The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Six

It was hurting, her pussy was in pain- too much pain- she rolled around trying to stop it but it burnt harder, hot licks of pure agony.

She reached downwards without thinking and felt liquid then brought her hand back up to see red.

She shot up and openned her duvet and spread her legs, the perimeter was covered in red.

She stood up wobbling to the bathroom switching on the shower and jumping in watching the blood rundown the drain.

Her mind was still foggy and clouded by the pain it was unbearable nipping at her core like a flame that would never burn out.

Her mind jumped back to a few minutes ago, the twins had done this and though her mind could handle a lot she couldn't handle it.

She trembled under the water, and cried, with the stabbing pain in her core,a hazy mind and worst of all a wide variety of emotions all compacted into her body.

Ayla was weak and so there was no one she could cry to because no one would be brave enough to face the Alpha's.

She got out of the shower, in a sobbing mess and ripped the sheets off her bed and threw them into the rubbish before pulling out a spare blanket and wrapping herself in the warmth, falling asleep.

The next morning she woke up groggily, took a shower and put on a black oversized hoodie that ended just above her knees and leggings.

She made her mother breakfast like every other morning and went outside, her core had calmed down but still ached so she couldn't walk all the way to school.

She stood at the bus stop and when it rolled to a stop she stepped on pulling her hood up and sitting alone in the front seat.

Veronica came up from they're usual seat and sat next to her, her bright smile falling once she caught a peak of Lyra's face, it was void of colour, her eyes seemed dull and everything about her expression showed emptiness.

"Ly, are you okay?" Veronica asked tapping her shoulder but Lyra simply gave a stern nod and looked out the window.

"Ly, I know you aren't okay but if you need to talk to me even in the middle of class don't hesitate."

Lyra nodded resting her head on Veronica's shoulder.

The bus stopped again at the twins stop and they walked on thier eyes looking at the seat Lyra usually took and when she wasn't there they scanned the bus until she came into view.

They walked to thier seat and left her alone during the ride.

Once the bus stopped at school Lyra stumbled off her hood fell back and her hair covered her face though she barely cared stumbling into school and making it to her locker.

That was when they walked up to her,

"You didn't give us your payment today." Ace said and Lyra just opened her locker and put in some books glancing at her lesson plan,

"Why didn't you give___" Lyra cut Axel off reaching up over her books and throwing two bags of jellybeans their way.

Axel gripped her wrist tugging her around to face them but quickly dropping it when he saw her face.

Her eyes to be specific, her eyes that were filled with tears,

"Could you just leave me alone." She said silently, a tear slipping down her cheek.

Ace stepped back and Axel followed suit,

"Thank you." She sighed wiping her tears.

The boys watched her with wide eyes guilt evident in their eyes.

She clutched her stomach when the pain got worse shredding at her insides and vibrating onto her skin she fell onto her knees tears rolling down her cheeks, they rushed to her but she tried to jerked away feeling weaker than she was the night before, hating the thought of either of them trying to console her. They had done this and to her they were just going to make it worse.

"Don't touch me!" She gasped chocking on each word,her vision becoming a blur, her legs into wet noodles and her head pounding harder with every breath she took.

She could barely comprehend what happened when she fell back her head almost slamming against the ground but being cushioned by Axel's arm.

A crowd gathered around them watching Lyra slowly fall into darkness, her heart beat slowing down.

"Lyra?" Ace asked gently patting her cheek, and she moved lightly her skin sickeningly pale.

Axel pulled her entire form into his arms his fingers dancing over her porcelain skin gently as he shook her.

Demi walked over opening her silicone coffee cup and spilling the cold contents onto Lyra.

Lyra's eyes pried open and she began to cough, the liquid having run down her nose preventing her from breathing properly.

"What the fuck?" Axel asked looking up at her while gently cleaning the coffee off of Lyra face.

"Well she's awake now so we can go." Demi said blankly playing with her well manicured nails,

"She doesn't look all too good." Ace said noticing Lyra's lack of focus.

Cameron walked over, rolling her eyes,

"That's because I gave her wolf's bane, in that cupcake yesterday, I guess I gave her a bit too much." She sighed, still looking uninterested in the entire exchange.

The twins both shot up at Cameron,

"You did what?" They asked in unison thier eyes shifting to gold Cameron shivered lightly under thier dominant gaze, her pussy pulsing for both of them with both fear and need.

"I...she..she had it way too easy yesterday." She said breathlessly,

"Did we say go poison her? What if she fucking dies!" Ace boomed and the crowd stepped back.

Veronica pushed through and caught a glimpse of Lyra anger pulsing through her when she saw the twins and their girlfriends.

"What did you do to her?" She asked pushing them both away and picking up her bestfriend,

"You're trying to kill her, you've been trying to kill her for almost ten fucking years now and she's never said anything she's never blamed you she's blamed herself and now you tried to kill her? Fuck you both and your floozies too I'm never ever letting either of you near her ever again!"

She yelled and before allowing either of them to answer or defend themselves Veronica ran to the nurse's office with Lyra in her arms.

The nurse had nothing to help her wolf's bane wasn't a common thing amongst wolves, you had to be either a warrior or a Gamma to get wolf's bane without causing suspicion.

Veronica ended up calling her father and Lyra was taken to the pack doctor and treated.

She had wolf's bane poisoning and vaginal tears that could've been prevented if the twins had listened to her when she said she was in pain.

During the whole process Lyra never mentioned that the twins had raped her, she stayed silent because Ayla wouldn't let her.

Though Ayla was weak she still couldn't allow Lyra to report the twins.

The twins weren't allowed to see her while she was treated because Veronica had asked her father to make sure if it but they'd snuck in one night while Lyra was asleep and watched her under the pale moonlight.

Ace laid his head on her lap and Axel took her hand in his,

"Lyra, we're sorry." They whispered their chests tightening,

"We shouldn't have done any of this, you're here because of us." Ace said sitting up,

"This is our fault and I understand if you hate us both, I promise I'll never hurt you, I never will. I'm sorry." He whispered bringing her hand up to his lips, that subtle contact made Ayla wake up.

Ayla listened to them not daring to take control.

"I love you Ly." Axel whispered against her hand and a tear rolling down his cheek,

"I love you and i promise I'll never hurt you, never again." Ace whispered a tear rolling down his cheek.

They both stood and placed kisses on her forehead before leaving the room thier scents being the only evidence that they had once stepped into the room.

Once Lyra released she went back to school for two months those months were peaceful, Axel and Ace had broken up with Demi and Cameron which did earn Lyra a few glares but nothing more.

Veronica kept her promise to protect Lyra, personally escorting her to Lycan territory making sure that the twins didn't get close to her.

When she arrived she had to go through both physical and mental training, everyone was supportive as the whole pack was informed that Lyra had trust issues rather than her being raped and assaulted.

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