The Alphas' Obsession

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Chapter Ten

Her heart pounded against her chest threatening to jump out of her chest at any given moment, each step she took felt like she were digging into the ground and forcing her feet out of the crevice she'd created.

Once she'd actually made it to the front door her nerves had risen so high that her nails now dug into her palm and her breathing was uneven.

She swallowed her fear, she was older now and she'd faced much worse, she'd gone up against hounds twice her size with blood stained teeth and horrid stenches.

A pair of boys who'd made her feel like she were just a rag doll were nothing compared to the feats she'd faced, with that little boost of confidence she walked in,her sneakers squealing against the wooden floors, Wren ran down the stairs and took her arm.

"Stop taking your time we have to be professional and you know you're the only one who can stand up for us without getting angry or defensive." She said in one breath,it was true Keston was an Alpha's brother so he had a large ego that lead him into thinking he were always correct.

Cedric had an issue with being downgraded, so if someone were to say he were weak or an idiot he would explode and Wren was too bubbly, she wouldn't loose her temper but rather follow the commands they gave.

Lyra knew how to read people so she always spoke first and fired back when necessary.

She followed Wren at a faster pace dropping her back pack next to all the suitcases and meeting up with Cedric and Keston who stood outside the large cream double doors that lead to the twins office.

Lyra could smell them on the other side, they're scents still as tantalising as they had been though they spread fear through her much easier than they had back then maybe because she was preparing for the worst.

"Thank goddess you're here, you're leading." Cedric whispered once his gaze landed on Lyra.

She gave him a sharp nod, taking a deep breath and gathering every last drop of confidence she had inside her system before pushing the large doors open.

A gentle breeze flew back onto her hot skin making it cool a bit and return her pink cheeks to they're regular shade, she stepped in followed by Cedric, Wren and Keston.

The twins each had a file open on thier desks Ace was on the left and Axel on the right, the door left the Lycans in between both tables, Lyra glanced at them both her heart lurching forward when noticing thier chiseled jawlines, perfect cheek bones, slightly red plump lips and cobalt blue eyes, Ace had his hair cropped and faded at the sides, Axel had his hair at shoulder length half of it held up away from his face the air around them had changed, it wasn't just intimidating anymore, it was a calm wise air, there was still intimidating but not at a toxic level.

"Please take a seat." They both said in unison and the Lycans each took a seat, Wren sat closest to Ace, Keston after her, Lyra after him and Cedric closest to Axel.

They shut the folders arms folded over the tables,

"We're glad to welcome you to our pack, from the file we've gathered that you are the best team in the Lycans are we correct?" Ace asked.

Lyra crossed her legs her hands resting in her lap.

"We're the best at helping other packs, there are different teams for different purposes ours is the best at anylising the problems within a pack and figuring out their weak points." Lyra spoke, her voice sounding much more confident than she had expected it to sound.

"Well in that case, may we ask who is who and what they specialise in?" Axel asked, his eyes trailing on Lyra and never leaving her, his eyes fighting between his wolf and himself, his voice awoke something within Lyra the husky melodic voice sent a shiver up her spine driving Ayla forward, her attention resting on Axel rather than focusing on anything else that went on around them.

"I'm Keston, I'm good at anything physical in both my wolf and human forms, my raking is fifteen with the Lycans."Keston said proudly, his ego being boosted when the twins nodded to him.

"Wren, I'm good with flexibility and war, I know my way around a battle field fairly easily, my ranking is Ten." Wren chirped with a large grin, the twins glanced at one another not believing that someone so happy could possibly be good during a war.

"Cedric,speed and technique, I'm good at anylising situations and camouflage both in scent and visually,my rank is Twelve." He said and the twins nodded to him before they're eyes both rested on Lyra desperate to hear exactly what she was good at, she took a sharp breath regaining her composure.

"Lyra, I can predict people's moves before they make them, manipulate emotions and thoughts and find out what people's weaknesses are by watching them,I'm a good fighter as well especially when it's a fight with someone larger than I am, my rank is three." Ayla sprung forward as she spoke turning her calm smooth voice into a more sultry and seductive voice that also caught Keston and Cedric's attention.

Ace ran a hand through his hair folding his arms over his chest fighting a growl, Axel was worse off, openly gritting his teeth as his eyes drank up every inch of Lyra's majestic body.

"Well then we'll discuss more tomorrow with the Beta and Gamma the Maids will lead you to your rooms in the east wing." Axel croaked his voice strained, his eyes lingering on Lyra his canines emerging as his eyes burnt on her.

Lyra was the first to jump up from her seat and leave the room, her heart beating so fast that it made her head dizzy, she followed the woman outside the door to her room without her team.

Once she closed the door behind her, she rushed to the bathroom opening the water in the sink and splashing her face with the ice cold liquid.

She took a deep breath, staring at her reflection in the mirror above the sink, her cheeks still flushed deep red, her eyes switching between Ayla and herself.

Whatever had happened in that room definitely wasn't the result of her own fear of the twins, it was something else, something much stronger that whatever unsecurities she had walked into the room with.

Something about the way Axel stared at her made her core throb violently the mere thought of him made her want to grasp the sink for support and rub herself until her clit could no longer feel.

She hated the fact that she still reacted to them but her mind was trained to find pleasure in thier every touch.

Her heart calmed down, her cheeks returning to thier original shade as she stood there brushing off every memory of them that she had, she stripped and took a short shower just to clean off the dirt she'd accumulated throughout the day, brushing her teeth afterwards and following her usual nightly routine.

Ayla was still on edge though, she wanted to see the twins, preferably Axel.

Lyra held her back though,reading and ebook to distract herself from her wolf's nagging, ignoring Ayla was never a good idea but Lyra couldn't let Ayla have her way.

After getting through a few chapters in the book the words on her screen began to swim about aimlessly, that was the signal to take a break,it was around midnight and Ayla's nagging had died down so Lyra entrusted herself to go downstairs into the kitchen and get a drink of water, just to revive her senses and give her a break from the screen she had been staring at.

She got up cursing when she remembered that she'd forgotten both her robe and slippers at home, forcing her to leave her room in her white nightdress, padding to the kitchen as quietly as she could.

No one was awake and all the lights were off making it much creepier to be moving around.

Once she made it to the kitchen she started opening random cabinets in the hopes of finding the glasses or cups.

"It's the one to your left." A voice said and Lyra jolted up knocking her right hand on the kitchen top table.

"Fuck." She hissed making a fist with her right hand and checking if anything was wrong her eyes glancing at Axel who stood in the doorframe shirtless.His eight pack and perfectly sculpted muscles making Lyra's mind go haywire, she couldn't help but drink up his perfect body, her eyes drifting to the V line that disappeared into the grey sweatpants hanging off his hips.

"Sorry if I scared you, I just wanted to help." He said walking over to the cabinet he had directed her to taking out two glasses and placing them on the top table.

"It's okay, I get scared easily anyway." She said with a soft smile, Ayla jumped forward once again once Axel's musky scent hit Lyra full force.

He opened the fridge the white light highlighting his features,

"Apple juice, orange juice, mixed fruit, grape or water?" He asked looking back at her,she bit her lip unconsciously noticing how he took a deep breath when his eyes focused on her lips.


He nodded taking out a jug of cold water and then another jug of grape juice pouring each of them a glass full before putting them back into the fridge.

Lyra took her glass with a soft smile taking a sip of the icy water.


"Welcome, you couldn't sleep either?" He asked taking a sip of his juice, Lyra's eyes widened slightly when it dawned in her. Axel was actually attempting to have a conversation with her and it didn't involve mocking or taunting her.

Axel noticed this and gave her a cheeky smirk, showing off his pearly white teeth.

"Yes Lyra, this isn't a dream I'm actually addressing you as a normal human being would."

Lyra couldn't help the chuckle that escaped past her lips,

"Sorry, I just didn't expect you to be so...nice."

Axel rolled his eyes,

"I'm not a kid any more Lyra, I'm a grown man and honestly I was pretty stupid back then...I'm actually sorry about everything I put you through." He said sincerity present in his eyes, Lyra's gaze locked with his and she bit her lip again a little harder before releasing it.

"Water under the bridge."

He gave her a smile taking a gulp of his water when she did.

"You look good though, I guess being a Lycan worked out great."

Lyra nodded setting her glass down,

"Yeah, I've learnt a shit load and made some friends, I built a lot on myself both physically and mentally,but you have too, still growing out the hair I see."

He ran a hand through the tangled curly locks,

"Yeah,I just liked having something to pull on, I couldn't pull on your hair anymore so I started pulling on mine."

She couldn't help but smile a little when he tugged on his own hair like he had hers, their eyes met again this time Lyra could hear his heart beat pick up as well, they were just centimetres apart, he gazed down at her his eyes flickering between cobalt and gold.

"I've actually missed you Lyra."

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