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I WAS NEVER THE type to make the first move. You see, I don't like being the one to show all the motives. I don't like being the one that calls the shots or even the one that makes the decision for the both of us. I want him to be.

I want him to be on top, not just sexually. Everything. Dominant. Persuasive. Possessive. Aggressive. Hot. Overwhelming. All of the above. All the qualities that make a scrumptuous and luscious man. I don't necessarily have any standards when it comes to their traits, I still love both sides of the story. Bad boys and those that are quiet and meek.

Bad boys have it in them; they kind of took inspiration from stories from their peers but they really talk the walk. Their hot physique, rauncy voices, and even their "beg for me" attitude is just turning me the fuck and makes me so damn wet. They're love hardcore and they fuck hardcore too.

On the other side, those quiet, nerd kind of look guys, they also have it in them. Their serene exterior makes them even hotter. They're like quiet on the outside but even wilder on the inside. They're like the ones who make you shut up on the bed because of their nature.

But I like bad boys more. Not fully bad, but who knows stuff. They make my heart flutter, in romantically but sexually.

Just like him.

They make a vixen like me go crazy, internally. They thrust hard and it feels like heaven to me. I love how it feels like to be dominated, pounded, kissed and even desired, passionately.

Passion is what I live for, bad boys I what I live for. Dick is what I live for. Seduce him. Love him. Devote yourself to him. Passion and pain go hand in hand. I want it. I need it.

Its the bad bitch in me. The slut in me. The vixen in me. The quiet in me. The hunger in me. The thirst.


"Zipp," As I pull the zipper upward on my pants. It has been a from now since school started and I honestly couldn't believe that I'm with the class A2. The class A1 have their own elites but according to Miss Geiser, we were all not selected based off our rankings or standings or whatever but we were all categorically placed. We were all alphabetically placed so that makes sense for me. My surname's Saunters so I definitely belong in this A2.

My apartment's not big enough but its just big enough for me to cater all my needs. I don't own the whole vicinity of the apartment but my parents who live far away from me, who by the way lives in Georgia, are the ones who practically bought this apartment not only for this purpose but for others.

So I picked up my backpack and decided to wait for the bus to pick me up. We actually have our school buses because the school decided that it would be best for us to have uniform time schedules so that tardiness won't be observed.

I must say we weren't the filthy rich type of family but we were privileged enough to have our house, we get to eat food daily, we get to buy things we want (of course, its not easy to find money). But that's way back when we were on Georgia. Now that I'm technically on my college phase, I sometimes do not get everything because personally, I do save money and I don't want to spend money on things I necessarily don't want at the moment so saving them in my bank account would later save me trouble from rent, food, food stocks, or even fees from school.

My outfit was a little dainty today, knowing that it was friday. I just wanted to dress dainty today with no reason. I have this pastel blue-violet kind of crop top with words that say "Daddy" on it. I paired it with white cargo pants and chunky white sneakers. The crop top wasn't as transparent so I decided to just wear a white bra to match the lightness of the top. It wasn't as short as you think it is, it was just like above my belly button.

I paired it with a necklace with an azure butterfly pendant that sits nicely and fits my neck so well. I wasn't in the mood to wear earrings so I just kept them in the drawer box. I decided to go for boxer braids since I don't like to have my hair down today so I just went with it.

After I locked the gate to my apartment, just in time, the school bus arrived. "Good Morning, Ms. Saunters," Mr. Carrols, who upon is the driver greeted me. He seemed happy today, "Likewise, Mr. Carrols. How is your wife doing?" I replied with a bright tone. Her wife who is the counselor at the university, Gemma, is having her labor. "She's going to be fine." he smiled back.

"I'm pretty sure she's going to be and I'm just as excited as you are to see the twins! I'm stoked!" I assured. "Okay, Mr, Carrols, I'm going to find my seat now." I talked softly, carefully holding the handles to go in a vacant seat.

The some students in the bus also smiled at me. They weren't paying attention to my outfit as they were busy listening to music and some of them are busy watching the tall lush green trees go fast one by one.

I got out of the bus and sped my way up to the classroom. My classes are about to start 20 minutes soon and I'm just entering the gates. Talk about time.

As I went inside the classroom, the tiny eyes of my classmate went massive. They were shocked by my appearance as they weren't expecting me to weat this today. I don't usually wear this type of fits since school just started three weeks.

Willem, who in turn, is my gay classmate who I just met in a thrift store before the school started. We just casually hang out because we both asked each other on which university we go and we said the same thing. He likes the same thrift store that I like. He was in fact, not shocked because we were exchanging conversations the night before that I would go wear something unconventional for today.

"Bitch, you look fanfuckingtastic. I bet someone's going to be head over heels with you." he said, while looking lowkey at Gale. "I guess someone's going to be called Daddy later." I said seductively. "Ugh," I moaned. "Gale, you up for it?" I hissed hysterically. He shot a smirk. I knew he was up for grabs. He has some tricks in his sleeves and I don't know what his comeback for today.

Gale Ornett is also a classmate of mine. I like to sexually frustrate him with my jokes because dude, he's so hot. He has this muscly physique, he's rich, he's bad, he's delinquent, he's just everything. He gets away with everything too. I mean, if you're any other decent girl, you just can't come up and say it to his face right? So this is what I planned to do. Lowkey saying it to him because that way, I get to freely say everything I want.

"You know what, Isla? What if I became your daddy, would you give me everything I want?" he spat back, with his emerald eyes gazing through me. My classmates started saying a couple of ooh's in chorus and that was signal to stop.

I'm honestly fooling around. No hard feelings. I gave him a thumbs up to finally say that I'm done with all the talk. Classes are about to start soon and I wanna focus my attention here.

After recess, our next class, Geography who by the way, is one of my favorite subjects. Before the classes start, I usually go in my locker to get some of my things. Classes were on the go and there was only me in the hallway harassing my way in the stacks of my notebooks in my locker.

After I got all I needed, after swiveling the door to close, Gale almost me jump. He was there at the locker door, facing at me. "Seems like there is only the two of us here," he murmured. "Obviously," I replied. After a few seconds, I was taken aback by his sudden jolt towards me. We were so close. I even felt his body in my breasts. He looked at his breasts and looked at me, realizing his body could not get so close to mine because of my breasts. He backed away immediately and started to walk away with a smile. I shouted back, "What was that for?"

He replied signalling me to proceed to classroom and I hastily locked my locker and walk fastly.

The teacher was writing on the wall about the the rare species and organisms you can see in each continent. I was too busy focused on looking at the writings on the board that when I looked up again to see what Professor Greg was about to write, I felt a paper airplane flew to my back.

It fell down the floor and as I looked upon reaching it to who threw it, Gale shot me a look of sinister. Sinister but make it sexual, to be honest.

I murmured, "What is this?" Slightly lowering my voice. "Just open it." he said calmly.

As I opened the origami, my eyes widened.

"Your breasts are magnificent. They look georgous."

They were scrawled in black handwriting and Gale's handwriting was pretty neat. The paper had pink flowers engraved in it so I thought it was just a cute paper airplane origami he created. But it turns out it was not.

After I crumpled the origami, I replied him with a look saying, "You want it? You can have it," I seductively said with matching eye winks and lip stressing.

He covered his mouth. He was shocked by my response to his message. He bit his lips, cursed "fuck" in his lips, he pursed his lips and he pinched his cheeks. As he looked to me again, I bounced back, "It was a joke."

I laughed quietly and I saw the disdain in his eyes. It even made me laugh even more. So I turned my gaze back to the professor writing and thought to myself,

"Jokes are half-meant but bitch, I fucking mean all of it."
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