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A Part 2

I walked out of my school wearing tights and a tank top. I was excited as I always was, I loved seeing him he always made me feel good, and safe which was great.

I could see him in his white car, his windows were tinted so I had to get a little closer to see his face.

I walked up to the passenger seat, I opened the door then got in.

“hey sweetness” he said with a big smile on his face. He wasn’t wearing his glasses so I could see his green eyes today. His eyes were a little intimidating, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“hi” I said quietly, I was still a little shy around him.

“how are you sweetness” he leaned onto the cup holder so he was looking right at me.

“I’m fine, how are you”

“I’m fine, just excited I get to see my sexy girl again” he grabbed my thigh when he said that making me laugh a little.

“hey, would it be ok if you take me to the store right over there?” I was starving, I hadn’t eaten anything all day, there was a place that sold bubble tea and I wanted to get some before we left.

“of course, the store right there?”

“yeah that one, thank you”

We drove over to the store and then we got out. He walked a bit in front of me, and I could notice his height now.

He was maybe a few inches taller than me, maybe around 5’9 5’10 ish I’m 5’4 so I liked his height.

I bought the tea, he offered to but they didn’t take credit or debit, which was fine. I had money to pay.


We got back into the car and he started rubbing my legs making me excited for what was to come. He brought his hand higher to my inner thigh and then he started rubbing me between my legs, over my tights.

He started to rub small circles between my legs, not going too fast or hard yet, I think he was trying to tease me, it was working because I wanted more already.

I closed my eyes enjoying what was happening. He pulled my tights down a bit, and I spread my legs a little bit. I was all hot and bothered now and I needed him.

he slid my undies (a light pink lacey thong) to the side and started rubbing again.

“Damn! I love how wet you get for me sweetness”

That made me moan. I was moving my hips trying to get him to rub a specific area, when he found it I started moaning a bit.

He continued to rub me more, going a little faster with a bit more pressure. I knew I was wet, I could feel it. He put one of his fingers inside me and started moving them in a way that made me feel really really good, he was making a ‘come here’ motion with his finger. He started to go a little faster, and I was moaning a lot more now, I knew I was going to c*m soon if he continued.

“Mmmm sweetness you’re so sexy, are you going to c*m for me now?” I nodded my head, I loved when he would whisper things to me while we played, it made me crazy.

I came very soon after that, my legs felt a little like jelly, and my breathing quickened.

As I was calming down I noticed we were parked in our usual spot. A park near my house.

He undid his pants then took out his c*ck, I knew what I was supposed to do and I was excited to do it.

I grabbed his hard c*ck in my hand then licked the tip slightly, he made a low hum sound which turned me on more. I sucked on the tip a bit then I put all of him into my mouth. He grabbed my head and made my head go up and down on his length.

He did this for about a minute more then he pushed my head down on him, I knew he was about to c*m so I held still, even if he was right at the back of my throat.
He groaned a bit and I could feel the warm liquid at the back of my throat.

After we cleaned up a bit he drove me home. Once we got to my house I opened the car door.

“Thanks for the ride home.” I said with a small laugh

“No, thank you sweetness, I’ll talk to you later”

I walked down the path to my house with a small smile on my face.

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