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(Warning: this novel has sexual content that is not appropriate for anyone under the age of 18.) ** This excerpt is unedited and will have typos. To read the full story please head over to Galatea** Asalynn (Ah-za-lin) was born into the TipToe Tree pack 199 years ago. A pack of fierce unforgivable warriors who are nothing like herself. Her time is running out to find her mate as she approaches her 200th birthday. Leviathan, The King Alpha. Leader of all wolves. He is the first of the Ancients (First humans ever to be blessed by the Moon Goddess with the gift of shifting). He is known as a cruel merciless man who has lead with no heart and an iron fist for thousands of years. What will happen when they meet? What Dark secrets will be uncovered that could change everything they know to be true.

Erotica / Fantasy
Breeanna Belcher
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AsaLynns Backstory

About AsaLynn

Im 199 years old and still unmated. Its honestly pretty uncommon for an Alpha blood lined wolf to be unmated after 100-150 years. 200 years may seem old but I look to be in my early 20s in human years. There are normal wolves whom never find their fated mate and choose a choice mate. A she-wolf with Alpha blood has never been reached my age without finding their fated. Now everyone looks at me with pity in their eyes. If I dont find my mate before my birthday I will never have a true mate.

What a cruel joke played by the Moon Goddess. If a male wolf (Alpha or otherwise) does not find his fated mate within 200 years then he can choose a choice mate and will still get the strength,power, and bond of a fated mate but it wont be quite as much or as strong as it would if they were fated.

As a she-wolf with Alpha blood I do not have that luxury. If I do not find my fated by my birthday I will never be blessed with the mating bond. I can choose a mate and will still grow a little stronger but the bond will never attach and the powerful connection normal mates get will never be there. No wolf would ever want a bondless mate.

So here I am, 6 weeks from my 200th birthday, sitting in the war room for this stupid meeting. I have always detested going to these meeting but as the Alphas first born I must show up and listen to them discuss their plans to go out a murder or overtake who ever their next victim is. The wonderful life of wolves.

Im not much like them if I am being honest with myself. I am not violent. I have always been shy, distant, and well just different then other wolves. I have never killed another being other then when I hunt in wolf form. Even then I make sure to do it quick and mercifully. I come from a pack full of warriors who take joy in killing and torturing. I have never been like others. I rather read or be alone then go to meeting and balls and parties like other my age.

Growing up in a large pack I have always drawn attention to myself tho. Men always try to flirt and approach me but i dismiss them. I hate how I seem like everywhere I go men look at me like I'm so sorry of meat. Men can be disgusting creatures but I still would love to find my own mate.

My father is the 4th made out of the 5 Ancients, created 1000s of years ago. He is also the Alpha of our pack, TipToe Tree. He has always trained me and drilled his ways into my head, hoping I would be like him but it never took completely. I can fight like a warrior, hell I was stronger faster and more powerful then any other wolf in my pack by 75 years old which labels me a freak. Woman shouldnt be as strong as me. Nobody understands it and it makes me feel weird so I always just stayed away from others as much as my father will let me.

You may notice I dont speak of my mother Lilliana much. Aparently my real mother went into a coma while pregnant with me a died at my birth. Nobody talks about her, even my father. I dont dare bring her up and face his wrath. I did it once when I was young and I was reprimanded the warrior way. (Days upon days of brutal intensive training) Shortly After she died my Father was paired with a second chance mate and they had 2 more kids. There is my youngest sister Erin who is now 122 and of course has found her mate James. Then there is my brother Gabriel, 190 years old, who has his mate Jessica.

My step mother, Elena, isnt horrible or anything. She is very sweet and always taken me in like I was one of her own and I am very greatful for that. She always looked at me oddly tho,similar to the way everyone else does. I dont know why. She pushes me to be more social like my sibling and wants me to be "normal" but thats just not me. Even my wolf doesnt mind me being less than sociable which is weird because wolves are very active and affectionate creatures.

My wolfs name is Cypris. Others tell me your wolf should be active and talk to you a lot but I have only talked to my wolf a handful of times in my life. She is so mysterious and let be honest..... She is a bitch. She huffs and grunts but never talks to me unless she has to. Its a pain in the ass. More reason for me to feel like im a freak.

I can't too complain much. I was raised to be strong and independent. My family loved me even if we were not as close as others, but I assume that's how all Alpha families are. We work and train more then anything else. Always another war around the corner. Always another delema around the bend but hey, at least I have my books. I could read old Greek mythology forever.

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