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My Dad's Best Friend

I hope you like this little fantasy I came up with.

I had just finished my workout, I needed to relax somehow. I sat on the couch flipping through channels trying to find something to watch but found nothing. I felt so bored I didn’t know what to do, that’s when I got a call from my friend, Andy.

“Hey Andy.” I said greeting my best friend.

“Hey Dom, could you do me a favour? You know how Jill and I are on our way to our cruise?” He said referring to the shorter version of my name, Dominic and the cruise they were going on.

“Yeah you told me all about it, you’re gone for a week right?” I asked.

“Yeah one week, well I just wanted to know if you could keep an eye on Angela. You know, make sure she has enough food and doesn’t stay out too late with that boyfriend of hers.” he said. As soon as I heard her name I felt the excitement, the desire, the fire within me from just thinking about that sweet daughter of his. But I also felt the guilt and the shame, I shouldn’t be thinking of my best friend’s daughter like that, a girl I’ve known all her life, a girl who was over half my age. But I couldn’t deny the desire I had for her, she was so innocent and I wanted her, bad, but I know she would never want someone like me. We were close, really close but not like that and I guess we never would be.

“I’d love to, I’ll keep her company, we can go see movies or something, I know she loves that.” I said thinking of all the other things I wanted to do with her that didn’t involve just watching a movie.

“Perfect.” he said with excitement. “Thanks so much, you’re the best man.”

“No problem, enjoy your cruise.” I said and we hung up. I put on a t-shirt, some jeans and made my way to their place to make sure she’s ok.

I walked up the steps to their house then knocked on the door, no one answered so I knocked again. ‘She’s probably in her room listening to music.’ I thought to myself. I took out the house key Andy had given me and walked in.

“Angie?” I said. But got no response. I called her name again and didn’t hear anything so I made my way to her room. I was about to knock but the door was slightly opened, I looked in and my mouth almost dropped.

She was sitting in her bed, one hand was in her panties while the other gripped the sheets of her bed.

“Oh Dominic yes…” she moaned. She was thinking about… me? I instantly felt myself get hard. I know I shouldn’t, but I kept watching. She was really getting into it. I could tell she was rubbing herself raw from the fast pace her hand was moving underneath those s*xy panties she was wearing. Then I saw her insert a finger.

“Mmmm yes f*ck me please.” she moaned, and I felt my d*ck twitch in my pants.

“Mmmmm yes! Yessss!” she moaned again, I could see her face she had her eyes closed in bliss, her eyebrows scrunched up a her mouth opened a little, she looked so f*cking hot.

“Mmmm yes please make me come please.” she said eyes still closed. I watched as she continued moving her hands in and out and then I watched as she came in her panties. She slowly opened my eyes and she saw me, but I wasn’t scared I liked it, now maybe I can really make her c*m.

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