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I got off the bus wearing light blue high waisted shorts and a crop top. It was supposed to rain but I had no other clothes where I was living at the moment.

I hadn’t seen him since December. I missed him a lot, we had gone through a lot since winter, we had gotten into our first real fight, I told him something bad that had happened to me, and we had just gotten closer together.

So I was really excited to see him again. I told him I had gotten to my school and he said he was almost there, so I decided to walk around a bit.

I was surprisingly calm while I walked, I don’t know why. The last times we had met up I was always really nervous and jittery, I was still excited today, but calm at the same time.

After about 5 minutes I got to the front of the school, I saw someone walking up to the school, he was wearing a red sweater and light brown shorts.

I didn’t notice it was him until I got a little closer. I took of my sunglasses. I gave him a huge hug as soon as I got to him, I really did miss him, and it felt nice hugging him again.

He gave me a hug back.

“it feels like I haven’t seen you in years” I told him, the last time I saw him was in December, before Christmas, and now it’s June.

“I know, I missed you a lot. Work is better now so I can see you more now.” he worked a lot so it was hard for us to plan things sometimes.

“yay, I wanna see you more often.” I was happy that it was the end of the year, that meant exams, work, and seeing more people.

We walked around for a bit, talking about random things, when he asked if I wanted to go to “our spot” which was in the woods… Where we would play.

I was a little excited, I hadn’t played with him in so long. We had talked about things we wanted to try so today I guessed we would try them.

He lead me through the trees and bushes until we were completely hidden from anyone who could see us.

“come here” he whispered.

I leaned into him then pushed my lips against his. I always loved making out with him, he was always in control and I loved that. He stuck his tongue in my mouth, sucking on my bottom lip as well.

He grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me closer towards him, I could feel his erection through his pants. It was rubbing against my sensitive area and it made me feel good. I wanted more.

He lifted my shirt and started to play with my boobs.

“they’re so big, God you’re so sexy” he whispered to me. That made me smile.

“your smile is so sexy, baby”

He had told me he loved my smile, and that it turned him on, but I didn’t believe till now.

He continued to play with them for a bit longer then he stuck my right nipple in his mouth, it felt really good. He would lightly bite on it and I surprisingly liked it a lot.

He started rubbing me while he sucked and kissed my boobs. I was so turned on I knew I would c*m soon.

I grabbed onto his arms because I needed to grab something to keep me from falling, he continued to rub me over my undies a little faster until I came.

I felt so good, he started kissing my neck until he got to my lips again. We started. Making out more, him grabbing my butt and pulling me close to him, while I wrapped my arms around his neck.

He broke the kiss and started pulling his pants down. He said he wanted me to suck him, and I quickly agreed.

I got onto my knees then took him In my mouth. He moved my hands so I was only sucking on the tip. He told me to go slow.

So I slowly sucked the tip. Licking it every so often. He said he was close to c*mming and said he wanted to do it on my chest, so I started to play with my boobs while he stroked himself in front of me.

He came right on my chest, some getting in my mouth, but I didn’t mind. I thought it was hot.

We got our clothes and stuff back on then left the forest. He took me to this little bakery by my school that sold bubble tea and we sat at a table drinking bubble tea together until I had to leave.

To be honest I didn’t want the day to end

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