The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Nine

Early update.

Lyra took three cookies from Dr.Erica's jar munching on one of them, before standing up again.

"Thanks doc." She smiled lightly and Erica nodded as Lyra handed her the jar, Erica sat back in her chair.

"Safe trip tonight Lyra." She said and Lyra nodded stuffing the rest of the cookie into her mouth as she walked out, feeling much calmer.

"Face them with as much confidence as you face a fight, don't let them gain control over you again."

That sentence locked itself in her head. The thing was that Lyra didn't them to control her, but she also wanted them to get a taste of what she had gotten for a full nine years.

She craved revenge.

The only way to get revenge would be to break them like they'd broken her, raping them wasn't an option that was clear, she would enjoy that way too much.

Deep down her mind still associated pleasure with the twins, it's the reason why she could never have sex with anyone.

Fucking the twins would mean lots of pleasure for her and them and she didn't want that,at least not for them.

If her revenge was pleasure filled then she saw no issue in screwing them over.

Maybe playing with them for a while before completely breaking them after all according to Dr.Erica the twins saw Lyra as something they could control thus making them loose that control would be the only form of torture that could suffice.

Ayla whined in the back of her mind, definitely against the plan, but at this point no one could talk Lyra out of her plans.

Lyra bit into the second cookie walking all the way to her apartment,taking her key out of her back pocket and opening the front door and walking in.

Wren was sitting on the couch engaged in an episode of Gossip Girl with a glass of rose wine and her suit case infront of her.

"Hey Ly, you okay?" She asked and Lyra walked over taking a seat next to her,

"Yeah I'm fine, want a cookie?" She asked holding out the crumbly confection.

"Are those Dr.E's cookies?" She asked and Lyra nodded,

"Yeah, I went to see her earlier."

Wren swiped the cookie out of Lyra's hand,not wasting anytime at all when shoving half of it into her mouth.

"Thank you." She mumbled with her mouth full.

"Welcome, now I'm going to pack my bags." She said before standing up.

Wren gave her a thumbs up as Lyra disappeared into her room.

Taking out a duffle bag and a backpack.

She folded countless shirts and jeans, a few dresses and the only two skirts she owned, her night dresses and then a plain black bakini because she knew Veronica would definately talk her into swimming in the Lake or going cliff jumping like they used to do.

For underwear she just took out her entire underwear draw and emptied it into a smaller bag pressing the lace, cotton and silk pieces into the bag and her bras were thrown into the back pack.

The last things she packed were her lotions,oils, a hair brush and five pairs of shoes,one pair of sneakers,a pair of running shoes,a pair of open sandals and two pairs of heels because she knew Veronica would talk her into going out and the Moon Goddess Festival was only two days away.

After her bags were all packed she slipped on a hoodie and a pair of sneakers, it was a nicely way to take an extra pair of shoes and her hoodie with her.

Her phone went off on her night stand and she picked it up without checking who was calling.

"OH MY GODESS YOU BITCH, GET THE FUCK HERE ALREADY I'M FUCKING WAITING!" Veronica yelled into the phone making Lyra wince and pull the phone away from her ear and then bring it back when she was done.

"Why are you yelling?" She asked and Veronica clicked her tongue,

"Don't play dumb, I know you're coming tonight Ly,we got a file that said that four Lycans would be coming and I start reading and BOOM there it is, Lyra Arresen written in blond print and all your skills listed under your name, like girl damn....I'm sort of jealous." Veronica said and Lyra couldn't help the smile that broke across her features.

"Well, I'm coming tonight, but we haven't left yet, I'm just waiting for Cedric and Keston to call so Wren and I can go to the car we were given." She said whilst playing with the necklace,

"I can't wait to see you, I bet you got hotter." Veronica said a smile in her words, Lyra could hear that Veronica was smiling.

"Nahh, I look the same, you probably grew your hair out and look like a goddess." Lyra said taking a seat on her bed playing with a loose string on the duvet cover.

"I did grow it out but I cut it at my shoulders, I know you love having your long ass rapunzel hair but I can't handle having to tie ponytails all the time."

Lyra rolled her eyes,

"So, you could back when we were kids but not as an adult?" Veronica blew raspberry,

"Nope, I can't be bothered."

"Veronica! What colour should we use for her room!" A voice boomed and shuffling could be heard.

"I've gotta go Ly, Gamma business to take care of."

With that she hung up and Wren burst through Lyra's door.

"Time to go Ly." She chirped and Lyra nodded picking up her duffle bag and back pack take one last look at her room before she picked up the Alice band her mother had given her and placing it in her hair and closing her bedroom door.

Walking out of thier apartment, switching off the lights and TV and locking the door.

All the Lycans assigned to the mission were walking out, Wren was skipping with a smile her suitcase in one hand and her make up kit in the other.

"Aren't you excited?" She asked bumping into Lyra lightly.

"Yeah I guess." Lyra said with a weak smile and an arm wrapped around her shoulder making her shudder and effectively maneuver out of the unknown grip.

Keston whined,

"Come on Lyra, I was only__" Lyra cut him off with her stone cold silver gaze,

"I don't like being touched."

That ended all conversation between Lyra and Keston for the night.

The entire way to her home pack Lyra sat in the back with the window open and her headphones on, whilst she stared out the window, her mind not wondering into any particular area, just generally weaving from thought to thought based on the song that was playing.

She ended up dozing off after an hour on the road.

Her eyes snapped open,both her and Ayla were alert.


We're home!

It was like a wave of energy passed through her as she took off her headphones.

"We're here." She whispered to herself as four bulky men stepped out of the woods.

"Seems like someone missed home." Cedric said with a smirk though Lyra barely acknowledged him her eyes drinking up the familiar woods, every scent that she'd memorised still there.

"I'm walking the rest of the way." Lyra said shoving her phone into her pocket, putting her headphones on once again.

Without waiting for a response she opened the door and stepped onto the moist grass.

"Lyra Arresen, Lycan. Not that I even needed to tell you that." She said blankly walking right past boarder patrol with her back pack.

The two men eyed her shamelessly as she walked past in her shorts.

Lyra walked deeper into her home territory.

As the lights got brighter and the scents swirled the smile on her face grew brighter, her worries seemed to disappear.

Surely enough every person she passed gave her a once over as she walked.


Lyra took off her headphones as a body collided with hers knocking her over while squeezing her to death.

"You bitch,I rang you at four, it's eight, you took your time." Veronica said into Lyra's hair and Lyra hugged her back laughing.

"I'm sorry,I fell asleep during the ride,Cedric must've taken the longer route." She sighed before they pulled away standing up.

Veronica took in Lyra's appearance.

Surely enough Lyra was even more beautiful now, her long hair though covered in dirt was a deep dark midnight black with a thick white strip on the left of her bangs running all the way down through her hair,her skin was fair and her lips were a darker redish pink the bottom lip slightly bigger than the top lip making a permanent pout.

Her eyes were officially crossing between, silver and gray and were framed by a thick layer of long lashes, her features were more defined and though she looked like a grown woman there was a sense of innocence in her eyes.

Veronica whistled,

"Damn,Ly I knew you'd get hotter." She said and Lyra shook her head admiring Veronica, her hair was a lighter brown and laid on her shoulders, her eyes were a soft bright brown framed by long lashes and her lips were thinner and were coated in a light pink, her figure wasn't too toned and she had a great set of curves.

"You look much better than I do though." Lyra said with a smile and Veronica just pulled her into another bone crushing hug.

"I've missed you so much Ly." She said and Lyra rested in her arms,

"I've missed you too Vonnie." She whispered as they held one another.

"Oi, Lyra hate to break up the love fest but we have a pair of Alphas to meet!" Keston yelled from behind them.

Lyra pulled away adjusting her headphones around her neck,

"I've gotta go Vonnie, I'll see you when they introduced us tomorrow, I've had a long day." Lyra smiled lightly and Veronica nodded pulling her in for a kiss on the cheek.

"The twins won't touch you Ly, trust me." She sighed and Lyra raised an eyebrow at her,

"Well___" Veronica was cut off by Keston,

"Oi, Lyra!" Lyra rolled her eyes glaring at Keston,

"Would you stop yelling bloody murder you basterd, I'm trying to have a fucking conversation you twat."

He put up his hands in surrender as Cedric and Wren broke into a fit of laughter while walking into the pack house.

Veronica watched them walk in next to Lyra and tense.

"I'll tell you tomorrow Ly, you need rest, how about we do breakfast around six?" She choked out rubbing her nose.

Lyra furrowed her eyebrows,

"Yeah,but___" Just like that Veronica ran off.

Lyra stared at the direction that Veronica had run off into,her small frame disappearing into the woods.

Lyra knew for a fact that Veronica hated the woods, she hated the possibility of insects or vermin running around,especially at night.

Lyra shook the worry that crept up her spine off and turned to the pack house finally walking in that direction.

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