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My Dad's Best Friend pt 3

It’s been a week, one week since I had s*x with Dominic and we haven’t spoken. I didn’t know why, I felt like it was something I did, maybe he didn’t like me anymore, or maybe he was just using me, that’s probably what it was, he was just using me to have some fun but it was more than that to me, so much more.

“Are you ok babe?” I heard my boyfriend ask, bringing me out of my thoughts. We were watching a movie together at my place and I guess I got lost in my own head, thinking about my time with Dominic. A part of me also felt bad, I cheated on my boyfriend but a part of me didn’t. My boyfriend never satisfied me, it was always about him. I couldn’t remember the last time he made me c*m if he ever did.

“Actually no… not really.” I said to him.

“Oh ok, I should go then.” I knew he wouldn’t care, when did he ever care about how I felt, sometimes I felt like my boyfriend was just with me for the s*x and I think I was right. I didn’t bother saying bye to him, I just left the room so he would know I was upset. I couldn’t help but start to feel angry, I was tired of being treated like an object, something guys could just f*ck and be done with, I wanted to tell Dominic how I felt, and that’s what I was going to do. I put my shoes on and left the house.

I walked across the street to Dominic’s house and walked up to his front door. I knocked on the door and waited for him to answer. He opened the door, a surprised look on his face.

“Angela. I-I didn’t know you were coming over.” he said.

“I wanted to tell you something. I don’t like being used, I’m not that type of girl who will just have s*x with whoever and stuff like that I-”

“What are you talking about?” he asked

“Last week! We had s*x and I haven’t heard from you since, you just used me like I was nothing, how could you?” I said starting to get filled with emotion.

“Angela, I would never use you, I thought you’d need time to process things, I thought you’d regret it and I wanted to give you space and time to think. Trust me I wanted to come see you but I thought I was doing the right thing, I’m sorry.” he said sounding sincere.

“It’s ok, just next time talk to me ok? I guess I should go then.” I was about to leave when he held onto my arm.

“You can’t leave feeling down like this, let me make you feel good first.” he said with a grin on his face. He pulled me inside then shut the door. He grabbed my face in his hands and then kissed me softly. He continued to kiss me while letting his hands roam my body.

“Let’s go to my room.” He said.

“O-Ok” I said and then followed him up the stairs and to his room. Once we got in he told me to lie down on the bed, he slowly took his top off, knowing I was admiring his body, he made his way towards me then said.

“Take off your top baby, let me see those huge beautiful t*ts of yours.” I did as I was told, slowly taking my top off so he could see. As soon as my top was off he started to play with my boobs which made me feel good. Then he grabbed onto my pants and took them off along with my panties so I was naked in front of him.

He made his way back to me so he was hovering just above me, he gave me a soft kiss, then my cheek to my chest to my stomach until he was right between my legs, kissing my inner thigh. The feeling felt so good but I wanted more, I moved around a little so he would understand what I wanted but he kept teasing me, kissing everywhere but where I wanted it the most, he kept teasing me for a minute more until I felt a soft kiss right above my cl*t, it was so soft but made me feel so good.

“Please.” I said. “I want more.”

“Mmmmm ok baby, whatever you want.” with that he started to lick me where I wanted him to.

“Mmmmm that feels amazing.” I said. He kept licking me, more and more I felt myself getting closer and closer, I moved my hips so he could lick and suck me where I wanted him to but that wasn’t enough, so I grabbed his head and moved it where I wanted.

“Ooooh my god yes!” I said enjoying the feeling of his tongue on my p*ssy, I was so close I knew I was about to c*m. I kept moving his head until I came really hard, so hard my whole body was practically shaking.

“So tasty.” He said which kinda made me want to taste him next.

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