got to touch every inch of me and get me all oiled up.

“yes please.” I responded. I layed on my stomach so he could massage my back, I closed my eyes and let him get to work. About ten minutes later he told me to move onto my stomach, so I did.

He massaged my shoulders, to my boobs to my stomach and then he started to massage the soft skin between my legs, he was teasing me.

I felt his lips on mine a moment after.

“you like when I massage you there?” he asked inches away from my face. I nodded my head yes.

“what else do you like me doing down there.” he asked, I felt a little shy now so I shrugged my shoulders and smiled.

“tell me, baby girl.” he said.

“I like when you kiss me there.” I said softly. He moved so his head was right between my legs, right in front of my p*ssy.

“like this?” he asked then gave me a few soft kisses there. I moaned softly liking the feel of his mouth there.

“yes.” I said after a moan.

“do you like when I lick it?” he asked and I nodded my head with anticipation.

He started to lick me, it felt so good, I missed this so much, the feel of his tongue on me making me moan, it just felt so good.

I started to moan a little louder while I moved my hips up and down, my legs were starting to shake a little, I knew I was close.

“Mmmm so tasty and so sensitive baby, I love it.” he said. “what if I suck it.”

He went back to what he was doing before but this time I felt him sucking softly on my cl*t, it felt amazing better than anything before I knew I was going to c*m.

I grabbed his head and moved moved it up and down on my p*ssy and a few moments later I came really really hard, so hard I couldn’t stop my legs from shaking afterwards.

“so tasty baby.”

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