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I left my school wearing a t-shirt and tights, he said I should wear something with easy access but it was cold, and this was all I had. I walked down the path of my school and saw him waiting in his car. He smiled at me and waved while I walked towards him.

I quickly walked towards the passenger side of his car. I opened the door then sat inside. He said hi to me and I said hi back as quietly as possible. He laughed a little and said he thought I was cute, he said he liked how shy I was.

He started driving me home, it wasn't a long drive so I just sat there, clutching my law textbook. He noticed what I was doing and told me to relax, I said I was just nervous. That I've never met up with someone I met online before.

He took the textbook from my hand and placed it on the floor. I hugged my arms to my stomach. He laughed again, saying I was cute. Then he started to touch my leg, telling me to relax.

He started rubbing my leg slightly, going up and down my thigh. It felt strangely… Good.

I started to feel a little tingle between my legs. I had never been touched like this by a guy, so it was very new to me, I didn't know what to do.

He started moving higher, up my thigh. Until he reached my crotch. I moaned very slightly when he started rubbing me there. He groaned and looked at me, but I looked away, trying to cover my face.

He spread my legs a little and started rubbing me a bit more. It started to feel really really good.

I started moaning softly. I tried not to but it felt really good. He started rubbing faster and with a little more pressure.

It felt so good, I didn't want him to stop. I closed my eyes and started to moan again. Then he stopped.

I opened my eyes and he was just looking at me for a bit, after a few seconds he started touching me again. But this time he started sliding his hands down my pants

He started rubbing over my undies, it felt so good. No one had ever touched me like this before, and I'd never felt like this. I had tried touching myself in the past but what he was doing was so much better.

I could tell that I was getting wet, he pulled his hand back, then slid them back into my pants, but this time he put his hand down my undies. Touching my private area.

It felt so freaking good, I started moaning loudly and spreading my legs more. I wasn't paying attention to where we were but I knew we were at a stop.

He started rubbing me faster, it felt like I was about to explode or something. I started whispering ‘yes’ idk why I said that but it came out of my mouth.

Then a few moments later while he was still rubbing me I felt like I had exploded. I felt so good, my legs were shaking slightly.

He whispered a ‘damn’ then I started hearing what sounded like a zipper. My eyes were still closed so I didn't know what he was doing.

But when I opened my eyes his c*ck was out of his pants. And it looked really hard…

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