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So this chapter had a lot more about the ride to his place but I decided to cut that al out because I thought it was too boring, hope you don't mind.

He told me to follow him, down the small steps that lead to his house.

I wasn’t expecting the inside to look so nice, it was very small but very clean and stylish. He had some weights in the living room/kitchen area, I guess that’s where he worked out.

He told me to sit down at the table, since he no longer had a couch, because he decided to sell it.

I sat down and he asked if I liked the place, I told him I liked it a lot and that it was really nice, which it was. I loved how small and cozy it was. He told me he wanted to show me the best part.

He lead me to the bathroom and said that one day we would spend lots of time in the shower, which made me feel all shy again. Before l could get back to the table he grabbed my hips and started rubbing against my bum with his crotch.

I could feel his erection in his pants and started biting my lip, it turned me on a bit. He said he was stepping outside to smoke since he didn’t want to smoke while I was in the house.

Once he left, I started looking around the place. Admiring everything. His place

was really really nice. Everything was stylish and clean, it screamed ‘I’m sexy’ (lol)

I started looking in the romance genre for something to watch, I knew he probably wouldn’t want to watch a romance movie but I looked anyway.

I clicked on a movie and then he walked in, so l quickly closed the movie. He sat down, I thought he was going to pick a movie, but he pulled my chair really close to him.. Like really close.

He said that he didn’t want me to be so far away from him.

“Are you liking everything so far?” he asked while he had an arm wrapped around me.

“Yeah, I am” I felt a little hot and bothered so I didn’t want to say too much.

“Hmmmm that’s good, I’m glad you’re enjoying your time so far.”

After he said that he leaned in and kissed me.

It was soft at first, then became more and more rough, which I loved. He grabbed
the back of my neck and tilted my head so my head was facing towards the ceiling slightly.

Everything he was doing screamed dominance, and I loved it. He stopped kissing me suddenly and started looking for a movie to watch.

I was a bit shocked, it was like I had just experienced whiplash, so when he asked me what I wanted to to watch, I just shrugged my shoulders and hid my face with my sweater. He said I was being cute, and picked a random horror movie to watch.

He brought the tv into his room, he set everything up for us to watch the movie. I followed him to his room and he told me to sit on the bed. He came in front of me and asked if I could unbuckle his belt for him.

I started feeling all shy again, but still did as I was told. He said a quick thank you before telling me to lay down and get comfortable.

He started unbuttoning my jeans and then pulled them off of me. Once they were off I started hugging my legs to my chest because I was feeling shy again (lol).

He got on top of me, he was kissing me softly, I started moaning just from the soft kisses he was giving me, I was so horny by now, I could feel myself becoming wet.

He started moving his hands all over my body. He got to my purple undies with the lace in the back, and started rubbing me softly over them. It felt so good, I wanted him to rub me faster though, so l started moving my hips on his hand.

He started rubbing faster, making it feel better and better, he started kissing my neck and collarbone, making everything feel so much better.

He pushed a finger inside me and started moving it around, it felt so amazing I was moaning loudly at this point, the feeling of his finger inside me just felt so good, he started moving his finger in a “come here” motion, it all felt so good, him fingering me and then him kissing my neck and chest put me over the edge, and l started to c*m on his fingers.

My legs were shaking and my breathing was heavy. he got off of me and told me to sit up between his legs I did as I was as told then watched him take his c*ck out of his pants, my mouth slightly fell open

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