The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Seven

"Remember, he's wearing a red tie and has brown hair with white streaks in there." Lyra whispered into Cedric's ear,whilst she clung onto his arm walking into the noise filled club. The air was already too moist and hot, with nicotine staining the otherwise alcohol filled air.

The sweaty bodies in the room clashed together in a steamy and uncomfortable mesh.

Lyra stopped herself from scrunching up her nose in disgust, knowing that she would have to try and push her way through them to find the man they were after.

They'd been watching home for four weeks,his every move was tracked, the disgusting man they were after was Vincent Romano.

Also known as Il capo. The dirty basterd was kidnapping humans, Werewolves and witches all girl under twenty years and turning them into Vampires against their will, he'd usually compell them into sayings yes,promise them diamonds and silk after catching them in a moment of weakness or just throw the girl into an alley and turn her.

The girls were then sold to the highest bidder as custom, never aging, sex slaves,some wolves would die after the venom met thier wolf genes, some witches lost control of thier magic and some humans went crazy and killed other humans for blood.

Lyra and Cedric's main priority was getting him to take Lyra then under the false pretense that Lyra was just another teenage Werewolf he would try and turn her.

Cedric would have to catch him at his weakest and then take him back to the council to face trial.

Cedric was Lyra's main partner along with Wren who was outside in a van, Wren had tried the day before to get Vincent to take her away but he didn't take her for some odd reason, so Lyra had to go in this time.

They had enough evidence to take him out but all they needed was his statement and Lyra with her ability to persuade people easily would be able to get it out of him fairly easily.

Cedric gripped Lyra's hips gently moving her into the crowd, her chest against his and his lips close to her ear,

"He's behind us right now." He whispered spinning Lyra and dipping her lightly giving her a clear view of the man, his description matched.

"It's up to you now Ly." He whispered and she nodded and the plan was put into motion.

"Eva, I'm sick of this!" Cedric yelled shoving Lyra back,his jaw clenched,

"No Eddie, I'm sorry you can't do this!" She cried gripping onto his arm only for him to shake her loose,

"It was fun baby girl, but what kind of eighteen yearold doesn't want to loose her virginity?" He asked and Lyra readied herself to cry.

"I'm waiting for my mat___ I mean the right person!" She yelled back acting like she didn't want the mate part to be heard.

"Well I can't be in a sex less relationship, call me when you want to fuck." Cedric spat walking away and Lyra closed her eyes forcing herself to cry, this had to be the performance of the century after all.

She watched him leave tears running down her cheeks, her bottom lip quivering, any person watching from outside probably thought she were a blonde haired, green eyed teenage girl that had been dumped by her boyfriend for being a virgin.

As expected a hand came to her shoulder as she stepped forward towards the door.

"Don't cry baby girl."

Lyra turned to him, dark brown eyes,darker hair with white streaks and that dreaded red tie.

"Huh?" Lyra asked playing dumb,

"Don't cry over him, he's just a boy." He said his voice sounded overly alluring and dominant.

"No, he isn't he was my best friend." She sobbed,

"And it was my fault."

He sighed placing both his hands on her shoulders,

"Listen sweetheart he may have been your bestfriend but he is just a boy, areal man would have waited for you to be ready, you know what I mean?" He asked and Lyra felt herself smile on the inside, but on the outside she wiped away her tears and nodded.

"Good girl, now can I get you a drink?" He asked his left hand leaving her shoulder and travelling down to the bottom of her spine, guiding her towards the bar before she had even accepted his offer.

"Okay." She said softly and he smiled nodding to the bartender,

"Whiskey on the rocks and a vodka love for the lady who needs some love." He said winking at her.

She faked a smile, looking down as if she were flushing though she wanted to scowl.

Moments later he handed her the drink and then placed his hand on the base of her spine once more walking her to a booth with poor lighting close to the back.

"So,baby girl, what's your name?" He asked sipping his drink and Lyra faked sipping hers, not trusting what he'd given her to drink,

"Eva." She said softly and he leaned in closer,

"That's a lovely name, in fact you're a very beautiful girl." He said and she smiled lightly looking down again in an attempt to look shy.

"Thank you."

"Wow, it must be fate that has brought us here." He said and she rose an eyebrow at him,

"Why do you say so?" She asked and he leaned in even closer,dry his lips brushing up against her cheek.

"My name is Adam." He slurred and it took all of Lyra's self control to hod back a cheap cackle at his idiocy.

"Oh, wow it is destiny, I wonder why though." She said knawing on her bottom lip, "Adam" smirked,

"Well I work for modelling agency we need girls like you." He said trying to slide it into the conversation comfortably,

"Really?" Lyra asked widening her eyes to evoke a sort of curiosity in the air,

"Yes,we're looking for gorgeous young women, if you come with me to my office I'm sure we can discuss further." He said his voice edging the line of alluring and dominant again.

Lyra nodded vigorously and he stood taking her hand and leading them out of the club, he made his way to a black SUV as Lyra rested her eyes on the car Cedric and Wren were in, she "accidentally" stumbled and bent to place her foot in her heel properly.

"You okay?" He asked and she smiled up at him giving him a thumbs up.

That was the signal for them to follow her.

She got into the car with him and kept calm as he drove then turned swiftly into the woods.

Her heart automatically leaped forward.

"Where are you taking me?" She asked sounding nervous.

"Don't worry about it sweetheart." He sneered before stopping ubruptly, she jolted forward in her seat and in that second that she sat back up he had opened his door and disappeared.

Lyra looked around taking a deep breath before her eyes rested on her door, he appeared once more slamming the door open and gripping her arm as he yanked her out.

She fell out and he pulled her along.

"Let me go!" She yelled and he just chuckled,

"Let me go you son of a bitch!" She yelled again and he threw her onto the ground,

"It won't hurt for long beautiful, just a little bite." He said his eyes going crimson.

"I don't want to be bitten!" She yelled pushing him back with her Werewolf strength, he growled,

"Listen to me you little bitch___" She cut him off,this was the moment to get him to confess to his crimes.

"No you listen to me, I don't want you turning me you filthy vampire!I'll tell the council you did this!" She yelled and he laughed at her,

"Oh really? Well guess what? No one will care because after I turn you you're being sold to whoever can bid the highest, no one will ever hear from you again, not your family, not your friends and definitely not that little boyfriend of yours."

Lyra smiled up at him after that finally getting him to admit his bullshit.

"Thank the goddess." She said before kicking off her heels and jumping onto her feet,

"Now, try to turn me I dare you." She said and he raised an eyebrow before shrugging and gripping her arm, she gripped his hand with her free hand and with the flick of a wrist he was on his back under her. She placed her foot over his chest,taking out the pistol strapped to her thigh and pointing it at his head.

"Vincent Romano, you are under arrest by the order of the Lycan, for trafficking minor girls and illegally turning other creatures." She said with a grin and he froze.

"You little__" She cut him off,

"Anything you say will be used against your pale ass in trial." She said as lights flickered on in the woods and Wren and Cedric walked out,

"It's about time." Lyra heaved and Cedric chuckled,

"We had to wait a while babe."

Wren held out a cross bow as Cedric lifted Vincent up holding up a pair of Aluminium hand cuffs.

"It's going to be so satisfying to watch your ass in those, Daddy." Wren said with a devilish smirk, Vincent looked at her freeing his one hand to flash her a middle finger.

"Fuck you all." Vincent said as they cuffed him, Lyra rolled her eyes lazily holding the firearm,

"Hey cunt, how about you just shut up,piece of shite."

He was shoved into the back of the titanium Van that Cedric and Wren had been in.

They drove back to Lycan territory and hauled Vincent straight to the Dungeons under the pack house, locking him up.

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