The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Eight

Once Vincent was taken care of Lyra and Wren said goodbye to Cedric and made their way to the apartment they shared. Wren went into her room and Lyra into hers for a much needed shower, finally taking off the blonde wig and untying the braid across her head that held her hair in place as flat as possible.

Her thick, black spirals ran down her back resting right under her bum.

She stepped into the shower washing off the smell of the club and Vincent before washing her hair.

She stepped out of the shower, walking back into her room and plugged in her blow dryer,gently massaging avocado oil into her hair before blow drying her hair from the roots down to the tips, adding another layer of avocado oil and Lavender oil to make sure that her long hair wouldn't break because of the blow dryer's heat.

Lyra stretched releasing the tension in her muscles and joints before letting her towel drop and moisturising her skin with more lavender oil and a vanilla based lotion then changing into one of her sweetheart necklined white nightdresses

Her fashion sense had changed over the years, morphing from a tomboy who barely cared about her wardrobe to a woman who was comfortable wearing anything,usually in black,blue or white that was meant to be comfortable enough to fight in but still look like she took her time putting the outfits together.

It was hard finding clothes that weren't too slutty but she was good at picking out things that would make any male hard yet still think you were innocent and harmless.

Lyra got into her bed sitting up and taking a box off her nightstand, opening it and putting on her best friend necklace kissing the pendant before snuggling into her covers and sleeping.

It was far from peaceful but it was all she could do.

Lyra woke up at five am ready for the mission debriefing and to run her usual perimeter around the Lycan territory then get another five tattoos on her back to symbolise the five rogues she'd taken down on her own that week, her back was peppered with moon flowers and the vines all intertwined the hound kills were blue moonflowers and the rogue kills were white.

There was barely any space so at some point she'd have to start getting her arms tattooed.

She took a short shower shoving on a large black shirt and a pair of shorts before meeting up with Wren in the kitchen.

Wren poured herself a cup of coffee as Lyra made herself some tea,

"Are you getting your five moonflowers today?" She asked and Lyra nodded glancing at Wren's arms, Wren had started her tattoos on her arms rather than her back, liking the way they looked.

"Did Felix say anything about today's mission?" Lyra asked leaning back against the counter and sipping her tea.

"No, he only said it involves all the packs."

Lyra nodded taking another sip of the tea,

"Well then I guess he's splitting us into teams." She said her free hand unconsciously playing with her necklace.

"That means, You, Cedric,Keston and I are together again." Wren said dumping her mug in the sink,

"That's going to be weird, I mean the last time we were all together things didn't go that smooth between Keston and Cedric." Lyra sighed recalling how the boys had nearly come to blows because Cedric hadn't listened to a simple instructions Keston had given, though Lyra could understand why.

Keston was bad at anylising situations so Cedric completely ignoring him wasn't a surprise.

Lyra finished her tea as Wren slipped on a Jean jacket and they both left, Cedric was already outside thier door holding a dozen donuts.

"Morning,ladies." He said as they stood on either side of him,

"Morning Ced, still stalking us I see." Wren said taking a donut out of the box he was holding.

"I'm not stalking you Wren, I'm just marking my territory." He said with a smirk only to recieve an elbow in the gut courtesy of Lyra,

"Don't even start with me Cedric." She said in a playfully stern tone taking a donut out of the box and biting into the delectable treat.

"Still warm? Well done." She said whilst licking her lips free of any excess chocolate.

"Yup, I got in right after they'd been made." He said proudly and Wren gave him a side hug,

"Awwww, thanks Ceddie,you must've been up pretty early." She said and he hugged her back,

"Yeah, but it was worth it, plus I got a cookie for free just because there were extra from yesterday." He said with a goofy grin.

"So technically, you got a free cookie for yourself and our praise, I'm pretty sure your alarm went off early today." Wren said finishing off her donut as they got to the pack house.

"Nope,it was actually because Rita decided to accidentally play her music too loud." He said and Lyra shook her head at him a sly grin taking over her features.

"I knew you'd never be able to wake yourself up, you press snooze like one hundred times." She said throwing her arms up dramatically.

"It wasn't a hundred times Ly, it was only like fifteen coz my phone stops beeping after fifteen."

Both Wren and Lyra face palmed themselves walking into the crowded pack house,

"That's worse." Wren sighed as Keston walked thier way, running a hand through his dirty blonde hair, his dark eyes fixed on Lyra.

"Morning fam." He said shoving his hands into the pockets of his sweatpants, a synonymous "morning" was thrown back at him.

"So any idea what the mission's gonna be?" He asked moving closer to Lyra,

"No,but it's involves every pack." Wren says, taking another donut from Cedric,

"That means the dream team is going on this one." Cedric chimed handing a donut to Keston who shook his head, his face contorting in disgust.

"I'm laying off sugar."

Cedric shrugged handing it to Lyra who happily accepted,

"If we're together again,I suggest that Cedric learns how to___" Wren cut Keston off,

"Just let it go would you, it was one mission." She huffed crossing her arms as the murmurs and conversions in the room died down.

Felix, the mission Coordinator walked forward holding eight different files.

"Good morning."

They all greeted him back standing proud under his gaze, Lycans didn't have a leader so your rank was all you had, your rank was determined by the amount of moonflowers that covered your body.

Lyra was in league with some of the best having exactly one hundred and fifty-eight moonflowers on her back and moving onto two hundred once she got the next five.

Felix currently had his entire top half tattooed, arms, chest, abdomen and back all covered in moonflowers, that made him the absolute best.

"So, as we've seen recently Hounds and rogues are packing together and attacking packs one by one leaving no survivors apart from the Alpha's, who are taken away. In order to prepare the more powerful packs for this threat we need four to five Lycans to head to the pack and gather as much information as they can about the attack patterns whilst preparing the packs for war, we're unclear on when the attacks will happen so you'll move out tonight before the moon reaches it's peak." Felix started walking around and handing out folders, he gave one to Keston before he began to speak again

"In these files you'll find the pack your assigned to and who you'll be working with." He said and the sound of papers being turned filled the room.

Keston nudged Lyra's shoulder making her turn her attention to him.

She focused on the folder.


Lycans On Duty:

>Keston Peters

>Cedric Myers

>Lyra Arresen

>Wren Drew




Lyra's jaw dropped immediately, her eyes not wanting to believe what she was reading. An emotion she had forgotten about rose through her system.


Lyra was scared, after four years of nothing but freedom, a security and a somewhat false sense of peace, she was going to waltz back into the place where her biggest secrets, desires and tormentors laid.

Maybe it wasn't under thier control. Maybe they'd run away from the pack or died suddenly.

Her eyes darted back to the file.



Axel Steel

Ace Steel




Cameron Everett


Veronica Allen


Her mind went into panic and before she could process it Ayla stepped forward turning on her heel and rushing out of the house and running the the woods taking off her clothes placing them behind a tree before shifting and letting Ayla calm her down.

It took a whole two hours of wondering around in the woods, for her to finally take back control and shift into her human.

Once she had her first move was a trip to her psychologist, Dr.Erica, she was responsible for Lyra's mental health and had spent hours listening to Lyra talk about nothing but the twins, never growing bored but instead gaining a fascination over the two boys that has been so engrossed in the life of one girl.

She rushed into the office not bothering to knock.

Erica was already waiting for Lyra, having had to give Felix the green light to let her go back home.

"Evening Lyra, what can I do for you?" She asked and Lyra calmed down a little more at the sound of her soothing voice before sitting on the couch across from her.

"They're sending me back home." She said running her hands through her hair,

"I know that." Erica said calmly and Lyra nodded,

"And what should I do? The twins are still alive." She said playing with her hands on her lap.

Erica took a sip of her ginger tea, before interlacing her fingers.

"Lyra, I can't tell you what to do, that's all in your hands, your seventeen almost eighteen now and you can't let them haunt you the way they are." She said calmly and Lyra stood.

"But they are still obsessed with me, I know they are." She said with every last ounce of certainty she could muster up,

"I've said this before Lyra and I'll say it again, they aren't obsessed, they just have a twisted view on love. I've heard everything you've said and all it narrows it down to are two boys who are misunderstood. You may think your mental state is worse than their's but those two boys are much worse off, you were probably a way for them to feel in control of something."

Lyra sat back down resting her head in her dirt covered hands,

"Why me?" She asked silently and Erica openned her jar of cookies before passing it over to Lyra who great fully took it.

"You said that they'd lost they're mother right?"

Lyra nodded.

"I'm not saying this as a definite answer but Lyra you behave like a mother with people, I guess after a while they figured out that you act like a mother, so that just made them want to keep you to themselves as a way of keeping they're mother." Erica said and Lyra sighed.

"What do I do now?" Lyra asked and Erica sighed as well.

"Face them with as much confidence as you face a fight, don't let them gain control over you again."

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